I think she’s disgusting how do I get over her?

There’s this girl I worked with the past year. We’re same sex but we had a lot of chemistry and she was very flirtatious with me. She would always touch me and tease me or joke about my size. She’s told me she’s cared about me a few times and I don't know we just always made fun of each other which seemed kind of flirting. she even gave me a big bear hug on her last day at the job and took a picture with me and everyone else individually. But she didn’t hug anyone else in their goodbye pics. There was this whole fiasco where she was super jealous that I had a boyfriend and tried to keep me from texting him. I told him I love you over the phone after closing hours and I was clocked out and she immediately told me “hang up”
There’s no doubt in my mind she might’ve felt something during that time. She’s left the job and was in a higher position. We’re both in our early 20s and obviously that means we’re going to have fun. When she first left the job I was sad but she would leave notes around the workplace saying she was going to visit which gave me hope. She had the impression that I hated her which maybe is why she didn’t ask for contact info or social media I don't know. Like I said I do have a boyfriend and he’s very fine with me being with girls.

It’s been a few months since she left and today I found out through a friend of hers who also works with us that they went to a bar and the girl I’m talking about was making out with some random guy and then they left together which means they probably had sex lol. I feel stupid for liking her all this time and i know she’s single so I’m not mad but I definitely want to get over her after this.

How do I do that?
I think she’s disgusting how do I get over her?
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