Girls, Many female co-workers look at me up and down, what does this mean (Male who likes to wear suits)?


I am new to this job, One female in particular i have caught many times looking at me up and down.

I would like more information about this co-worker who seems shy, and sometimes i catch her sitting by herself. Yet also presents herself as very outgoing with her circle of friends.

I am a young guy who has just come from corporate, our office wears casual, however i often wear suits when nobody else does because i like to be at peak performance at work. I really don't talk to anyone during work, only just in the break room as im trying to perform at work at not get distracted by all the cute girls (which is really hard).

Example, i will say good morning, she will smile at me then look at me up and down. (This has happened 5 times already that i caught her, and she's not even trying to hide it now she just looks at me up and down when im still speaking sometimes.)

Same day, i will say goodbye she will say goodbye back then her eyes will drift up then downwards again (i think she was looking at my briefcase i was holding).

On my first day, i caught her staring at me intently, like literally staring for a whole 60 seconds (i wasn't wearing a suit that day).

However in the lunch room, many times she sits really far away, and on one such instance right before lunch we were both working on a project, and we were clearly having a conversation on our way to the break room, when she says she needs to go to the bathroom, then when she comes back to the breakroom she sits really far away from me, and i was sitting by myself.

A few weeks later she sits with me in the break room, but i was with 2 other female colleagues, i was trying to strike up a conversation with her to get to know her, but everytime i try to talk to her she is playing on her phone and seems not interested.

Question 1.

Does she like me or not? I am really confused. Is she just looking at me because she likes my style of clothing?

Question 2.

What does the looking at you up and down me mean?

Girls, Many female co-workers look at me up and down, what does this mean (Male who likes to wear suits)?
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