Girls, can you reject a guy but want to be serious with him years later?


A girl and I dated for a few months, we were aiming to make it work cause we both liked each other but in the end it didn't work (for her cause I was ok to be serious with her). She made me understand she didn't want to be a couple but wanted to stay friends, because she didn't feel fully confident with me (possible cultural gap).

At the time I said no and I never talked to her again for roughly a year. A year later I just reached out quickly for what I thought would be a quick chat and since then we decided we could become friends (which was a mutual decision this time, I'm actually leggit happy that I get to have endless discussions with her, and I hope we'll keep doing that for the next 10 years, honestly).

However when I go to her place and we chat about stuff, she is acting weird and I'm quite confused about what she does or say, for example:

- She talks a lot about other guys she saw in the mean time.

- She talks about her exs (she was doing this a year back also tho)

- She asks me about the girls I've seen in the mean time.

- She is more physical (keeps briefly touching me while we chat, arms, legs)

- She's talking about her sexual life (with other guys), and what she likes in bed, what she doesn't, what she wants from guys etc.

- She openly said she wanted to have me for many many more years (which I agreed to aswell)

- She told me stuff she said almost nobody else.

- She said she behaves differently when she's intimate with a guy and that I never saw her like she described, and that I never will (and she added "maybe but not the usual way" or something along those lines)

I'm actually not jealous in general but I'm even less now that she rejected me once.

I'm just so confused why she keeps testing me, because to my knowledge, girls test me when they are interested, girl friends I have don't test me like she does (and she openly admitted that she was testing me herself, even tho she immediatelley changed subject right after)

Please help :)

11 mo
- She also mentions she's not seeing anyone right now and that she's off Tinder.
- She said another guy she dated in mean time looked like me physically.
- She asks me to come at her place.
Girls, can you reject a guy but want to be serious with him years later?
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