Was she just being friendly or does she like me but is extremely shy?


2 weeks ago, I went to a concert with some friends from church. The lead singer (Mariah) is friends with some of my friends. After the concert, she came off stage & started talking to a group of her friends & my friends at the front of the venue. I go join them and Mariah introduces herself. She nervously asks me a lot of questions at a million miles a minute. After our conversation ends, my friend Victor tells me that he's going to eat with the musicians & he wanted me to come.

We go to a Cuban restaurant & as soon as I walk in, Mariah is smiling at me & blushing. She compliments my shoes & offers to share an appetizer with me. We keep talking & eventually she just gives me her number. I didn't even ask for it.

3 days later, I decided to text her. I asked her how her week's been & if she had any weekend plans. She said she was busy & wondered why I asked. I asked her if she wanted to get some pizza with me on Friday. She said, "I really appreciate the invite. Actually, I don't go out with guys one on one. If friends join us, I'm totally down. :)" I started to plan a group outing, but decided against it.

A few days later, Victor invites me over to his house to play 2K. While we're upstairs, his wife is downstairs hosting a bridal shower for a church member & Mariah shows up. Victor's wife calls us downstairs & when Mariah spots me, she immediately runs to the bathroom. Afterwards, she goes to the kitchen to get some food. She says hey to me & reaches to give me a side hug. She asks me if I ate anything & we talk for a bit. After the shower ends, a small group of us stays to play board games. I try to sit next to Mariah twice. The 1st time, she gets up & goes to the other side of the room. The 2nd time, she asks one of her friends to sit between us. After a few rounds of games, I get up & say bye to everyone. She doesn't say anything but just looks down then back up at me sadly. What does this mean? Do I have a chance or does she hate me now?

Was she just being friendly or does she like me but is extremely shy?
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