What do you think of this person’s actions?

I work with a girl who is older than me. We haven’t spent much time together, but when we did she performed a few actions that confused me/made me wonder if maybe she likes me.

I’ll start out by saying that her and I seem to be very similar types of people. Introverted, intelligent, like the great outdoors, and understand that we’re coworkers so it’s risky to get too personal with each other.

We went to get dinner together recently after work. She said she’d meet me at the restaurant, which was cool. I walked in the restaurant and heard someone SPRINTING behind me. She literally did a full sprint to catch me before I could beat her inside! I thought it was very strange, but I just made a little joke about her chasing me and she laughed.

In person, we feel comfortable sharing our interests and ideas with each other, but there is no feel of flirtation outside of prolonged eye contact. I would never feel comfortable flirting with a coworker. I love my company and all the benefits it provides, and would never risk that over a potential love interest.

Although there is no physical touch between us, this girl seems to enjoy my company enough where she looks at me for extended periods of time when speaking to a group of people. I’m usually the only guy in the group so maybe that’s part of it. I’m so used to feeling invisible in groups of women, but she makes me feel like I’m somewhat important to her when we’re socializing which is cool.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is, but just wanted to discuss my experiences with this person.
What do you think of this person’s actions?
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