What do you think of her actions?

This woman became friends with me online and she started getting really friendly and complimenting me a lot and be very nice and we chatted a lot through messages. She wanted to take me somewhere special for lunch she said, she would always say we have so much in common and could not wait to meet up

She was kinda flirty in some of the talk. She was always responding to my posts and commenting really nice positive things. She was quite busy So I met up with her and she hugs me right away and it was a nice big hug. So we went back to her place and had a chat and first thing she asks am I married? I am not I said. Im waiting for the right person, she then replied there is nothing worse than being with someone you hate. So she made me a nice lunch and we talked. She was touching me a lot with her hands on mine and when I left she gave me a big hug. It seemed like when I would update something on social media she would like it right away or comment.

Now we chatted a lot more and she got more into sexual talk Now we went out a few more times and had some great times. But she seems like she is always busy and has job where she is outa the country a lot and she makes a good living from it. It seems like she has lost interest as I asked her out and she said she was going away on work. It was like she promised me do get together and didn't happen, it bothers me that she would say oh we should do this and then it would never happen.

It seemed like she liked so much about me and we shared so many interests. We had talked so much over time and it was all good. Now I think she don’t like me anymore but she still messages me and asks how I am doing? she says hope your ok.

I dunno know if she just wanted to mess about or get to know me. I did not want to come across as if I was after one thing, but maybe that’s all she wanted. I find her very hard to read. Feel like I never got a chance after her leading me on

What do you think of a person like that?

What do you think of her actions?
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