How do I find out if this cute girl likes girls?

I am a newly bisexual as in I knew for a while but recently came to terms with it and I’m in college now and really would like to explore it. I honestly would like to openly date a girl at some point.
There’s a girl in one of my literature classes and she always talks up in class. She knows exactly what to say and I think she wants to be a teacher or something like that lol.
She’s super laid back but I like how she always speaks her opinion and that’s why I notice her.
My attraction kinda stepped up yesterday when I decided to go to class and there wasn’t many people there. She kinda sits against the wall but still facing the class. She usually looks at the professor while speaking. While she was talking yesterday her eyes kinda traveled the room and they landed on me. I made eye contact back lol and when she looked at me I broke it because it got kinda awkward
She did this a few more times.
Later in the class we had to do a journal prompt and could leave after we weee done and as soon as I was finished I saw her packing up to leave too. When I left and was walking through the door she was getting ready to get up and walk through too and I tried to hold the door for her but i quickly walked away but I saw her looking.
I don’t wanna read too much into things but she’s definitely my type. She’s not too feminine but still wears tank tops and stuff like that but barely any makeup. She also has tattoos but not too many which is chefs kiss for me lol. Also in class our professor is queer and whenever she brings up queer topics the girl often nods her head in agreement or like she can relate.
We’ve talked about sex in class before between men and women but she never has woken about a heterosexual experience but has spoken on the topic.
Should I keep making eye contact with her? Lol how do I get her to do something?
How do I find out if this cute girl likes girls?
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