Does that mean she is not interested?


So I work with this girl and I crush on her I asked her out couple of times but she’s always stalls and say she is busy although she look interested.

We text a lot and almost everyday. Recently she ghosted me twice on text and showed up next week talking to me in person like nothing happened.

I decided that I won’t pay her attention anymore but she started to act very interested but I kept limiting my communication to her to the bare minimum.

i noticed that she immediately started to show up for work looking far better than usual with perfume all over and so on and she would glance at me all the time but I kept my distance.

now I am really confused, what would that means? Does she likes the attention i give her or is she genuinely interested? I don’t want to fall for her again if she is playing games.

what do you guys think?

Does that mean she is not interested?
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