Why are pick-me girls the way that they are?

The definition of pick-me: a woman who performs primarily and explicitly for the validation of men and kicks other women down in the process. Wants male attention and to compete with other women and win.

Why are some girls like that? Men, can you tell when a girl is like that and does it put you off or turn you on, or does it not affect you in one way or another?

classic pick-me behaviour: a girl puts down her friend in front of guys to look better by comparison. Or sabotages other women in order to be “picked” over them. Or will do whatever it takes to get the guy. Or will take crap from men just to keep them.

I have a friend who’s a pick-me, and she’s always bragging about being the “marriage type” while pointing out that her female friends are the “type that guys only want to sleep with.” She will do anything for male attention and competes with her friends.

Why are pick-me girls the way that they are?
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