Guys & Girls of GAG which of us was wrong in this situation - me or boyfriend?

So last night I met up with boyfriend, we were supposed to spend the night & Saturday morning / evening together.

Unfortunately my brother (paramedic) got called into work & he was supposed to help our father with an appointment on Saturday morning. Dad is disabled so us kids take turns on who goes with him to appointments as we're both in the medical profession.

I told my boyfriend this & apologized a number of times for the short notice. I told him you know I'd have to not stay the night but we can continue on with the rest of the plan for Saturday.

Anyway come the morning he's left where he was (he comes from another city, was at a hotel). He didn't even bother telling me he was leaving or saying goodbye. I only learnt about it by asking what was he doing & a text back of "driving".

He said he was annoyed & had woken up at 4am with "nothing to do", etc. Honestly, in all the back & forth, it seems all he cares for is the sex (why else leave)

Yes I get it but honestly it was a minor situation on my side. It's not like I waited until he was asleep after having sex & walked out on him... he knew why I left and had been okay with it that evening (he'd agreed to Saturday).


I won't be involved with him much beyond this. I am not someone who takes kindly to emotional manipulation / abuse which, in many ways, his antics are.

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See I admitted that I was in the wrong but he didn't care to admit his wrong until I basically said what do you think I am, some sort of a prostitute - I've only ever been with 2 guys - you can use for sex & leave. As he put it I "made him feel bad" in the back forth so he didn't necessarily care about my feelings / me anyway.
Guys & Girls of GAG which of us was wrong in this situation - me or boyfriend?
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