Is she using me for attention only?

So a few months ago this woman became my friend on social media, she contacted me first, she is very attractive a total knockout and smart and has her own business. She started liking my posts and commenting positive on stories etc. She would say we had a lot in common and loved all things I was doing. Then she said we should work together on a project. Then it turned into oh we should hang out, she would text me a lot and we talked a lot on the phone and she kept saying how she loved what I did and wanted to do things. We talked so much about things we liked and she said we have similar outlooks and experiences. So we meet up and she is very nice and hugs me We have nice lunch and she asked did I have a girlfriend or married which I was single I said. She gave me some very nice tight hugs and it was so nice.. She was very touchy with me trying to touch me several times and gave me nice hug when I left. We have been out a few times and nothing has happened yet. I think she knows I like her but I don't know how she feels about me. She has taken interests in my hobbies and interests and when I have been out with other women just friends she has reacted to my posts saying have fun etc.

If I post a story photo online she always comes online right away and comments nice things with hearts on my story? I find that a bit weird like she has notifications on when I post something. She has said that I need to come again to her place and sounds great when I asked to meet up.

She said we should work together but it never happened?

When Im with her she was very touchy feely with me and was happy and excited

I have a feeling she just wants attention or using me for something, but could be wrong.

I don't know if its the chase game but maybe Im falling short there.

When I post on social media, she comes online as soon as I post and likes and comments on my posts right away?

She does reply back quickly but I don't know how she really feels about me, maybe Im blind.

Is she using me for attention only?
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