I miss a guy who treated me badly -- why?

I miss this guy who treated me awful as a girlfriend. He used to be nice, but then everything changed and he would use the lowest tactics to manipulate me and use me and get me to do things for him to prove that I liked him. Ultimately, he cheated and left. I get it - he was horrible and not boyfriend material for me.

But why do I miss him? I miss that we shared the same music tastes (very rare for a girl like me), I miss how he understood me the way no one else did (I can be complicated), and I miss that he was an aggressive guy (all the other guys who like me are very passive).

Worst of all? I keep feeling like he COULD have treated me a LOT better if he had chose to do so..and I know that he IS treating that girl he cheated on me with a LOT better (and it's killing me inside). Partially it makes me feel like it's my fault, because I didn't act the way that girl did - he told me we were complete opposites (ex: I'm care 2 much, she doesn't give a fk, I cry when I'm hurt, she never cries at all, I'm there for him, She cheated on him before.. )

He did so much wrong, but I still want him around and I don't know why! It's driving me crazy! Any suggestions as to why and how do I get over this? I don't want to miss this person who treated me so badly anymore!
I miss a guy who treated me badly -- why?
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