Why does she act distant after break up?

So I know this girl who had a boyfriend and one day she started snapping me and we talked a lot and had good conversations together over the next month. She also sent very revealing pics almost daily. Now she broke up with her boyfriend as their relationship was very bad. So since she broke up she sometimes sends snaps where she clearly cried but says she is fine and acts very distant. Only commits to conversations once a week. Why is she keeping distance from me at this point. She would also often ask questions and she rarely does over the past couple weeks (2 now) that she has been broken up.

Sidenote: we know each other irl and we talk a lot and she comes to me in group settings/at work often

Should I just give her time? This is what I’m doing now and I’m patient with her. Or should I do something else?

Distant: she is short in her answers often (not uninterested short, but shorter than usual), she takes longer to respond and often ignores me for a while.

last week she suddenly acted like she normally would but it likes she gets scared that she comes over too interested and stops with that the next day?

many questions, I know.
thanks for your help in advance

Why does she act distant after break up?
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