Guys, Do you think he is serious about label?


We had a break on December bc we had a big fight and we can't seem to fix it. i lost my security and started to act crazy (which i dont normally do w my exes; new feelings for me). He can't afford to have a relationship problems bc he can't focus on his work so he ghosted me (competitive sports).

he came back on holidays and he has been traveling and bought my fave delicacies and some clothing i need for work. He became super loving, and caring and just overall nice. Im trying to restrain my feelings for him bc im scared. He set our pics to his wallpaper, talked to his mom about me (which i find very sweet bc the only family she value is his mom), he knew i have to review for my licensure exam and set up tables on his room for me to review, just became so loving and eventually i like him again. I asked him what was his intention why he came back and he said he really likes me and wants to label our rs. I then stay to his house for 4days and we just hang out, i do my own stuff, and he do his. then i went home, and after a few days, he’s being distant. he does have a big competition coming but before when he had big competitions he was never distant before. adding to our hangouts he was being sneaky with his phone also. He loves privacy w his phone but i think what he was doing is secrecy.

im mentally unstable now bc of his sneakiness and being distant. but im also thinking about what he said before like his mom and labeling things. this just happened in a week. that seems sudden. what do you think happened? has he lost interest?

Guys, Do you think he is serious about label?
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