Girls, Any traditional women out there that can help answer my questions and concerns?

Sometimes I wish I could be a traditional woman but I'm always so afraid to do that.

I don't really see the benefits. Yeah I bet the man wants that like a dog with a bone lol I know he's desperate for that shit like why wouldn't he be? The woman is like literally catering for him.

But how do you do traditional stuff in a relationship and not get taken advantage or for granted or put down and disrespected. Eventually the guy will get used to you being a housewife and he demands it. It's this disrespectful thing more when he's barking orders at you with zero respect.

This guy is most likely misogynistic so he doesn't respect women in that regard that's normal and right. It's almost like he sees traditional women or women in general as property that he can control. How? How can you be in a relationship like that and be happy? Do you somehow not come across the asshole that treats you lesser because you are female?

I feel like every guy out there deep down just hates women, even if they come across their dream girl in every way they'll still treat her like a piece of shit because they feel like they are number 1 and above women so they basically don't deserve respect and they treat them like trash. I don't get why a woman wants to be traditional seeing that the majority of men are like that.

How is that good for you? How do you stay happy in a relationship like that? It blows my mind. Men with this toxic mentality of treating women like weaker bitches that they can control and put down. I'm speaking from experience, I've met a lot of men like this irl and on the internet. Is it mainly a internet thing where guys bitch and are really toxic though?

I met a guy who told me he wanted women to be second class citizens. That really upset me because I really wanted to try and be traditional for him and then he literally destroyed that desire completely. Like why be traditional to someone who doesn't respect you? Men like to act like that's just normal? It's not normal.

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You know for sure the guy would never tolerate that disrespect ever. If the woman were to treat him that way, the way he literally and basically treats her and how he thinks of women. So why do women have to accept that treatment? It's really fucked up and not right. Somehow we are supposed to be happy and content. Do the men not see what's happening? How messed up that is? It's excusing really shitty behavior. It's not hard to not act like that.
Girls, Any traditional women out there that can help answer my questions and concerns?
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