Nice guys, tips and the truth?

Be nice : YES

Be Romantic : GREAT

Be gentle : AMAZING


See that's the thing about nice guys , they are always there for you to the point that it appears that a girl is the only thing going on in his life .

Women don't like that , women like attention YES but what women like even more is EARNING your attention .

When we dress up , go to the gym , watch what we eat ; we do it so you can notice us and getting your attention is an achievement just like studying really hard for a test and getting good grades . We feel proud that what we are doing is working .

That's why women feel bad when you don't notice the little things like a haircut or change in style , because if you didn't notice then we haven't achieved anything .

OK so imagine a really nice guy who loves a girl just the way she is and she knows he will never ever stray because he is wrapped around her finger . Why the hell would she dress up ? go to the gym ? , its not like you noticing her will get any better , because she already has your full attention . So she WILL GET BORED AND TAKE YOU FOR GRANTED . I mean if she calls unnoticed and wants you to carry her bags while you miss a poker game with your friends , then know that you are taken for granted . YOU HAVE RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR LIFE . YOU ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO BE TAKEN CARE OF EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE , INSTEAD OF YOU TAKING CARE OF HER ALL THE TIME .

I know IT SUCKS but its THE TRUTH

TOTALLY nice guys are not sexy ALSO TOTAL JERKS aren't sexy either .

You can be nice but also have a life , just don't put a girl on a pedestal unless you know FOR SURE that she is crazy about you as much as you are crazy about you , then she will value you and treat you like you deserve .

Don't show all your care all at once , take it day by day and let your love grow , so you can give HER a chance to cherish YOU AND BE NICE TO YOU FOR A CHANGE .

Let her work a little for your approval ( IN MODERATION , don't an ass)

We like security and a man who knows what he wants ( doesn't always give in for the girl ) is a man who can take care of a family .

Feel free to disagree , but I believe that's the truth .

PS : this DOES NOT apply to all women , we are not all the same BUT it kinda applies to most ...

SO Makes sense ? , Discuss

I'm anon because I KNOW a bunch of people will attack me lol
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PS : THIS APPLIES TO DATING , when you're not actuallY in a relationship with a girl yet .
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ANOTHER THING , MEN : ITS NOT YOUR FAULT , YOU NICE GUYS ARE AWESOME , I would totally appreciate a nice guy since I've been raised by an abusive father .

BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH , I AM SORRY , I just want to help you guys out .

You deserve better than what youve been getting .
Nice guys, tips and the truth?
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