Why does he glance/stare at me and look away when I catch him doing that?

Hello I'm new to this place but I wanted to ask someone for their opinion (besides my friends of course) Well you see, I entered this institute and ever since the 2nd day I noticed this guy which I found..interesting let's say? or well cute and all, but then I didn't mind that and kept on going like usual (it's been two weeks since we started classes) but it's like even though there are a lot of seats to sit at he always sits close to where I am, I kind of was looking at him last week but this week he sat next to me, we just talked bits about the class then my heart was like racing a bit? cos I started feeling all nervous, then back on Tuesday he asked me about some of the classroom since our schedule is the same, then we were in the same group, after that he's been like glancing at me from time to time?

Because on Wednesday when he entered the classroom he sat behind me but looked at me, then when I went to ask something to our teacher he looked up at the same time I did and we had eye contact..we've been having eye contact for a while for some odd reason...but like we quickly look away (we Haven't talked since Tuesday) it's like sometimes I look at him and he looks up and I turn away and then sometimes (like today) I find him staring at me and when I look at him he looks surprised kind of. But he doesn't talk as much..like to anyone...

I mean I like him or at least have a crush on him but I'm way too nervous to talk to him and I even get more nervous when I kinda look at him and he looks up at the same time, like we look at each other at the same time but then look away. And I happen to have to ask something to him about our project but I can't bring myself to..

Why do you think he would be looking at me at the same time I try to look at him?
Why does he glance/stare at me and look away when I catch him doing that?
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