Male friends teases me constantly

We are both in our 30s and met at work less than a year ago. Right from the start he started teasing me esp. about my height-thinks I am short. I can't have a normal conversation with him without him teasing me about something. He doesn't tease anybody else. Because of him some of the other male colleagues tease me but only when he is around. I no longer work with him but work near him. I must say that although he teases me constantly I trust him completely. He always had my back and always stood up for me. I heard of an incidence at my old place that happened involving me and this girl told me she couldn't believe how he stood up for me and got really angry.

Since, I now don't have a car he will drive out of his way-about 10 minutes to take me to work and back. If he goes out for lunch he will phone and ask me also. But obviously, seeing him also involves been constantly teased...but he makes me laugh all the time.

We aren't in school so why does he constantly tease me but not hurtful. He does sometimes say that he feels sorry for me Because of all the teasing I endure from him but he continues.
Male friends teases me constantly
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