PSA: So Many of You Hide Behind The Masses

PSA: So Many of You Hide Behind The Masses

It has come to my attention that despite the fact that there are constantly people joining and leaving the site's community (it is a help site in premise so it makes sense that once you get the answers you're looking for you leave) that I may have earned myself a reputation for being somewhat of a hateful bastard on GaG. This ups the previous reputation I had for simply writing takes that were generally offensive either to girls who are offended by bro culture or guys who are offended by feminist conversation. I belong to neither but have things in common with both. If it seems like I'm digressing, I'm not, the point I'm making with this Take is that I write only FOR others but I write only FROM myself. I have no other source influencing me. I have no other motivation and no fear of any consequence whatever for who my writing negatively impact. I can't. Doing so would be inauthentic. . When I used to see others attacking me without any percievable provoking, I used to get bummed about it and confused as to what I did specificaly to cause this one person to be so hateful. Then, I realized how rampant casual trolling is--that we love to correct people and when you're the one criticizing a take you have the advantage of not having to really put much of a solution out there--you simply need to point out what you don't like about the solution the person has put out there. I forgave it and ignored it. Then I reported it. Finally, I realized I can do good on here by being extreme with anyone I feel threw mud at my takes without offering a better solution. I would go after anyone who seemed more interested in putting down the take owner than discussing their viewpoint on the issue and finding a reasonable point of agreement between us. The primary hope was that it would freak them out enough not to so lightly attack a take owner again and perhaps put more logic into their opinions before simply mud slinging at someone who took the time to write for others.

What I found mostly was that despite having attacked my thoughts and me personally, they couldn't accept the same happening to them. As the masses do, they jumped to the defense of the weaker lamb as the wolf (me) was preparing for slaughter. Everything I said was apparently lacking in any intelligence, I suddenly had no morality whatsoever, and they were apparently right to attack me out of nowhere. This argument was aided by my previous experiences viciously attacking anyone who dared to criticize my takes and so went the circle of being overly aggresive and generally a hateful bastard. But then I realized something else...

I will get messages often from users who ask me why so and so is attacking me on every take i write or that they really enjoy my work or that they wish more people on here had the guts to disagree and to break the herd mentality that has made certain users who's takes pander to the lowest common denominator GaG famous. I realized many people don't want to jump on the side of the losing team but when the losing team keeps fighting in the face of the mass opposition it can be inspiring and can make them feel empowered to do similarly. You see, when people don't know what they want they just want whatever everyone else wants. When a person doesn't know who they are they just want to be who everyone else wants to be. They need a leader to think for them. They're afraid.

You see, when people don't know what they want they just want whatever everyone else wants. When a person doesn't know who they are they just want to be who everyone else wants to be. They need a leader to think for them. They're afraid.

This is why they can't be great. This is why they can't inspire or be part of a real conversation about the many, many issues discussed on this site. At best, they can raise the self esteem of some insecure person by making them feel liked because they posted a take or an opinion they don't mean but saw was a general sentiment of the masses and wrote it for their sake. That good feeling they get when people rush to their side can't compare, however, to feeling that you have made things which truly express you because to bear yourself to the rest of humanity with vulnerability and nakedness is the truest gift you can give someone looking to feel less alone in this obscured existance.

Many of you couldn't survive with the negative criticisims of others and for that I feel sorry. You don't know who you are, what you believe, or what you want and so you are just a tag along. You have a great mind which was given to you and you've done very little with it by comparison to what you could do.

My one request is that you stop policing people. Stop trying to control what's permissable to say. Sure, defend people if you feel they're being bullied but don't do it to be part of the group. Many of you make me sick because you willing waste your own potential.

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What Girls Said 1

  • You have a diluted mindset my friend.

    I saw you attack a girl who simply suggested her opinion. You proceeded to call her ugly and break down her physical appearance.

    I even gave you my honest view (which didn't insult yours in any way).
    "Yet I was accused of attacking you" . You proceeded to ramble with a rude-sarcastic response.

    You have to get out of your own head.
    And realize, not every response is here to attack you.
    Some people just have an opinion (which may oppose to yours).
    If it does, THAT IS OKAY.
    It's the manner in which they express themselves that matters overall.

    You talk about being authentic... then be real with yourself then!


What Guys Said 1

  • Blah blah blah. You can't survive. That's why you made this take. To feel better about yourself.