Why I'm Glad To Lose The Downvote

Because it's so often used against me? Ha, no.

The downvote button is honestly pointless.

Try to defend it. Either you like something or you don't think it's good enough to warrant special attention. It eliminates nothing. You all can still do your post a selfie and battle to see who gets the more upvotes. All it does it get rid of negative chatter by people either trying to tear others or being overtly rude to make themselves laugh at the expense of others (I'm guilty of the second.)

But that's not real life!

No, it's not. I don't think this site is supposed to reflect real life. In fact, it's the fact that you can't get what this site offers in the real world that gets you coming back for more. If you live in a bubble, I don't think this website should be the one to pop it. Where is it written that the internet has to be meaner than real life? I think it should be the opposite. It's so trendy to hate on social websites, but this site's mission is entirely kind spirited. If it becomes something contradictory to this, it's because something has gone wrong not right. This site is not trying to recreate high school. It's just trying to create something better--where people can be more honest and more helpful than they usually are.

But I like the drama! I like it!

No, you don't. You're addicted to it. There's a difference. You're so used to drama that in it's absesnse you think is something is wrong and seek it out in order to maintain a stable reality in which it plays a central role. You have to open your eyes to the idea that this site can be entirely positive and helpful to everyone. Now you can be a male activist, but it's much more difficult to be a male activist who cruely attacks feminists individualy. Well, you can through commentary, but it's very, very easy to read the first six words...see where this comment is going and ignore the rest. Trust me I've got many, many comments over all my writing on here and that's honestly the best thing to do when you can tell someone is trying to get rise out of you and it's what all top writers do. It's how you maintain your composure and don't fan the flames. I've seen people write their first few posts and get so flamed with down votes they quit right off. It shouldn't be like that. I'm not for anything that makes someone want to quit.

We're now a site without a downvote feature. Are we pansies?

No, what makes us pansies is the quality of the content not anger we incite among those who choose to post comments. I write a lot of x-rated content and it's never reported and no one ever has a problem with it despite the fact that 15 year olds use the site. We're also a site that from it's core premise--divides the genders on separate fenses. We don't pretend that girls and guys are exactly the same and instead present them as opposites and complements.

Hopefully the ubermod troll on here who freezes accounts of anyone she doesn't like will read this and leave--too bored by a site that doesn't allow her to spread her own self hate.

Why I'm Glad To Lose The Downvote

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  • I'm glad you wrote this so I could understand why on earth someone would remove the dislike button.

    Here is my refutation:
    1) "If you live in a bubble, I don't think this website should be the one to pop it."
    I don't know about you but that's exactly why I joined the site. I wanted my bubble popped, I wanted to find out what it is that people think when they don't have to worry about social conventions and be their true selves.

    2)"but it's very, very easy to read the first six words... see where this comment is going and ignore the rest."
    The downvote function allowed for less misogynistic ranting since most of them would just press the button.

    3) "I've seen people write their first few posts and get so flamed with down votes they quit right off."
    I covered this in another take

    It's normal to be criticized, and it's the best thing that can happen to you.
    If you allow yourself to be trapped in a bubble of positivity you will never grow as a person.
    The world is a dark place, pretending it isn't won't change it. All we can do is tell the haters why we think we're right, if they can't handle it than it's their problem.

    • but shouldn't there be a safeish place to discuss painful issues? it's like some of the problems you encounter on here are worse than the ones you ask for help on in the first palce

    • Can you provide examples? Your statement is very vague.

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  • People are overly sensitive and like to cry about someone disliking what they say.
    If anything this promotes entitlement - people thinking that no one can disapprove of what they say or do.

    A lot of times it's an easy way to say "I don't agree with what you're saying"
    But people make it out to be like they're thinking "omg I hate you you suck at life, go kill yourself"
    No, that's not what it means.

    • if you don't agree why not just ignore it?

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    • of course you can, but what's the point in you stopping by just to say you disagree? What's that accomplish?

    • To show that an individual's opinion is not universally accepted. Otherwise they live in a bubble free of criticism.

What Guys Said 5

  • Good writing, and yes it was the best move Gag has ever done in my observation.

  • I disagree.

    I see a lot of bad opinions on here, and sometimes I like being able to voice disapproval with a single click.

  • The down vote is a kind of blow off valve which releases [virtual] pression.
    The people who used the down vote will post more negative answers now.

    • And people who don't want to get blocked because of their opinion will shut up.

  • Their reasoning makes no sense.

    If their reasoning is to lessen the hate, then they got rid of a quick and easy way to disagree with something and both people go about their business, and instead just want us to argue in much more detail instead which will probably lead to verbal attacks

    If their reasoning is to promote more discussion, then why is there still a like button? Wouldn't getting rid of the like button generate even more discussion, and more positive discussion at that

    So yeah, it just doesn't really make any sense

    • it's easy to just stop reading an insulting comment but it's hard to ignore a collection of hastily chosen downvotes

    • I can't even tell if you're serious. An actual comment is way harder to ignore than a dislike

  • "ubermod troll" Woah :o

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