This Private Option On Comments Is The Best Thing Ever! THANK YOU GAG!!


This private option on comments is the best thing ever! THANK YOU GaG!!

sidenote: seriously I don't want to have to choose an image can't you have generic images listed?

Main note:
I am so speechless about this!! Private comments yesssssss. Pro-choice. More choice always good.

I had a long chain going once with a girl about her self imagine and we were both saying how we wish the other wasn't anonymous and now I so wish I could find it.. I'm checking through all my old notifications but I don't think it's in there

I wish this was around earlier :(

Disclaimer: Anyone saying people who post anon. are bad, or cowards or whatever, or have something to hide: that's fine, you can have your opinion, but I will treat antagonism with distaste. You don't know.

This Private Option On Comments Is The Best Thing Ever! THANK YOU GAG!!
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  • Spiorad_Aisce

    I never had a major issue with anons, I treat them the same way I treat named posts - If they are courteous and constructive, I will appreciate them even the ones against my view - If anyone named or anon abuses or disrespects me, it is filed in the bin of the subbasement 47 of my brain besides whether it rained on the Tuesday or Wednesday in the first week of February 1993 (No hidden meaning here most random fact I could think of).

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  • douride2

    With the anonymous posts why is there a need for private posts or are you being sarcastic with this question?

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    • Anonymous

      well its for the reason that it's intended isn't it? if you just want to give a more personal or emotional kind of response just to the asker

      sometimes you can share personal experiences, the asker can be anon, and you can make yourself accessible to them if they want.


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  • BertMacklinFBI

    at least someone likes it.

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  • YourFutureEx

    I wish I'd see your smile.


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