GaG User Video Contest: "One Burning Question" (UPDATE)

GaG User Video Contest: "One Burning Question" (UPDATE)

Everyone seems to like contests. :) In the past few months, we've held two very successful contests; there was the share your best "first" story (see winners here) and the recent "time to get noticed" contest (see winners here), and here comes a third.

While we'll definitely go back to standard writing contests - likely with specific topics and themes - we're changing the format this time: It's a video contest!

We've seen some users asking whether or not they can submit videos to GirlsAskGuys and really, it's a great idea. So, we’re giving you the opportunity to step in front of the camera (or behind it, if you’d rather), and share something your GaG brethren – and the rest of the digital world – will really love. Here are the details:

GaG User Video Contest: "One Burning Question" (UPDATE)

-- You have three weeks, starting today, to put together your submission. No submissions will be accepted after Sunday, July 24 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

-- The video should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length.

-- Choose ONE QUESTION or ONE POLL you've seen on GaG to ask your friends, family, or even perfect strangers. How you record the responses is entirely up to you; it can be a reporter-on-the-street segment of sorts, or you can get your friends together for a cozy group session. Remember, you want good reactions from the people you ask, so try to select universally hot topics!

-- When you’re done, upload it to YouTube so the vid can then be embedded in a myTake. If you're unfamiliar, to embed a video in a Take, use the video icon in the tool bar at the top of the text box, or simply copy and paste the URL of the vid into the box. Also, remember to Introduce your video with a few lines.

-- Remember to put #GaGVideoContest somewhere in the text in the Take.

GaG User Video Contest: "One Burning Question" (UPDATE)

-- You ARE allowed to make more than one submission. Want to create three different vids where you address three different polls/questions? Go right ahead! Just make sure to make a separate myTake for each, and don't forget the #GaGVideoContest.

-- The same rules that apply to myTakes apply here, so NO offensive or explicit content is allowed in the video. If it has any such content, it will be disqualified. You can certainly use a love or sex-based question or poll for your video, but just make sure the content is decent.


1st Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Videos will be judged on quality, entertainment and engagement, and overall presentation. You don't have to be a vid expert to win; make people laugh and keep them intrigued and you're good to go.

Be interesting! Be creative! Be funny! You can approach this video any way you wish; just be sure to make it plain which question or poll you'll be tackling, and then invent your own presentation. We're excited to see your efforts! :D

Update: Well, doesn't look like anybody wanted to do this one. :P But one member definitely stepped up:


He produced not just one but three user videos for this contest and though we can't say there was any "contest" to speak of, we can't just say we're canceling everything. So we've tossed blondfrog a $25 Amazon Gift Card as a thank you and next time, we're going to do a contest that lets users do what they wish (myTake, video, whatever), and they can create that content however they see fit.

Stay tuned!

GaG User Video Contest: "One Burning Question" (UPDATE)
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  • Máiiréad
    Meh, I'd be interested if I didn't have to deal with feckin stalkers.
  • Mustachekitteh
    Welp, I can't do this contest. If this was a thing where you could just record your voice and say stuff, that would be fine. Involving people is a no go. I don't have anyone to talk to in real life and it's rare if I talk to family members often.
  • blondfrog
    Lol I like you man as an admin you're actually one of the few I actually like, but I hope this wasn't your idea lol. I mean how should I approach the video? Just go up to random people in public or even my college area and ask them questions about sexual topics or any other topic on GAG? And how do I get them to accept the interview? Or should I lie to them and tell them I am an actual reporter working for Girlsaskguys website?
    • Fathoms77

      You have friends, yes?

    • blondfrog

      No unfortunately I don't.

    • im your friend! come here, you can interveiw me!

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  • Josht13
    AH I've got a good idea but I'm too much of a pussy to actually do it.
  • ManOnFire
    Hmmmm. If I had enough people to ask I would do this. I love on-the-street type questions, you get some of the best answers that way. The subway would be a great place to do it, but I worry that a lot of people will be annoyed by me asking at random, lol.
    • Fathoms77

      Depends on where you are, I think. If it was a major city like NY or SF or something, I'm willing to bet perfect strangers are used to being approached with just this type of thing on a weekly basis. :P

  • RainbowFanGirl
    Well, I hate taking videos of myself so I'm gonna be left out of this one. :)
    • Fathoms77

      For the record, you don't have to appear on the video. You can be behind the camera if you want.

    • Ok, I guess I can try

  • YourFutureEx
    I've a great idea for this but not the budget. Hope we'll have this contest again when I'll get a job in a few years.

    Hope I'll still stay that much insane by then.
  • EllieLexis513
    Eh, I might try it, but I have to find people to interview first lol
  • NourSy
    It's unfair because some people would ask others to fake their reactions in the video so that they can easily win. lol
    • Fathoms77

      So? Actors get awards, you know. :P

  • Swedgirl
    Question: Do the people have to speak English in the video, or can the video have subtitles?
    • Fathoms77

      Um... well, if the translation is good, I guess it's okay to have subtitles, provided the rest of the quality is decent.

  • matheus_mb
    Hm... interesting, I hope I come up with a good idea.
  • BeerFarts
    I already won one contest on here. Time to go 2 for 2!
  • LittleSally
    Oh, attention seekers will love this contest. xD
  • apple24
    wholly molly! Thats crazy! lol Did you raise the price or what? lol
  • 2tall2handle
    Nobody I know in my personal life knows about this site nor knows I am on here, and personally I like that.
  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    here's one contest i can't enter lol
  • Twolips
    • Fathoms77

      Please see the rules above; all submissions have to go into a separate myTake with a title and a brief text intro. :)

  • Dog19
    Okay, I'll try. But I'm so tired of losing these contests
  • Prettyapathetic
    Could I just ask myself or become a schizophrenic? I have no friends!
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Do you realize how long a videos editing process is?
    • Fathoms77

      Certainly not longer than 3 weeks. ;)

      And we're not expecting ridiculous amounts of editing. Most videos tossed up on YouTube are put there by people who have no idea about video editing.

    • good luck with that.

  • YoungAndInnocent
    I'll try, but the chances of me winning is none lol.
  • Rawrzz
    Hoho. Yeah, I'm not working for GAG advertisement.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    @blondfrog he should get more xper too!
    • blondfrog

      Yeah I don't know why he said $25 I actually was given a $50 amazon gift card unless fathoms made a typo.

  • RJGraveyTrain
    Question: Is 5 minutes the maximum time?
    • Fathoms77

      Well, yeah, we don't really want it to go much over that, but if it's like 6 minutes or something we won't get all bent out of shape. :)

    • Challenge accepted.

    • Fathoms77

      And by the way, the deadline has been extended: Everyone has another week now. :)

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  • vishna
    Sounds enticing.
  • rgb008
    Lmfaoo fuck yes.
    I'm gonna win this one loooool
  • orphan
    clever... enticing people w/ $$ to market GaG.
  • lilmama229
    How do you submit
    • Fathoms77

      Go to Post at the top of the page, and hit Share myTake. Then write an introduction and embed your video into the text box. Just copy and paste the YouTube address of your video. :)

  • BackAgain
    I wish I could make a little animation video
    • Hey! Dont take my idea!


    • Fathoms77

      @BaileyisDarcy Why can't you? :)

    • Ahhh! I was going to do that 😂

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  • goodmood
    Too lazy to get out of my seat.
  • Touglyforfemales
    Oh loom another popularity contest no thanks.
  • MisterSir
    lol nah
  • jamesdegod
    can i just post a video of bouncing my pecs?
  • jesusnicolas768
    Cool I guess
  • Anonymous
    i want to see the vids
  • Anonymous
    A video that has to have my voice and maybe even my face? No thanks.
    But I'm sad that I missed the share your best first contest, I would have liked to enter that, why wasn't it announced anywhere? I go on this site every day and I never saw those contests, they should make them easier to spot. This time I got lucky and happened to look in that little corner where it was announced
    • Fathoms77

      The previous contest was announced and promoted. If you're on this site every day, there's basically zero chance you would've missed it.

    • Anonymous

      I am on thise site every day all the time but I never saw those contests mentioned. They must have just been announced in that little square in the corner like this one, and since usually it's just saying about users with top MHO% I never look there

    • Fathoms77

      You must never look at myTakes then. There was an announcement Take that was routinely bumped to the top of the list, and another Take for the winners.

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  • Anonymous
    I have no movie-making application on my computer.
    I do not have much friends, let alone friends who are interested in discussing GirlsAskGuys topics.
    I am not willing to put my name on something related to sex, gender, and politics.

    So yeah, I am opting out of this one. :P
    • Anonymous

      Wait, I have MS PowerPoint. I can make PowerPoint slideshows. But then, I don't have the best-sounding voice to do a voice-over. Leaving out a voice-over could cut points in my overall score.

    • Fathoms77

      Not necessarily. Some of the most creative vids out there have no voices. :)

  • Anonymous
    If I put mosaic on my face and create a separate YouTube account just for this MyTake, it won't count?