Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions


*WARNING: There are lots of exaggerations in this take, if you're gonna take everything literally then gtfo. Thanks. Bye. *

1. "My penis is 7 inches, is that big enough?"

Yes. Most women do not care for ridiculously large 10 inch dicks. Women are perfectly happy with an average sized 6 inch dick (or 5 inch, whatever the average is) because this is real life, not porn.

Actually why am I answering this? We both know you only asked because you want to hear people say your dick is big.

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

He talks like this cause he can back it up, he got a big egooooo

2. "What race is the most attractive?"

There are good looking people in every race. And there are ugly people in every race.

I've seen beautiful white people before, but then I've seen white people who are disgusting looking.

I've seen gorgeous black people, and I've seen black people who are ugly as fuck.

Same with every other race

TO ME, its not about race but about how each person looks individually.

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

3. "He picked up my pencil does he like me?" (Actual question that I've seen before...)

Dear Women,

Stop overthinking about every little action that a guy does. Just because we picked up your pencil doesn't mean we like you. Just because we said "Hey, how are you?" Doesn't mean we like you. Just because we glanced over at you for 0.3 seconds, doesn't mean we like you.

Sincerely, all men

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

4. "We are 18 days apart from each other, is that a big age difference?"

Obviously 18 days is a huge exaggeration lol

But most of the time when I see this question the age gap is only 2 years or something.

Its barley a gap at all. Now if it was 3 years...we'd be talking a HUGE difference (sarcasm)

No but seriously even if it was a big age difference, who cares?

Unless you're 30 dating a 16 year old. Don't do that. It's weird. They're a kid. You're an adult.

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

5. "How come all men/women are [Insert negative thing here]?"

Stop generalizing. Just because you have horrible taste when it comes to dating and you keep going for the assholes, doesn't mean we're all like that. Quit being bitter

"But everyone I date turns out the same"

Maybe its you then, ever thought of that? Maybe you're just a jerk and you make everyone you date hate you. If you really think everyone of the opposite sex is the same, then go gay or stop complaining :))))

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

6. "[Insert rant with no question here]"

This one applies to a lot of people who ask the question before this one as well.

What's the point of just ranting and ranting about something that nobody gives a shit about, and then getting angry when someone disagrees? You must be a very angry person. If you don't have a question, at least put it in a MyTake. I don't understand how those don't just get deleted.

7. "Does this count as cheating?"

If you have to ask, probably.

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

8. "I just did ___ with a guy, Can I get pregnant from this?"

This question should be asked BEFORE you did whatever it was. What really surprises me is that most of the time what they're asking about OBVIOUSLY won't get you pregnant.

"He touched his dick and then I touched his hand, am I pregnant?"

The fact that you don't even know how pregnancy works proves you're either way too young or way too uneducated to be doing anything sexual AT ALL.


Just fucking google it, its really not hard.

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

9. "Should I tell my crush I like them?"

GO FOR IIIIIT. The worst they can do is say "Sorry, I don't feel the same"

That sucks, but then you just move on. You don't have to wait any longer wondering if they like you or not. Get it over with.

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that USED to get asked all the time:

"What do you think of Turkey/Turkish people?"

They're nice I guess. If I don't say something nice about them, you're probably gonna get mad and block me sooo...

"Why don't girls like nice guys?"

(Or any question about nice guys)

It's not that girls don't like nice guys, it's just they like dominant assertive guys. They don't like guys who agree to everything they say.

"[Insert shit about beta/alpha]"?

You're a douche

"Are all women bisexual?"

Lol nah

That's all folks! Bye

Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions
Answering GaG's Most Frequently Asked Questions
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Unit1

    "[Insert shit about beta/alpha]"?
    You're a douche

    XD This one had me laughing really good.
    That was an amazingly nice read :>
    Questions like these cannot be taken seriously.

    Oh and this :D

    Another FAQ is:
    Q: Who should pay for the first date?
    A: Whoever you want to I guess... but mind, that this decision affects different people differently.

    Q: Why am I still single?
    A: You should know why because we - the internet - sure as hell do not.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • peachblossomluck

    Please flag these questions as duplicates because I see them day after day, idiotic childish, things of which no thought was put into. And the Turks thing? What is that?

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    Is this still revelant?
    • I don't know, there just used to be a lot of Turkish people on this site and they would always ask what we thought of them. Same with Indian people, they used to do it too.
      Or they would post pictures of Turkish guys and ask if they're attractive but if you said no, they would block you.

    • 19magic

      Ya know I think that happened to me, I was like my God this is the first time I've ever been blocked.

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  • madhatters4

    if only this would finally answer these questions. but they will be persist

  • Neverrrmore

    This is by far my favorite take that I have ever read. I almost fell off my bed laughing.

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  • 19magic

    Wait there was a question with that example of pregnancy on here? You seriously being serious?

    Good take glad that there uniqueness on this site, I keep seeing the same sorta questions all the time. Especially about would you still date (pic of hairy chest/arms/legs) and not ask me to shave it?

    • No, i was just exaggerating lol
      But i've seen things like "I sat on my boyfriends toilet and now i think im pregnant"

    • 19magic

      Oh yeah I think I have seen that one, and I'm like don't you live with a dad or bother or had to use unisex toilets

  • BrileyCat

    wish i had thought of this . but i am too new . Justin . u r great .
    however frequently asked is maybe due to frequently new sign ups .

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  • SweedyPie

    Hahahaaaa great job, had to hold my mouth to stop from bursting out laughing. Your exaggerations were on point though and I agreed with everything you said

  • SovereignessofVamps

    <3 this post. Also for the 1st, lots of girls have short pussies, so his dick, even @ 6 inches won't go all the way in anyway.

  • TeachMeSomething

    This made me giggle, a bit too much. Thanks for sharing! :D

  • MindYourEyes

    The best take of the month. PREACH!!! :).

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau

    Your take is terrible. Nowhere did you answer tits/ass

  • Nadzzz

    LMAOO savageee

  • cupidkisses

    Hahah great take, so true!

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of people feel attacked right now, how could you😦

    • Why would they?

    • Anonymous

      @SovereignessofVamps "WARNING: There are lots of exaggerations in this take, if you're gonna take everything literally then gtfo. Thanks. Bye. *"

    • So... I don't think that's offense, except the gtfo lol

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  • Anonymous

    Totally agree and made me laugh too!

    I also hate those questions like "He said he's totally in love with me and wants to be with me forever, is this a good thing? Does he like me?"

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