5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

1. GAG is the first thing to come up when you type the letter g in the search bar.

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

I'm guilty.

2. You know the perfect reaction gif for every GAG conversation.

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

A ton of us are gif hoarders ;P including me.

3. You think of GAG throughout the day and even dream about it.

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

About making questions, arguments you had on here, gag friends etc.

4. Your friends and family ask what you're doing on your phone/computer/tablet all the time.

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

I just say I'm on social media XD

5. You've made good friends on here

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much

That's obviously not a bad thing <3

So, are you on Gag too much?

5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much
5 Signs You're On GAG Too Much
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I failed on number 1 and am a bit disappointed - I have had 3 back to back accounts here and number 2 to 5 have happened to me especially on the first account - I remember the question about dreaming about GaG came up before and the usual people answered fairly quickly "Everybody dreams about GaG, it's normal", well in fact it isn't only a small number of super active people seemed to do it as the rest of the answers rolled in.
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  • YourFutureEx
  • AmethystAngel
  • CheerGirl38139
    LOL. I thought I was on way too much... until I realized that it took me almost 2 years to get to Xper9 and some people are making Guru in 6 months.

    So... maybe, maybe not. I think I read more than I post probably.
  • redeyemindtricks
    Google starts with "g", so, #1 seems pretty extreme?
    • chintita

      you need to search google. com in the search bar? i just type anything and it automatically googles it for me since it's the default search engine

    • Ah
      I have duckduckgo set as my default search engine.

    • chintita

      can't say i heard of it XD nice name tho. i'm guessing it's for security reasons?

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Quite literally every single thing here applies to me. Dunno if that's good or bad xD
  • Cosytoasty
    4 & most def 5 <3

    The day my RL friends find out about this is the day i deactivate.
    • chintita

      gon get flamed, huh XD

    • Cosytoasty

      Yep i would get lit the fuqk up! Sports forum remember xD

  • reixun
    I only get number 1 and 4. 😂 I don't know how to post gifs yet.
  • Puppylove94
    Lol so accurate... And I actually have a keyboard for gifs
    • chintita

      really? tht's awesome

    • yup its called the gif keyboard in the app store :)

  • abundantlyrich
    6. Telling people they are gamers and how girls are bitches and coonts and how they will die sexless and harassing others in here.

    Um no one fucking cares who you are.
  • martyfellow
    Never made any real friends here, but that wasn't the purpose, a least not when I joined! In fact just made enemies,...
    • It's almost a relief that I;m going on a 20 day break, see profile

  • DandelionGirl
    Uh oh! 😱 We all need an intervention! Must... step... away... from... computer!!

  • JSmuve
    1) check
    2) check
    3) nope, I'm on too often to be away
    4) lol, check (I lie or don't answer)
    5) eh.
  • NotTheFBI
    2. is definitely me lol.
    But I'm not on that much... am I? :v
  • Prof_Don
    I'm on GaG a lot, but I do have a life outside of this place! :-P
  • BrownBoyBrownies
    None of them are me... And when I type G, it's porn related 😕.
    Yes I'm not a GAG addict!😄

    ... Oh Shit! I'm a porn addict 😖😫😩😩
  • lovelywiz
    Gag is making me insane.
    I swear i have psychosis and insomnia
  • DaniaMQ
    Yaaaaaay I'm not addicted to GAG (YET :P )
    • chintita

      keyword: yet ; )

    • DaniaMQ

      Hahahaa that keyword is frightening 😂

  • Letmedo
    That is why i love gag even it is about gag it is promoted.
  • Zorax
    At least 70% true, very good Take :D
  • helloitsmethere
    The gif one is so true!
  • orphan
    you wrote a mytake? LOL
    • chintita

      lmfao i'm trying new things ;P

    • orphan

      1. GAG is the first thing to come up when you type the letter g in the search bar.

      it's how i get here quickly..

    • chintita

      sounds like ur on gag too much

    oh darn
  • Cowboy6666
    Days are numbered.!
    • chintita

      another one bites the dust.. :(

  • alor1an
    guilty as charged. :D
  • Bandit74
    I need an intervention 😔
  • 99percentangel
    I'm guilty of all of these 😊.
  • FinnishBeautyGirl
  • Mario21
    Sounds just like me 😂
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Where on earth did you find that rabbit gif? xD
  • goodmood
    I need life
  • Dimmu
    I didn't make friends here yet
  • scooogy
    Hell to the yes! I do! :D
  • Anonymous
    6. Your reaction time is below 10 seconds
  • Anonymous
    Only first one applies to me but lately I've been spending a lot of time here.
  • Anonymous
    Oh good thing I'm not on this site too much. Wouldn't want any of this to happen to me.