What I Vow To Never Do In A myTake

What I Vow To Never Do In A myTake

There are three types of GAG readers on here:

A) The person who reads the entire article.

B) The person who skims through the article.

C) The person who only reads the title and scrolls down to comment.

Usually, person C is the one who creates the most conflict because they are only going off of what they "think" the article is about rather than what is actually being said because they failed to read it.

These types of people create war in your comment section, and almost make it seem as if you have to censor yourself to protect their fragile feelings.

So, to those who like to give many a difficult time on here I will say, that I will never:

What I Vow To Never Do In A myTake

1. Sugarcoat myself

Writing is a form of self expression. When I write, I like to put my thoughts out there. I love seeing other opinions because we all come from a different part of the world, which makes the comments that much more interesting to read. Each and every single one of us have a different view point due to our cultural difference, age and experience. I am open to reading other peoples outlooks, however I will not silence myself just because someone has a difficult time tolerating a view that differs from their own.
I promise I'll always be real with myself and others.

I'll never say what's socially acceptable because it seems to be the trend or the popular view.

I am a one woman army and I am strong enough to stand on my own without back up.

I will never sugarcoat!

Well, maybe just my cereal perhaps.

2. Lash out at users before they do so to me

I've seen so many different takes where the writer includes a paragraph explaining themselves to users and their potential "haters". The whole paragraph is usually filled with animosity because they know a lot of angry people are coming their way.

It's almost as if they have to put their battle defenses up before any one enters the war zone.

When myTakers include paragraph's like that in their article, it sets the tone of their writing in a negative light.

They accuse people of being sensitive to words (due to rude responses), but if a writer is already setting this tone in the article aren't they sensitive as well?

Just put your view out there, and be brave to take the backlashing if there is any.

I value my opinion, and others, and don't feel the need to explain myself to any one.

Those who know me very well, will know I never mean harm.

I just have a strong opinion and will stand behind it.

Let those who take offense fire away!

I'm ready for war!

All comments cannot be lovely, that'd only be possible in a perfect world!

Ever writer should know this, and should be prepared for it!

3. Steal other peoples ideas without crediting them

Most writers have inspiration. Sometimes they will read an article and then it will give them an idea on a topic they should write about. If you're going to write something strikingly similar to what the original writer wrote then give them credit.

It's only fair!

You'll never catch me stealing any one else's ideas.

As someone that has written well over 100 myTakes all of my ideas are original and those that interested me. Self expression has often been a hobby of mine, so often I am my own outlet; unless privately messaged to cover a topic by those who take liking to my writings.

You'll never catch me stealing anyone's idea. Even if I were to draw inspiration from someone else, I'd credit them for it.

What I Vow To Never Do In A myTake

I bring originality, confidence, and non-sugarcoated outlooks!

I wouldn't have it any other way!

What I Vow To Never Do In A myTake
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