Togetherness...What's GOOD About Recent GaG Updates!

In my opinion, the things lacking in Gag are:

1. A sense of community. We're atomized individuals and given the turnover, we never really get to form any sort of cohesive group that we are comfortable discussing issues with

2. A way to seek out people you'd like to answer your questions, systematically.

Some questions are logically addressed to subgroups, such as my recent 'yellow fever' one.

But there has been no mechanism to reach the logical audience, so we get answers from people, however well meaning, who don't have the experience to give a meaningful answer.

The ability now to invite people to answer your questions is a big step toward solving these problems.

I can reach people who are too busy to notice my question, but are interested in the topic, and people whose opinions I value, but who, again, wouldn't notice my question amid the welter of

questions they are busy answering.

Not only do I get MORE answers this way, but the people answering develop a sense of continuity with the problem I present in the question. At least to some extent. So the answers are more insightful and relevant.

Being able to follow threads in this way makes the site more interesting overall, and develops, at least in a limited way, a sense of community in sharing experiences and viewpoints with people we

WANT to share with.

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  • Good to hear. More updates coming. :)

  • I agree, I think GaG has to be more of a community, more together, instead of group A vs group B

  • Nice,,,, Great Take.