It is Easier to Criticize Than Contribute

It is Easier to Criticize Than Contribute

Recently I have been seeing fellow gaggers, write negative and criticizing comments in regards to myTakes. They question the credibility and validity of my experiences, and the stories that I share. Without a doubt, my personal opinions and situations are something that I hold true and are in fact factual.

The main point of this Mytake is to address the following key points:

It is Easier to Criticize Than Contribute

1. The point is to learn from my mistakes/experiences

Regardless of whether you believe that myTakes are true, or that I have lost credibility because you disagree with the moral compass of my other takes, I write for a purpose. That purpose is to educate people and open their eyes about my experiences, so that they can take away something useful. Whether it is learning from my mistakes or simply gaining a different point of view, I do it because I care. As we all know, neither myself nor anyone else here gains any monetary gains by spending their time writing these pieces.

It is Easier to Criticize Than Contribute

2. Easier to critique someone's work than contribute

I find that there are some individuals that feel that it is easier to be negative and critique a person's work rather than have something insightful and useful to share within the community. These people don't take into account the time, effort and work it requires to contribute a myTake, as well as the energy it takes to share something that can sometimes harbor some painful feelings.

It is Easier to Criticize Than Contribute

3. Not always back and white

Just because you disagree with me, doesn't mean that you're right and i'm wrong or vice versa. Our opinions can co-exist, and it is easier to judge from afar, than when you're actually in the middle of the situation. Therefore, being more open minded and understanding of the content matter really helps.

Please keep GAG a friendly and comfortable environment for everyone. I enjoy sharing on here, and I hope that I can continue to inspire people :)

It is Easier to Criticize Than Contribute
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Most Helpful Girl

  • HaveQuestions
    You can defend your position until you're blue in the face and the fact remains, nobody has to read anything you write or agree with you and offer encouragement about any opinion you have.

    "Being more open minded and understanding content" is a plea for validating your opinions, which people do not have to do. If you've learned from your experiences cheating, cool. Does not mean any one else has to pat you on the back for it.

    Your time and effort are yours to spend writing here if you choose, and there is no obligation on anyone to offer only positive feedback for it.

    Critiquing is contributing. Even if it's uncomfortable for you. You offered your list of reasons you engaged in extraordinarily hurtful behavior than nearly no one on here finds acceptable, and so people's contribution has been to show their genuine disdain for it. A mistake is a one time thing, if that. Beyond once, any repeated behavior is a choice. You put your choices out here for people to critique, and I am unclear why you are so surprised that most responded with critique. We're you expecting validation? To be told it was alright to leave a trail of destruction and pain inflicted on others in your wake?

    If you've learned, great. You may never find anyone else who will tell you congrats for that, or take your writings as you wish. In truth, you may have lost credibility to many, many people and that is on you. Nobody here needs to apologize for having their own beliefs or critical evaluation of your offered material.
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    • It's pretty clear she wants people to validate her opinions and that she sees any disagreement or critique as disrespectful. Look at the comments thus far that she has thumbed-up on this myTake. Based on that and some of the opinions she has expressed in the past, it's funny that she wants people to be "open-minded."

      Also, no one here is required to write myTakes, and I'm not going to. I responded to one of her myTakes that, apparently, many people had an issue with because my contribution/criticism garnered many thumbs-ups, 19 or so last I saw--probably the most I've ever gotten for a comment. Like it or not, that was a [much-appreciated] contribution.

      I don't see GAG as a friendly, open-minded environment at all, and if that's what someone expects when they post something here... they probably should stop posting. Otherwise, ignore people's comments and keep doing your thing--that's typically what I do.

    • E-Nigma

      Her profile is private, would you mind filling me in on what this ''hurtful behavior'' is?

Most Helpful Guy

  • pavlove
    lol sad to say it gets worse. you really have two choices which is to a) cater to the main thoughts of guys/girls b) endure and learn not to get flustered when they try to get a rise out of you with super unhelpful disrespectful opinions or c) block all users who cross the line which is the majority of them
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  • RolandCuthbert
    It is funny that this my take gets so little attention. Of course, what you say is common sense. People should stop being so critical and so one-sided in their views.

    But that isn't the course this society is on and I don't know if it will survive.

  • MarkRet
    I've only done a few Mytakes, but I haven't gotten much negative feedback. There are a couple of assholes on GaG, but I just ignore them. Most people on GaG are pretty good.
  • Browneye57
    You're just hoping to be liked. Funny this is the place where you put that.
    Looking for a career in journalism? LOL
  • E-Nigma
    I'm tempted to agree with you... But your profile is private for a reason isn't it?
  • PinkPandaBear180
    If people disagree or hate on your myTake... simply ignore them.
  • JayCasper777
    Destroying is so easy...
    If always said this.
  • John_Doesnt
    I choose not to contribute because I have crabs.
    Yes, criticizing is easier than contributing.
  • Anonymous
    The truth of the matter is that if you are putting up your personal experience to the world wide web full of strangers you don't know, than you are indeed the one inviting people in to make comments on your life and as such, you are going to get both the good and the bad and then the somewhere in between.

    If you believe in free speech, then you must also believe that people have the absolute right to criticize you whether you or they agree with you or not. Just as you said,"Just because you disagree with me, doesn't mean that you're right and i'm wrong or vice versa," so by your own meaning, they are just as much entitled to think the way the way they do about your life or your mytakes as you are because no one is more right than the other.

    You need to get it in your head that you cannot control what people should or shouldn't take from your mytakes or that they should be concerned with the effort required for you to write them. I get that it's a frustration when it seems people simply don't care, but such is life. How many serious political issues, life and death even, out there are there, that people couldn't even be bothered to care about... and this is just some words you wrote on social media with opinions about your life and experience and people you interact with.

    If you only want to hear the positive life affirming voices of people who agree with whatever you say or just leave comments like, "good job,", than make a conscious effort to block everybody else, ignore them, or remove yourself from GaG. The internet as a whole will never be that place of love and respect you think it should be because it reflects the outside world in which we live, where for every good and decent person, there is an equally bad, an indecent one that doesn't give a s--t about your feelings. Truth.
  • Anonymous
    We don't have to think the same, so it's betterr' to ignore them n keep ur way
  • Anonymous
    If everyone is telling you that you're wrong... well you're probably wrong.
    I think you need to read over your Takes and understand that your POV comes off as... you know.