Top GAG Related Fears


These are a couple of common GAG related fears...I will definitely try list as many as I can. And I hope you like another one of my MyTakes. This won't be exactly my GAG related fears...these are for everyone. Thanks for the support in previous MyTakes.

1. Anyone I know finding my GAG acc

Top GAG related fears

That would honestly be beyond humiliating. The news about my account on here would spread quicker than wildfire and afterwards I'd probably have to deactivate my account.

2. Your messages

Top GAG Related Fears

Maybe you've been messaging someone significantly older than you. Maybe it's someone significantly younger. Maybe the texts are dirty. Maybe they are embarrassing. Maybe your lying about something...either way if these messages get out...who knows what would happen?

3. Everyone disagreeing with your opinion

Top GAG Related Fears

The constant fear that no one will agree with your opinion. A whole bunch of people against you on here. And a whole bunch people fighting with you and saying nasty stuff.

4. Meeting someone from GAG in person...unintentionally

Top GAG Related Fears

This would probably just be fricking scary.

5. Getting hacked

This one also relates to 2, what if someone reads your messages? And what if someone pretends to be you on your account and send embarrassing questions. What if they harass people on your account...and all that hard work...GONE.

6. No one relating to your question

Top GAG Related Fears

What if you ask a question and no one knows what your talking about. What if people say that's not normal.

7. A stranger randomly knowing your personal information

Top GAG Related Fears

Do I need to explain this one? Wouldn't it be scary if a random online stranger just knew about your personal information.

8. Writing a question about someone and the person finds out

Top GAG Related Fears


9. Writing your opinion anonymously for a reason and people still find out it's you

Top GAG Related Fears

I mean if you had it anon for a reason and people still found out it was you would be awkward. And a lowkey fear.

10. Asking people to rate you or your outfit and you get the worst possible rating ever from more than half the people

Top GAG Related Fears

<3 :) I hope that you liked this MyTake. Obviously, we all have different GAG related fears. I might have not remembered all of them but I tried to remember and think of as many as possible. If I missed one of your GAG fears...tell me some of them. Also thank you all for the support and if you haven't seen the previous MyTake you might want to check it out :) <3



Top GAG Related Fears
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  • Hemlock
    Number 3 is my fear lmao, you do the best takes, they're so relatable, nice job sis.
    Is this still revelant?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Halucinator
    I loved this take
    Is this still revelant?
    • txdiie_

      Thank you <3

    • you deserved that haha
      I know how much effort does it take to write just an ordinary take like mine and this take is simply amazing

    • txdiie_

      awww your too sweet :)
      Really thank you

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  • PrincessPie
    I'm cool with these.. i just answer honestly and if someone agrees with my opinion or not its not a big deal and i think its quite interesting when you get into debates on here lol.
  • JimRSmith
    Good reasons to hold personal information back, and only share it with other users you trust.
  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Number 1

    No problem because I am Mystery Man for G@G community.

    Number 2

    In rare cases I use feature of Private Messages. No interest in Casual Conversation.

    Number 3

    Number 4


    Number 5

    However, there are ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. All you have to do is just follow a few tips.

    • Never be complacent in creating passwords. As much as possible, never use simple passwords or, worse, use the same one on all of your accounts. Even if they are complicated, some websites have less security in protecting passwords. It is hard to memorize many passwords, but this is for your own good and the protection of your identity.

    • Make sure the website you are visiting is not fake because leading you to a fake website is what hackers like to do. This is especially true for websites that ask for your personal details.

    • If you are going to be anonymous online and are going to do stuff that may have repercussions, make sure you stay anonymous. Do not go out revealing who you are even offline because the world has become a smaller place with the Internet.

    Lastly, try using Web anonymizers hat help hide your identity while using the Internet. They come in the form of VPNs, web proxies, and other online anonymity enhancing services. When you have these, thieves and hackers will have a hard tie tracking or monitoring your activity and location.

    Read my take for more details.

    Number 6

    Who cares?

    Number 10
    Body Dysmorphic Disorder

    Amazing Observation.

    One of the Best Take on this Site.

    Must be Featured.
  • JudgmentDay
    For starters, if privacy is really important to you then you should avoid putting a real picture or photo of yourself. Use a separate email account like a dummy email account without any of your real personal info.

    "Meeting someone from GAG in person... unintentionally"
    I'd say never openly admit that you use a website like this in public. It greatly reduces the odds of this and if someone else does, you don't admit you also use it.

    "A stranger randomly knowing your personal information"
    Never give our your personal info or real name or anything that might put your privacy at risk, such as your social media accounts like FaceBook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. The odds are significantly reduced and unless it was like somebody that work for like the NSA, the CIA or some other really high tech government agency with the authority and power to gather information about someone, so the only way someone else in general would only know more about you than you desire them to know is because you made it possible by giving away too much details by providing more information from your social media accounts in the first place. If you want to provide social media stuff, use a dummy fake one instead, it's better that way if you're paranoid about it.

    "Everyone disagreeing with your opinion", I really don't care even if they did. You can't control what others feel and think about you anyway.

    "Getting hacked", if you use a weak password, it makes it possible. use a strong and longer password and avoid downloading stuff from untrusted source or opening email attachments from unknown senders to reduce the odds of getting spyware on your computer or device which makes it possible for you to become "hacked".
  • BellaIsQueen
    OMG! Totally love this.

    1. Doesn't really apply to me. I talk about GAG so much, all my friends know I'm on here. :P

    2. Definitely wouldn't want the messages getting out. 🤐

    3. All. The. Time. "A whole bunch of people against you on here. And a whole bunch people fighting with you and saying nasty stuff." EXACTLY!

    4. You won't believe I had a dream about it yesterday! In my dream, I bumped into this girl and very awkwardly asked her, "uh.. Hey.. I think you're on GAG. Are you?"

    5. Definitely. And not only on GAG. Other platforms too.

    6. Yeah, it's crazy. Unrepeatable question would be embarrassing.

    Also, a question I asked was getting all sarcastic opinions. At least first 30 opinions were all sarcastic. It was kinda funny cuz I was rolling my eyes at myself and asking, "what'd you expect?🙄"

    7. This is the most freaky, no doubt.

    8. That could be awkward indeed. It's sorta reverse of how people nowadays upload a status and hope the person it is about reads it.

    10. That would suck. But I guess most people are already annoyed by all the how do I look questions they see the whole day and sometimes take out the pent-up irritation on your question.

    Loved this take! 💯
  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    I relate with every single one of these... I got a backup account in case things go south, I'll send u the username in case someone from school finds us
    • txdiie_

      lool things getting serious lmao

    1. Only my brother knows I have an account on here and he has a GAG account as well. It's our secret and we'd never tell anyone else about it. That's why I'd never have my photo up on here and I don't ever give out too much personal information that could lead someone into identifying me on here.
    2. I rarely get creepy messages and I would never have those kind of conversations in real life, let alone on here. If I get crazy messages, I would ignore them and block them if they don't stop. If it gets out of hand, I won't allow anyone to message me.
    3. I couldn't care less if someone disagrees with my opinion. If you don't like my opinion, then too bad.
    4. That's most likely never going to happen. I rarely pay attention to people's faces on here and I never put up a photo of myself on here, so no one can recognize me if they coincidentally see me irl.
    5. I took precautions against that from happening.
    6. I don't ask questions, let alone a question no one can relate to.
    7. That's fucking scary. I do take a lot of precaution when I'm on here and I did a lot to protect my privacy.
    8. I never asked a question. I don't ask questions about people.
    9. I rarely write anonymous opinions and it won't be obvious that it's me if I write an anonymous opinion because I wouldn't give too much detail about myself and my age is in the 18-24 range.
    10. I already know I'm attractive and I don't need to ask people to rate me. I never even asked a question on here yet.
  • azzntittiz
    Must be sad to live in constant fear of nothing. I hope you get over this state of being, it's unhealthy.
    • txdiie_

      did u read the top of this MyTake?

    • azzntittiz

      I did read it but I guess I missed the part about it not necessarily being YOUR fears. But anyway, it's kinda understandable since most of you are kids.

    • txdiie_

      i'm no kid

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  • toolazyforausername
    Oml. I would never want to meet anyone in G@g in real life. That would scare me.
  • sawno
    1 8 9 and 10 are indeed things i worry about.
    If i spot that a user is exposing there real identity i tend to send a warning.
    Some people on here where traceable trough either there avatar or links in there bio.
  • Nivinxus
    I don't really share most of those fears, but I do understand where you are coming from. Good Mytake
  • MrMysteryMan
    Meh. If they want to know about me bad enough, I'm sure there are always ways to do so. You're living in a make believe world if you think the internet is totally private at all.
  • FrenchyRomain
    wow you care way too much about other's opionions... so what if no one relates to your question? so what if no one agrees with your opinion... i don't see how it can affect you
    • txdiie_

      some people are just more turbulent than others and that's a personally trait some people have. I'm sorry not everyone is like you. I'm sorry we aren't all like you.

      Also I'm sorry I'm not turbulent. I'm sorry I'm a teenager who's trying to juggle grades, social media, boy drama, drama in general, strict parents and trying to be accepted. I'm so sorry that I'm turbulent. I'll just to be less of myself next time and try be like other people... like you. Thanks for the feedback.

    • txdiie_

      in case you didn't read the like first paragraph

      'This won't be exactly my GAG related fears... these are for everyone.'

      And yeah I was being salty before...

      but still... I am pretty turbulent... I took a quiz and i'm like 56% turbulent. And what you said... I can't really do anything about it. I don't have these fears... but other people might. And turbulent people can't do anything but be themselves.

    • girl you

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  • Cosytoasty
    The only thing I’m scared of is that some blue anons in the US have access to firearms and cars. I don’t even live there but there are definitely Elliot’s on here.
  • Nik1hil
    i won't be ashamed of who i am hence i won't be ashamed if someone finds out i have and account here, in fact i myself have told other people i have an account here.
  • cupidkisses
    I really enjoyed reading your take, sumple and enjoyable.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Someone called me a jerk on here, and it hurt my feelings. They're the real jerk ! 😊
  • Chanel1981
    I think the biggest worry would be writing a question about someone and they somehow know, yikes!
  • GayHowellMeme
    Yeah, I have these fears too. GAG is dominating over my life and soon I'll be controlled.
    • txdiie_

      Yup I'll be controlled by GAG too
      I'm on here too long

  • RuthAnn1781
    I haven't thought about any of that stuff before lol, thanks
  • it2ly
    Number one definatly
    and 9
    and 10

    and 8

    and 6
    and 3 and 2

    wow almost all of them
  • thatguywhere
    I'd like to add another. Asking people how you look and the majority calling you ugly.
    MHO please
  • douride2
    My only fear is someone from my real life finds my account.
  • CubsterShura
    11. Being Muslim. You have no idea how much hate Muslims recieve all over the internet and this place is no exception.
  • BradA
    Number 1 and 9 would be the worst.
    Wouldn't really mind number 4 if its not family or friends.
  • Bdolly12
    I don't really care. Those are irrelevant fears.
  • thisisntlove
    So I earn 5 xp for answering this question, huh... weird site.
  • Phoenix98
    Literally non of that is a concern for me.
  • zzzondarrr
    True 😂
  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    Lol good one
  • Agree...
  • zagor
    What, me worry?
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • disgustingweebtrash
  • Tohru
    I agree
  • Anonymous
    I've actually had an encounter going Anon with a guy who kept saying he knew who I was and would "expose me." He accused me of being xyz GaG user and kept saying, I'll post your name, because I know you. I just blocked him after he did post another users name. Ironically, the person he was accusing me of being later answered the question as herself.
    • txdiie_

      i feel like i don't really understand why people hate anons
      the trolls are annoying but the others are fine

      and i'm glad that guy learnt his lesson
      i hope he stopped bothering u... did he?

    • Anonymous

      I get it all the time with people like, I can't believe you because you're Anon or "all Anons" are trolls. Nope. Certain people just don't like to feed everyone their information, or like to go anon for more personal questions, or want to ironically avoid the trolls that do exist to annoy people. I have no clue what happened to the guy, but being Anon and him being blocked, there wasn't a way he could search me out because he wasn't actually trying to, his words, "expose me," at all... he was looking to out the other girl. More reasons to remain Anon, I guess.

  • Anonymous
    All worth the risk!!!
  • Anonymous
    Is you profile pic really you? If it is, take it down. That eliminates number 1.

    For number 2, message only those you can reasonably trust. Not random strangers.

    I do not give a toss who disagrees with me! That sorts number 3.

    Number 4 is solved by number 1.

    5 is unlikely to happen. If it does, unless the hacker is very clever, there will be traces left behind that will show you were hacked.

    6 is irrelevant. Maybe do an update so people know what you are asking.

    7 we give away so much on social media. Stay away from the worst one, which is FB!
    • Anonymous

      8 Just do not do it.

      9 Unless you have a distinctive style of writing, it is unlikely.

      10 Make sure you look good! If you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen... as they say!