Top GAG Related Fears


These are a couple of common GAG related fears...I will definitely try list as many as I can. And I hope you like another one of my MyTakes. This won't be exactly my GAG related fears...these are for everyone. Thanks for the support in previous MyTakes.

1. Anyone I know finding my GAG acc

Top GAG related fears

That would honestly be beyond humiliating. The news about my account on here would spread quicker than wildfire and afterwards I'd probably have to deactivate my account.

2. Your messages

Top GAG Related Fears

Maybe you've been messaging someone significantly older than you. Maybe it's someone significantly younger. Maybe the texts are dirty. Maybe they are embarrassing. Maybe your lying about something...either way if these messages get out...who knows what would happen?

3. Everyone disagreeing with your opinion

Top GAG Related Fears

The constant fear that no one will agree with your opinion. A whole bunch of people against you on here. And a whole bunch people fighting with you and saying nasty stuff.

4. Meeting someone from GAG in person...unintentionally

Top GAG Related Fears

This would probably just be fricking scary.

5. Getting hacked

This one also relates to 2, what if someone reads your messages? And what if someone pretends to be you on your account and send embarrassing questions. What if they harass people on your account...and all that hard work...GONE.

6. No one relating to your question

Top GAG Related Fears

What if you ask a question and no one knows what your talking about. What if people say that's not normal.

7. A stranger randomly knowing your personal information

Top GAG Related Fears

Do I need to explain this one? Wouldn't it be scary if a random online stranger just knew about your personal information.

8. Writing a question about someone and the person finds out

Top GAG Related Fears


9. Writing your opinion anonymously for a reason and people still find out it's you

Top GAG Related Fears

I mean if you had it anon for a reason and people still found out it was you would be awkward. And a lowkey fear.

10. Asking people to rate you or your outfit and you get the worst possible rating ever from more than half the people

Top GAG Related Fears

<3 :) I hope that you liked this MyTake. Obviously, we all have different GAG related fears. I might have not remembered all of them but I tried to remember and think of as many as possible. If I missed one of your GAG fears...tell me some of them. Also thank you all for the support and if you haven't seen the previous MyTake you might want to check it out :) <3



Top GAG Related Fears
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