New GAG Update: Tags According to Your Behavior!

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Are you a helpful GAGer or actually an Xper Hunter? It's time for our community to find out who you really are! We have integrated a brand new service in our platform; you will now be tagged according to your GAG behavior!

Sebabot will assess your behavior and assign the perfect label for you.

New GAG Update: Tags According to Your Behavior!

Are you being a smartass today? Or maybe a drama queen or king? Our new Artificial Intelligence, Sebabot, will examine the opinions you write and set a different tag for you every time you share a post!

Now everyone's true self will be revealed!

New GAG Update: Tags According to Your Behavior!

On your posts, you will see the tag specified for you according to the opinion you wrote next to your username. What's more, you can see the labels of all the other GAG members too and share opinions and comments according to their label to keep the entertainment going!

We hope you all enjoy your new "behavior labels" on GAG! 😉

***Happy April Fools' Day! As many of you already figured out, this was just a joke. We had a great time reading all of your reactions and we hope you had fun with it too!***

:D :D :D

New GAG Update: Tags According to Your Behavior!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    It's awful. I dislike it, because the tags don't fit the comments. They are way off .

    I have just answered a question with an honest and sincere answer. I took the time to write it , and i was very thoughtful with my answer , but next to my name it states" xperhunter" which is totally false and inaccurate. I never post just for xper points. My comment did not warrant being accused of being an xperhunter

    It is putting genuine users in a bad light. It will just cause distrust and negativity amongst each other on here. It's quite offensive really. It 's putting genuine users in the same category as not so genuine users
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    • Anonymous

      This comment now states catfish , it was "GaG famous" and VIP after i posted it. It is keeping changing all the time.

    • Kkaos

      It's an April's fools thing, it just randomly cycles through different tags. I don't think you should worry about it, everyone has it. I'm sure it will be gone soon enough.

    • Anonymous


      Hahah i forgot it was April the 1st lol Thanks for pointing that out. I will stop moaning about it now haha

Most Helpful Guy

  • Being_a_good_Indian
    *"We hope you all enjoy your new "behavior labels" on GAG! "*

    April Fools' Day is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools.

    I hope it's for one day.
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    • *"Now everyone's true self will be revealed!"*

      Anonymous access is the most common web site access control method.

      Reveal All the Anonymous Mode Users. 😉 😂

      Keep the entertainment going!

    • Thanks for Selecting my opinion as Most Helpful Opinion.

      *"Now everyone's true self will be revealed!"*

      Thank God it was April Fool Day Prank. No need to label anyone or reveal anyone according to their behaviour. We are enjoying G@G. 😊

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Ephemera1
    I know this is an April Fool's prank but I seriously think this should be a feature. Would be kind of cool to select a list of titles and have it showcase under our username.
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  • JimRSmith
    Very good, lol - had me for a minute.

    And then I checked and saw that a few of our fishy friends had titles like Joker, and realised...
  • CHARismatic110
    I had a Heartbreaker tag lol. So not true! I don't break hearts, I mend them 😇😊❤
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  • Izumiblu
    April fools...
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  • CarpetDenim
    Very interesting
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  • splashofyellow
    I kinda wish this wasn't April fools prank. 😂
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  • Máiiréad
    Oh my god this is hilarious, I love it!
  • RedRobin
    I like the labels
  • bubble_tea
    Nice gag
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  • Sangita93
    This is a good idea. I welcome it, and I will be happy for this new thing here. Many GAGers are talking dirty or just answering anything. this will perhaps stop unhealthy minds from answering or participating, but quality of questions and answers or Takes will definitely improve. It will really helpful to select person based on his or her tags instead of his or her xper level or points.
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  • FinalVow
    some of the labels seem to be based on societal rules which is rather saddening. put any advice that is for a woman and it is rather detailed and apparently you are a catfish... guess that is my punishment for trying to give decent advice I get labeled as a catfish because apparently I must be a woman to know anything about the topic lol.
  • JesseEllyson
    I suspect this one has an ulterior motive. It looks like fun and games but there might be a deeper purpose. For the protection of the site and its users I would bet that, as this platform works out its kinks and becomes more polished, it will start tagging some people as predators. You know, the guys my age who only comment on things posted by kids. If that happens, pay attention to who gets those labels. I doubt they'll be members here very long.
  • shephardjhon
    would you mind sharing the algorithm? Not necessarily the whole thing but the basic details. Is it just classification using lots of human tagged data and a LSTM model? I haven't done text data in a while but I remember bag-of-words was used previously and now that is useless since wordvec.
  • Astria
    Now you got me worried. NSA? CIA? This is too real to be funny -_-

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    • Pyrofox

      Its the TIA, The Tag Intelligence Agency's bot for giving GaG users titles. (NOTE: This is a joke and I am sarcastic.)

    • Astria

      @Pyrofox Hahaha

  • MrMysteryMan
    Big Brother GAG is watching you...
  • MysteriousDarkness
    This has got to be a joke. I said Rick and Morty was my favorite adult cartoon and got tagged a trouble maker. I then made a comment about an episode of the animated show Rick and Morty then got tagged a catfish.
    I was also tagged a smartass because I said I do not like people smoking cigarettes, hookahs, cigars or pipes around me. I do not like people using chewing tobacco around me either.
  • MrCasanova
    How would I have a behavior? Especially, when I'm trying to make my life better. I get crappy answers on here, today; I read on my board that GAG site is being shut down, no seriously BBB Report is going to the Net Neutrality board, FCC and other Internet board members, they are shutting down sites that abuse misunderstood users who have been treated like criminals, (e. i. GAG, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube), they said tat this is the last straw and they will not take it anymore!
  • AlphaStyles
    Every time I refresh it changes from Gag, addict, Nerd, xper hunter to Drama king

    Am sure this is an Aprils fool joke
    You got me GAGNew GAG Update: Tags According to Your Behavior!
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    Everytime i refresh my profile page the tag changes.
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    • Right. April fools.

      But seriously, this should be an actual feature, i like it.

    • ANNND right before you mentioned April fools' I remembered it.
      Yep, the models aren't that accurate yet. They can identify individual sentiments but not really the whole overall behavior of the user. Twitter has been running sentiment analysis for a LONG time. Facebook did an experiment where they removed either 90% positive or 90% negative posts from newsfeed to see what kind of posts users would make in reaction. This was in 2014.

    • Red_Arrow

      And now we see that you are a "catfish". The truth is finally out!

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  • omgjassy
    I guess we all have a dissociative identity disorder then since the labels change so fast
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