You Voted, We Listened: New Topics on GAG!

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You Voted, We Listened: New Topics on GAG!

Hey GAGers!

A few days ago, we posted a poll question asking you, our community, what new topics you would like to see on GirlsAskGuys. The results were overwhelming! Our question got a total of 1,345 poll votes and 204 opinions (so far) telling us what topics we should add. Because of how many votes there were and how close those results were, we decided to add TWO new topics. So based on your feedback, we have added:

1. Technology & Internet

You Voted, We Listened: New Topics on GAG!

2. Religion & Spirituality

You Voted, We Listened: New Topics on GAG!

We also decided to update an existing topic. We changed Society & Culture to Society & Politics to better reflect the type of content that can go there.

For those of you who voted for other topics or named a different topic in your opinion, don't worry! We will be keeping all of your suggestions in mind so you may see your preferred topic in the future! In the meantime, feel free to start posting your awesome questions and myTakes in our new topics! :)

You Voted, We Listened: New Topics on GAG!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • luvstoned4him

    I couldnt decide between Religion and Technology and was secretly hoping you placed both. So thanks again :) :)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • cheapshotbob
    very cool change up i like this.
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  • Thisperson98
    @gagTake the site keeps getting updated, but when will the multiple security bugs going to be fixed?
  • YourFutureEx
    Some (a lot of) people don't like 'politics', they want to block it, but the topic 'society' is too vast to be blocked. Introduction of politics and merging this with society is not going to help such people.
    Religion? Ok nice. Technology and Internet? I don't see this topic getting a lot of questions. Or meaningful questions at least. (Even though I have a passion for this.
    I'll still be waiting for 'sports'. There're no such topic in which we'd talk about this. And no, 'entertainment and arts' is totally different.

    But hey, it's good that you're trying to make the things better :)
    • Completely agree!

    • @danyalovettie44 thanks for the support :)

    • You said the truth! I was basically thinking what you just said after I read the new topics! haha

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  • WhereAmI
    I'll wait for the next poll to vote for "Does alien life exist?".
  • Robin48
    Do not have politics and society together. It just does not mix very well.

    Society & Culter is better. They overlap each other in a better way.

  • menina
    I was hoping that more people would choose the same topic I did. But I still want to see it in the future.
    Technology and Internet sounds like an interesting topic. And I guess people will post a lot of questions and answers. It will be a popular topic.
    Although I've seen tons of questions about religion, I sense that it will cause some arguments.
  • nightwing66
    i say both. the reason why. let's technology. before the internet people were of what is coming of new century. the technology will conquer anything, fro your job, your families, and your religion. here one question to everyone. if you have to pick of both of them. i will pick none of them. if you go to church. when you at church. and, look at any female that attended. here is question: if you ask them which she pick technology or religion? they pick religion. they're lying to you. because, they believe in religion they do not use the internet. some of the women and girls they use for their homework. if they do not use it. that is a lie. because, i speak to some the women from other country. they want me pay the internet services and they are a religion person. i told them that you feel so embarrass to ask for money. also, tell them, you're a religion person. you do not have any respect. and, they left. i will pick both of them. i am not bad mouth anyone religion. its up you if the person of not using the because of the religion. and if they can not use the internet, some women that met online, they say they are religion. but, they drink liquor. that is false.
  • HeckYeah
    Thanks, I already blocked the religious one. The other one seems interesting and can be helpful.
    • Hidden_P

      Quite disappointed people downvoted this.

      Surely you Christians, Muslims, etc should be happy the people who don't share your views, or any views, aren't influencing your decision?

      *high fives self for not saying bible badgers and terroists* oh wait...

    • HeckYeah

      @Hidden_P They're just being crybabies

    • Hidden_P

      It annoys me - athetists or agnostics are pretty accepting that others have views, but religious people go mental if you don't believe what they do. I mean, a virgin woman who was "impregnated by god" - nowadays she would be on Jeremy Kyle being called (rightly so) a bullshitting cheater.

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  • DiegoO
    -_-, a topic about ravelling would be better. In Religion and Spirituality there will only be atheist vs believers.
  • Iron_Man
    Glad to see the religious ones in there I voted for it although it should be number one
    • Meh that's the dumbest topic they could have added. Politics and religion are generally the 2 worst topics to moderate on any site (most simply ban it all together if they care about the trolls, flaming, etc) , very labor intensive.

    • Iron_Man

      I disagree it's all about spreading the Lord Jesus Christ word witnessing to people and you can do it real well on the internet and in person. @SunnyCaliGirl isn't that right?

    • Yeah for the gullible that eats that horse shit if it's served to them on a silver platter that's shiny enough. Luckily a growing number (ie France is 40% atheist, probably far higher in China if reliable data were available) are seeing religion for what it is thanks to that internet you mentioned: a manipulative adult version of a fairy tale/bedtime story telling people what they want to hear even though it's not true. Most of the remaining believers only see god as a convenient scapegoat, since it's easier to blame that than themselves or just bad luck (the most likely reasons) for life's problems.

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  • TheDevilInside
    No, gag, I want to unsubscribe to politics ONLY, not society. I'm still interested in society. So no, you didn't listen. Don't pretend like you did
  • CrystalChild
    My only worry is that these topics are sensitive and I can see even more contention by explicitly asking or ragging on these topics
  • XuR_CXV_115
    Man :/ the religious one is gonna cause soooo many arguments
    • I know, hope hiring an army of mods still makes it worth it, especially considering when advertisers realize the majority are using Adblock and not seeing the garbage they are pushing.

    • Ah the hell with the arguments

  • Jemini_Crocket
    I still hope that you will one day add Politics too. I think that Religion & Spirituality is a risky topic. The first topic (Technology & Internet) is a usual one and is everywhere.
  • LoveHorses
    Why not just make politics as it own catalog? Also, a traveling topic would be cool.

    Technology & Internet sounds cool and I agree with that one
    • Robin48

      Politics need to be by itself.

  • Cinder301
    I maybe wrong but weren't those two there already? I don't really care for either, but that's just me.
  • dudeinohio
    You should REQUIRE political topics to go to society and politics and allow us to report questions that ate in other groups, so we don't have to see all the political questions.
  • DaniaMQ
    Nice topics! :) hope next time you guys get to add "Traveling" its interesting and probably lots of us are curious about it
  • BeeNee
    Awe Democracy, there you are old friend. I'm glad GaG turned out in record numbers to vote for the new topics. Should be interesting.
  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    Yes! Thank you, these two new topics will be great :)
  • AriadneSky

    A lot of questions are about how to problem solve, handle other people, but they show up as part of dating or flirting or relationship situations, but you are not necessarily IN a relationship with the person you are trying to understand or if its about yourself you are not in a relationship with yourself. and you are not asking about boy or girl or trying to he a gender debate , rather taking a look at human behavior in many situations. Also some people are just interested in psychology. What affects people motivates them angers them pleases them makes them tick.

    When i go to ask a question about a persons behavior or my own, i never know what category to put it in bc its not about a relationship or a friend if i 'like' them nor do i want to bias people by making it about gender. It would be very helpful if there was a category that dealt with Emotional intelligence.
  • AmericanDude
    Only agree with Technology & Internet out of the two. It will be more useful to people.
  • deraz24
    Yea the news category turned into politics so its goid it can go somewhere else
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Apparently you don't listen well considering neither of those are traveling or sports...
  • NaughtySarah
    I voted for Travel, but I like the Technology & Internet as well
  • lord_chilled
    Why dont you make one regarding booty?
    Booty is love. Booty is life..
    • Brah63926

      Feet > ass

    • @Brah63926
      Booty>>>>>> face>hair>>boobs>tummy>>>feet

    • Brah63926

      Feet > armpits > ass > tits

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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Gag doesn't care what we want, the shoved politics into another category when everyone wants it to be separate that we can avoid it.
  • OpalLi
    technology is a great theme but i wish u had languages thee too
  • iamdesperate
    Cultural aspect and religious teaching on sex with intellectual criticism to it.
  • pooper89
    Fuck religion. Religion is an archaic concept. People should not be talking about or be religious in 2017. Get rid of that topic
  • TheWombRaider
    Damn didn't vote for either 1.. WHAT NO SPORTS WTF...
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you :) Very well MyTake and thanks for the new topics on GAG!!!
  • Maxemeister
    I would say BS but people ask about these things a lot. So, I won't blame GAG website, just some people who wanted this for some odd reason
  • ghool
    add technology and languages for new tips ans code snipplets
    • Good answer dude. We live in a global world today. AND the internet opens the entire world and all the different cultures right into our homes. I'm a North American born teenager living in the southern hemisphere. South America, Ecuador to b specific. Language and Culture would b an EXCELLENT topic !!!

  • Ramiro1992
    The eternal question, How to stop feminism? xD
    • The same way you stop misogynistic males. You can't. You deal with it

    • Ramiro1992

      @TheDevilInside how am I a misogynistic male? for being against feminism? that's a very stupid way of reasoning, I love women that's why I am against feminism, that movement wants to divide us by our genders, I want people to love each other and be equal, being anti feminist doesn't make me misogynistic, a girl who is anti misogynist not always is a feminist

    • LadyTerror

      She never called you a misogynist. Learn to read

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  • Tdieseler
    Im gonna be all over the technology aspect :)
  • coachTanthony
    Nice job GAG!
  • CT_CD
    I voted for sports
    • Sports suck, nobody likes sports

    • @Warmapplecrumble I don't understand?

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  • SheDevilxx
    Thanks guys <3 Love those topics soo much
  • MakingMeHiiiigh
    Fucking religion HAHAHA
    • AskNaz

      Mmm okay. Based off your profile, figures you'd make a comment like that.

  • lime_rampljuset
    should have added others too
  • soulbabe
    Cool beans
  • RainbowFanGirl
    Still waiting for that Animal topic, gag.
  • daremetwo
    Odd I must have missed the poll.
  • lumberman9
    These are good additions to GAG's topics
  • disgustingweebtrash
  • adamski24
    good show gang
  • art84
    Technology section sounds great.
    ok changes
  • cupidkisses
  • TheFlak38
    Good changes.