Things About G@G Users That Irritate Me

Things About G@G Users That Irritate Me

I’m not going to give a very long introduction to this. However, I have been around G@G for a little while, and here are some things I’ve noticed across the forum. I’ve noticed these things from all age groups, both genders, and any topic.

1. Good arguments are hard to find

G@G is a forum where people are able to ask questions and search for possible solutions.

However, when it comes to things that are debatable, most G@G users are not that good at formulating a claim that can be well supported. Opinions are fine, but they hold no weight if you cannot support your claim. Oh, and following up your opinion with the phrase ‘it’s my opinion’ is not a support. That phrase pretty much emphasizes to me, at least, that you do not have a good argument. Opinions are neither right nor wrong, which is why it’s considered argumentative rather than expository. If you have no evidence to support your claim then your claim is really irrelevant. Very rarely does personal experience support an opinion, too, as personal experience isn’t relevant to the population as a whole.

From what I have read, this seems to be more of an issue with the women of G@G. They don’t really cite any evidence to their claims and go based on emotion and personal experience. This is a sure fire way to ‘lose’ your argument.

2. People respond to questions without reading the details

This has happened to several questions that I’ve posed and questions to which I have responded. I don’t understand how anyone can think they can formulate an informed opinion without reading the actual details. If you are not going to read the question, then you shouldn’t respond.

Now, I think this is more of an age thing. I have personally noticed that people in their 30’s and older actually take more time to read the details than anyone else. The people most guilty of responding without reading all the details seem to be those in their 20’s.

3. People respond but don't actually answer the question.

Things About G@G Users That Irritate Me

This is very frustrating, and every group is guilty of this. No one does it more than another group. But let's say, for instance, someone asks the question, "What's a college major that will get me a job with a lot of pay?" If your response is, "College is too expensive", then you didn't answer the question.

What's sadder is that a lot of people when told that their response doesn't answer the question then get defensive and try to argue that their response did answer the question when it clearly did not.

4. Too many users think their opinions are fact

There’s really nothing to explain here. Facts and opinions are different. Don’t put so much weight behind your own opinion, especially if you are someone who is guilty of number one on this list. You’ll just look like an idiot.

Again, this is another age difference I’ve noticed. The older users seem to have this idea that their opinions are facts when they are not. It’s difficult to have a conversation with someone who has no intention of listening to your opinion and presentation of facts. It doesn’t make sense to listen to someone who is not going to offer you the same courtesy.

5. Condescension and egos are aplenty

Things About G@G Users That Irritate Me

Truthfully, I’ve noticed this mostly from males in two areas: Politics and Dating. The women on here do it, too, to an extent. However, there’s something about the male ego that’s making it run like an incessant disease across these forums. Trying to have a conversation with a lot of males on here concerning politics and dating is almost impossible because their egos won’t allow them to believe that they may actually be wrong. This is especially true when they are speaking with female users.

6. “Not all of us are like that!”

Why is this everyone’s favorite response to a statement on here? Again, this seems to be more of a male response, but women do it, too. Say a woman says, “A lot of men will have sex with a woman and then ghost her for no reason.” This is then usually followed by some male user saying, “Well, not all of us are like that!!”

Um, duh.

Did she SAY that all men were? No. She distinctly used the phrase ‘a lot’. Even if she didn’t specify between ‘a lot’ and ‘all’, do you really believe she meant quite literally every male in existence? No, you didn’t. You just want to be an ass. If that’s your only response to someone’s opinion, then your response really isn’t needed, and it’s pretty useless.

That’s all. Have a good day.

Things About G@G Users That Irritate Me
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  • MzAsh

    I’m glad someone out there has a shred of critical thinking towards this community.

    Also, what’s up with the overwhelming number of users with terrible grammar and punctuation?

    I mean I make the occasional typo but I’ve noticed so many people whose comments I have to struggle through their giant wall of run on sentences.

    • True but let's not forget that G@G's an international site, so there are a lot of non-native English speakers here..

    • MzAsh

      I guess I didn’t realize that thank you

  • Crystal28

    I agree. I absolutely fucking hate when someone replies with “I don’t know” or something sarcastic or tries to mock your situation when you’re clearly looking for answers etc.

Most Helpful Guys

  • JDavid25

    Let's not forget how you can't actually debate anybody without them gettin upset, cussin you out and then blockin you or deletin comments.. I've mainly dealt with this from females, but males do it too... Also for the last one, a lot of those types of questions do say "All".. But yeah.. 8)..

  • Joker_

    Interesting myTake

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  • Izumiblu

    Didn’t really read all your post but guys should pay for the first dates

  • TadCurious

    Yes! Thank you for boldly and anonymously confirming that "opinions are fine" on an opinion site! But from now on when I answer "What is your favorite ice cream?" I will endeavor to provide supporting evidence because, as you say, "Very rarely does personal experience support an opinion." Who knew?

  • FroztyDaHoMan

    People in general are all know it alls and all they know is nonsense something some idiot taught them about the world in college yet they have no idea what is really going on in the world and this site is full of those kinds of people. It sure is about ego and pride and when you tell the truth they don't like to know that their world view is shattered.

    • Anonymous

      This is actually very true. I went to college myself, and I'm surprised how many people I graduated with who think they know everything just because they have a degree.

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    • Anonymous

      They do. I'm very intelligent. I actually got an A in a class where I only went twice where as my friend went every day it was in session, and she got a C+. I didn't even buy the book.
      I just used common sense. A lot of college is really common sense.

    • The whole world is a lie in many ways they just want people's money that is what it is all about getting stuck in a student loan then they own you your entire life trying to pay them back

  • IlyaTheImpaler

    I think this site is a QA site on subjective, opinion based topics. Users are encouraged to give their opinions and are also given the right to delete any response under their posts, this means lengthy discussions under each opinion are actually not encouraged 😂. The character limit on each opinion vs on the comments under them should be a hint. If you see someone write something you don't like, you can ask new questions and write new Take about that topic, not engaging in an argument with them (of course you can do so, but the site design simply does not facilitate such confrontation). What you're doing right now, writing this Take, is what the creator intended, and it improves site traffic, nobody reads chains of back and forth arguments 2k words each buried 10 posts deep under someone's opinion.

    From what I have seen, when people disagree about science or math, arguing can lead to new understandings, even if it's a subjective aspect of math (like ZFC vs intuitionism). But when people disagree about dating or politics, arguing usually leads to annoyance, insults, blocking and deleting etc. You can go to PM, I think you are more likely to find arguments the type you look for in PMs, I believe people are less hostile in PMs. Of course I haven't mentioned the abuse of statistics (people citing statistics completely unaware that the data is objective but their conclusion is biased) or physics (people think entanglement of particles point to supernatural phenomena, or various other pop sci nonsense). Usually I only get triggered when people abuse physics.

    I usually don't give serious answers. (I think Deathraider was the only user who consistently asked questions that made me put some effort into my answers). Let's hope I haven't irritated you 😂 If you are curious, here are the rules for posting I would enforce if I were to create a discussion forum on any topic:

    1. Aim to explain, not persuade.
    Write your true reasons for believing something, not what you think is most likely to persuade others. Try to offer concrete models, make predictions, and please, do write down what observations, events would change your mind (consistently failing to do this will result in an IP ban).

    2. Present your own perspective.
    Make personal statements instead of statements that try to represent a group consensus (“I think X is wrong” vs. “X is generally frowned upon”). Avoid stereotypical arguments that will cause others to round you off to someone else they’ve encountered before. Tell people how you think about a topic, instead of repeating someone else’s arguments (e. g. “But Nick Bostrom says…”).

    3. Get curious
    If I disagree with someone, what might they be thinking; what are the moving parts of their beliefs? What model do I think they are running? Ask yourself - what about this topic do I not understand? What evidence could I get, or what evidence do I already have?

    As the Archon of Justice I would of course delete any post that I deem a violation of the above rules :))

  • ISarithI

    here's a tip stop writing essays when asking a question must of us don't want to spend the whole year reading a fucking question...

    • Anonymous

      Here’s another tip: Don’t respond to a question if you are too lazy or are incapable of reading 2,000 characters.

    • vvalerie


    • Rtfol

  • Nachowedgie

    I would like to point out in reference to your last point that a lot of questions are worded as "Why are/do all guys/girls" and whatever the situation may be, this is where you'll mostly find the "Not all of us are like that" comments

  • vvalerie

    men in the comments are making me laugh lmao. wbk they are trash.

    • Chthou95

      Should all males get castrated?

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    • vvalerie

      they make generalizations but they obviously don’t mean that everyone is like that like if you think about it, it’s logic. When i call a particular group “dumb”, it doesn’t mean i’m referring to everyone in the group. Your the one who overreacted with my comment. Also, there was a guy who replied but probably deleted his reply.

    • vvalerie

      or I don't know, i just can’t see his reply.

  • ZeussLightningBolt

    Huh? What? I didn't read the question.
    Anyways, how are you, baby?

  • stuntbrain

    Seeing an impressive take be ruined by anonymous posting is a shame

  • vanessa_reigns

    People always judge and tell you what you shouldn’t have done other than helping you or answering your Questions or just keep Quit

  • CandacePerry

    You forgot about the learning disabilities user that are on g@g.

  • needadvice1245

    Didn't read it all but I can see your very Intelligent and passionate about gag

    • Lmao they said "people who tend to respond without reading all the details tend to be in their 20s" and you just proved them right 😂😂

    • themomo84


    • molonski2

      Yes , I noticed … Now was that deliberate? " Didn't read it all "

  • Chthou95

    Yeah especially the answers you get that aren't related to the question. That annoys me the most

  • laeryn1029

    My favorite mytake

  • Punithaverma

    People resort to personal insults

  • Good take

  • Anonymous

    Another thing that annoys me and happens mostly in sexuality questions is when people answer with "I'm a virgin" or "Sex is for after marriage".
    Ok, so you came to answer a question about let's say a sex position, with "I'm a virgin"? Why bother on first place? It obviously isn't directed at you. So just ignore it and scroll on, or change the topics you search for.

  • Anonymous

    Then leave and stop writing essays

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe use more than just two of brain cells God gave you and give intelligent responses.

      You're probably one of those people that responds to questions without actually reading them lol

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe if you have an opinion stop going anonymous
      . you must be lacking brain cells yourself sense you hate gag yet still here

    • Anonymous

      You went anonymous, too. And you're on my ESSAY by the way haha. If you don't like essays then why are you even here?

      Your argument lacks logic and thus makes you and your opinion irrelevant. Have a good day boo.

  • Anonymous

    You have been here long enough to know that gag is not a friendly place.