A Petition To Overhaul the Blocking System

Who's got issues with the blocking system? I definitely do.

Problem 1: Someone posts an anon comment on your own q. Before you have a chance to reply to it, they block you. Now you are blocked from replying on your own topic!

Problem 2: There is no capability to block offensive anon users on someone else's q, on both mobile and desktop. FAQ: "If you want to block an Anonymous user, just click (or tap, for mobile) where it says "Anonymous" on the post and click "Yes" to Block. They will no longer be able to interact with you anonymously on that post and all future posts. This is untrue.

Problem 3: As @Clo917 says, "[I wish] we could hide content by certain users. Like when a user blocks you, you can still see their content and they can see yours. If I can't answer, why do I have to see their questions at all?" FAQ: "If you do not want to see blocked users activity, you can go to your profile settings and check the box that says, "Hide activity from users I blocked" and then click save. This will hide the users activity from your Live Feed as well as the recent questions page, poll page, popular questions page, and myTakes page. You will still see their opinions or replies on individual question pages though." Why?

Problem 4: You don't know someone has blocked you, and is preventing you from making a comment on their question or comment, until you actually hit 'Submit' and by that time, you could hae already wasted time composing something. There should be a visual indicator showing you that you have been blocked.

Problem 5: There is no specification whether it is you or the other person who has blocked. Often, people block in retaliation, so it may have started with you, but then maybe you choose to unblock them later, and now you still cannot communicate with them because now they have blocked you. That is your prerogative, but we need to be able to know which of the two scenarios has occurred.

What else am I missing/forgetting to mention? Feel free to add...

A Petition To Overhaul the Blocking System
A Petition To Overhaul the Blocking System
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