Baby come back? Miss someone? Want to publicly apologize to someone who blocked you?

Okay, so here's my next idea. This song popped into my head, and I thought, 'I could make a question out of that.'

I read a very heartfelt apology by anon user, which was about a terrible crime he committed over a decade ago. It was very sad, really terrible, what he did, but he's going to make amends for it now. And it got me thinking.

Then I got a pm from a friend here who's decided to leave, which makes me sad. Another good one bites the dust. I'm not going to convince anyone to stay, it's their choice, but it is very applicable to the things I write about (disagreements, confrontation, conflict, blocking, etc.) I think this place, just like the internet, is a pretty fragile organism. It only seems like it isn't because of the constant influx of new people, but it doesn't as often take into account who's left. I'm not sure if I should go so far as to say it lives and breathes, but it may very well have a heartbeat (metaphorically, of course), and seems to me that it is the most kind, most sensitive, and the ones who care about humanity the most, that are the most likely to become disillusioned with the harsh realities. There is definitely a lack of compassion at times.

As well, I had a kind of stilted, long pm session with someone recently, and I admit I eventually reacted too abruptly, too confrontationally, to what I perceived as bluntness and impatience, etc. Anyway, long story short, we both made some mistakes, and after he blocked me, a fellow friend acted as go-between and helped to patch things up between us (I did not intend to block and wanted to continue the relationship.) This is another telling example of why I am now against blocking. It shuts down all contact, all potential communication, and can therefore never result in resolution. There are definitely many (many?) times where blocking is warranted and you know 'there ain't no blood in that stone', so to speak. It's a dead fish. (I know, it's 'dead in the water.') Move on. I'll say it again - not everyone is equal and some people are pretty awful human beings. But I'm referring to the much more grey, nuanced, complex situations, where one or more people was offensive, one or more was hurt, and they really do take a hefty amount of self-control and self-reflection to decipher why, and what, in fact, really happened. (Btw, he and I are much better now and I am genuinely happy to know him. He's a good guy. Again, we all need to cut each other some slack when we, inevitably, or intermittently falter. Me included.)

So this question (I had to make it a mytake due to character count. How can this be 3377 characters?! I do run on too much sometimes, but these words here are important)... is up for you to extend that olive branch to someone who blocked you, and you would like to apologize, or just say a few words, that they might perhaps see, and you too, can find some resolution and make amends. Conflict, conflict, conflict. We need to become better at it.

Also, if you like, you can list a user(s) who you miss, who left the site because they were one of the others I mentioned, one of the good ones, and you thought they were a great contributor to the site.

'Baby Come Back' by Player
Player is an American rock band that made their mark during the late 1970s. This is obviously a contemporary video, not related.

This is a decent cover. Not really my style either, but a bit more soulful.

Baby come back? Miss someone? Want to publicly apologize to someone who blocked you?
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