Age and it's impact on GirlsAskGuys

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

Recently I posted this question.

Are there age restrictions on girls ask guys or is girls ask guys for every age group?

This seemed to have people talking about younger ages before 18 talking with adults. But I was referencing another area of the topic even though that one is an important conversation too.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

My thoughts specifically involved the idea that younger people have more entitlement and more of a right to be on girls ask guys then older people do.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys
Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

I have seen a sea of many different ages and many different people with varying opinions. I sense that it's ok for those above 18 and those below 30 to answer and ask any questions they like. They are the entitled population. Past that, its like a 30 year old or older walking around a high school.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

The idea is it still happens but the feel is. "You don't belong here past 30 but we will allow it. You don't have any rights or privilege's, it's only based on the content we believe you should be posting and the questions you should be asking past 30. "

A fantastic example of this is assuming anyone over age 30 posting sexual things is dirty and disgusting.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys
Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

I post those magazines because I do wonder. How old do you think Maxim writers are? Do you think they only hire men in their 20's? They are paid to put articles like that together as well. They have all the time in the world to write them and are not concerned with having too much time on their hands, it is the time they need because it is their job.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

Another thing, older people still have sex... and they have experience! I would personally rather talk to a 50 year old man about how to pleasure a woman over an 18 year old, simply because he has experience.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

For me, it's all about taking notes. If I talk to someone on girls ask guys in their 60's talking about their sexual opinions or experience, I don't call them dirty, I value that because I will be their shoes pretty soon myself.

Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys
Age and its impact on GirlsAskGuys

Overall, I think there is a place for everyone here. I don't intend to say that younger people are any less valuable than old people on here. I know a number of profiles that are under 18 that are pretty smart people. But my overall goal here is to highlight the fact that any age on girls ask guys is valuable and important. No question should be avoided simply because they are too old to answer it. It's important to be mindful of ages on profiles but it's also important to not let ages define profiles either.

Age and it's impact on GirlsAskGuys
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  • PinkMichae
    Hmmm! I can't relate. I'm 44 years old and been on here for about 4 years.

    Sure I'll sometimes get the little aholes that call me old. But doesn't faze me.

    I've found more people liking my opinions than not. I think younger people and older people have a lot to offer.

    Us older people have more life experience and can offer advice a younger person may not have thought about.

    Younger people can teach us older people how the world is changing with the new generation and possibly more.

    If people are entitled I just ignore it.
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    • sparke328

      You're not old! Just experienced lol. Also thanks for all the advice— life is hard 😂😂😂

    • PinkMichae

      Awe! Thanks.😊

    • MrGrimsmith

      I may have a couple of years on you but I feel we have something to offer to the young ones. They can learn from our experiences, the things we screwed up six ways to Sunday. Here's hoping that by sharing our past mistakes we can help the younger ones make new and different mistakes rather than sticking with the tried and tested versions :P

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  • MzAsh
    I’m 35 and I don’t care if people don’t like it. They’ll have to make me leave kicking, screaming, and stark ass naked.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    "Past that, its like a 30 year old or older walking around a high school.". Those people are called teachers; without them, schools do not accomplish their objective.
  • Xoxocutekitty
    Younger people will always be more entitled because they have not experienced enough of "so called life" to humble themselves. When you are young, you are more strongly a byproduct of the societies (education and parents and young peers) that dictate how and what you should should do with YOUR life. We put some much emphasis on making your own decisions and then with a gradual shift, people start pairing off and making families and realizing there's more to life than what was mapped out. Young people are inexperienced, they are disadvantaged in that way. They are entitled because they are constantly being told they deserve more to maximize their youth and for the first time they are experiencing life's disappointments (and do not yet have the resiliency skills of a more seasoned adult). When you're young, you're experiencing that "you're on your own" mentality and it hurts because you haven't really built much with your life yet. In fact, just being with yourself and your shifting identity is quite existential. Young people often feel alone and don't have a history of "yeah, this is how I over came it and this is how I'll do it again."
    • Jjpayne

      This was very well thoughout and worthy of MHO, thank you

  • FlutteringFeelings
    Age doesn't come with wisdom only experience. I like to see the different thoughts of people from the youngest to the oldest and it's easier to communicate with some of the young ones because when it's just older people under one post there is a lot of ignorance. Versatility is needed just as I remembered when I first started GAG.
  • jojixlight
    I agree, age doesn't matter!! you can talk or seek advice from young or old people normally it's not a big deal. I really like to have friends of different ages because each one is seeing things in a different view from mine and that will help you to look at things in a different way and to be wise. So I really like that!
    I like to listen to all people and take their opinions without caring for their age.
  • MalcolmNZ
    Two way deal with the young getting to save themselves a lot of pain
    by unlearning from the experience of older people on here.

    The older folk on here get to learn how the younger generation view and
    feel about life, if things have changed from their day. Get new angles
    of viewpoint from younger folk.
    I'm blown away by the wisdom of some of the young folk on here.
  • Very nice job 👍 30 and above something really changed after that.
  • Asucela
    I hate age restrictions. I love the youngest and oldest people here.
  • Bhavin2184
    It just depends on situation some people give opinion based on experience and with proper explanation to help. Age has nothing to do give opinion here. What matter is proper answer to your question
  • najekim
    Well, I'm the age where I can dish out fatherly advise or opinions to some and grandfatherly advise or opinions to others. And you younger folks are a fantastic indication of how the world has change since I was your ages.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for such a wonderful MyTake, Very well written and great Quality and I do agree with you everyone no matter their age is a voice to be heard and not ignored 👍
  • Adam1978
    Personally I think the whole age thing is a fact that is a generalization, it doesn't really say anything of my experience in the topic. If your young then we can conclude that there is no chance that you have the personal experience, but you could have spent a lot time reflecting on the topic and still have a good answer. Especially after spending time talking to older people. Age do tell that we have grown up under certain cultural era and it usually affect how we view a topic. I think country is more relevant then age to be honest.
  • Dchrls78104
    I have misgivings about seeing under 18's on here, but only because too many of them talk or ask about sex and the reality is that this is not the place for them to have that kind of conversation because there are a lot of paedos and other deviants who would use sites like this one to try to get to the minors.
  • Mikeilito
    Your reachable to much into it if he’s to old for you don’t tease him split and tease those yiu want to fuck that’s all there is to it fuck what society says they don’t have to know so enjoy and enjoy again! Remember recycling Is recycling.
  • leahzrc
    i dont look at age unless it's someone 13 or 14 talking about sex because it's just weird to see
    • Dchrls78104

      I agree. Sex isn't something a minor needs to be talking about on the internet. Any such conversation is one that needs to be steered in a direction that is more constructive, positive, and upbuilding.

  • I-am-a-nobody
    These whippersnappers in their 30s with their newfangled ideas shouldn't even be here! Dagnabit! (Let me hit 'em with my cane.)

    But seriously,...
    I think there is not enough inter generational communication. Kids in school mostly interact with other people within just 3 years of their age. Teachers can often be seen as the adversary. There's a great need to communicate wisdom to the next generation.
    Having been insecure and lacking confidence, I have compassion on those who are going through the same in their journey. It breaks my heart to see people thinking they're too ugly because they are "too short" or have a few blemishes. I hope SOMEONE can benefit from my mistakes AND the things I did right.

    Malachi 4:6
    "He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse."
  • pajamasam
    I've never thought those over 30 don't belong, or thay my opinion is better than there's, that simply isn't true.

    I do feel that those under 18 should be allowed on G@G but they shouldn't be allowed in questions on sexuality, not because we want to hide that info from them, but because there are perverts on here.

    I know that people over 30 are still fully fledged humans with all the same desires and personality that they had when they were 25. They're life has changed and they have more experience but all in all they are people just like any 18-29 year old. Anyone should be allowed to ask and answer questions on G@G I just think there should be a few extra restrictions on those under 18.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Good post as far as it goes. The problem is, "How do we know how old anyone is on here, if they are really the gender claimed, or if it isn't just a few people posting under a dozens of accounts?"
  • Guanfei
    Young people tend to think that above 25, you're old and you're only allowed to do old people stuff like watching old movies, struggling with technology, work, and of course stay off the internet.
    Well to anyone thinking that, let me tell you: you can fuck off. Anyone has the right to be here, and if you're not fine with it, you can leave.
  • LMNOP123
    I think it’s really bizarre when I see minors on here.
  • Likes2drive
    Yeah most on here respect my opinions because I have been through a lot at my age and I’ve been here 6 years now
  • MannMitAntworten
    I have had three age related comments. Two were identical and clearly displayed how naive they are about generational break downs. I get the impression anyone over 25 is a “boomer” to the naive mind. It is strange to see a 20’year old call a 25 year old, “old”. I mean, we truly are a first world nation when we can sit around and blithely insult one another without a care in the world. Hence my indifference to essentially most the nuttiness found on the internet regardless of content provider’s “age”. After all, ridiculousness exists in every age demographic.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Yes i agree absolutely with your points, I don't have much sexual experience so I used to ask a few but they hardly ever got answered or I was trolled, anyways I was not much into that so I stopped, but the pink accounts here I see ask and get answered irrespective of age but I made my peace with it as nothing is going to change because they are in such a zone, also I found here underaged people intellectually more smarter in terms of knowledge and expression so I learned from them a lot there imagination thoughts perspective its all so different when we used to be kids that alone is enough to make me feel old 😂. But I am still a 20 year old in my thought process like I have the same enthusiasm and curiosity and also find older people than me so much knowledgeable and experienced love there opinions everyone has a place because human minds and their experience differ so much and there perception varies thats something to learn from all n all its good
  • NYCQuestions1976
    I'm a pillar in this community and morale for the masses.
  • Dargil
    Today, the Political Correctness narrative is acutely sensitive to "isms".
    *Racism, the definition of which has become so ambiguous that disagreeing with a person of another race's political views or disliking their music is "racism".
    *Sexism parallels Racism and adds the LGBT alphabet and gender naming like Latinx.
    And it seems there is a new invented "ism" every day, forming a new grievance group.
    It seems that the only unprotected group is White Men.. But that's not true.
    *Ageism/age discrimination is real and the un-old accept it as non-controversial as the Klan did regarding discrimination against "negroes" 100 years ago. "It's just the way things are." Seasoned citizens are dismissed because they don't look like fashion models. But they have a lot to tell us so we don't have to reinvent the wheel and they can warn is as we rely more and more on government to protect us. Because it wants us to be serfs.
  • Ianto
    I agree with your assessment that those under 30 are more entitled. 😆

    My viewpoint is that GaG exists with the expressed purpose of promoting inter gender understanding. Since I can assure you that age seems to bring little improvement in comprehension, GaG is just as relevant to us geriatrics as it is to you young whippersnappers.
    I do agree that there is an onus on us elders to be circumspect. I have at least once made a response that I regretted when I noticed, belatedly, that the querant was very young.

    I do think there is a case for highlighting the underaged members. It is easy to make a facetious response to a "dumb" question, but the really young do not deserve that.
  • mindNsoul
    Good Take
  • broken_heart_at_48
    What makes gag a site where 18 to 30 are the entitled ones. Is this in the bylaws of gag somewhere? Did the creator of gag create it with 18 to 30 year olds in mind or is it you feel that all of social media belongs to the 18 to 30 year olds because your generation has basically been the ones creating and the majoity using social media? I'm honestly interested in the reasoning behind this way of thinking and would like to hear your personal views and what you believe the majority of the 18 to 30 year olds opinions would be and what's behind the reasoning of this opinion
  • Cryptic-Game
    Yes. We all will age a lot over the years. Sadly, we will eventually die.
  • It’s just sugar babe getting old and sugar daddy also
  • Iron_Man
    You don't feel anyone past 30 doesn't belong here?
    • Iron_Man

      You are 36 but yet you are here every day. This is an adult site and I have been here for 9 years. Kids don't have the final word here and run this site, real Christian men do and younger people should come humble and listen to the experts on life people like me. What wisdom do teens and people in their 20s have? They need to listen to the experienced people of gag. Look at OlderAndWiser he has his head together and is a professional working man a lawyer.

  • Knuxx
    Great take and very insightful.
  • jimmy2
    You so right
  • ZombieP1ow
    You can't even buy ultra-porn until you're 50...
  • Anonymous
    Reminds me of the saying, "every generation things that they invented sex." lol!
  • Anonymous
    Im going to be the dissenting opinion here, but so be it :)

    I haven't had this feeling, to be honest. Not to the degree that you seem to be experiencing it anyway. Having said that...

    I don't think you can come to a site that is likely dominated by a younger crowd and expect to feel centered in that experience, in the same ways. There are far more older men here than older women, which I find pretty interesting. I don't think it's nice for people to be called disgusting, but it's also not really clear that this is specifically what is happening to make you feel that way. You could also be projecting insecurity and feeling uncomfortable by the fact that people tend to relate to people's experiences within their own age groups. For some people, talking to someone their grandparents' age about sex may be really uncomfortable for them or feel slightly odd. So I agree - no to negative attitudes about older people giving advice or talking about sex, what have you, but it's also useful to be in tune with culture and remember that when you were 20, you probably also were not talking to old people about sex. But society in general tends to praise youth, and I agree that this is a problem. I would disagree that a 60 year old has inherently better advice. We are from completely different generations, likely have different cultural contexts and views on relationships, etc. Many older people have great advice, but experience doesn't guarantee anything other than experience. And tbh, some older people are here because they don't have experience or very limited experience and may be struggling a lot. So age doesn't even necessarily mean the person giving advice has the wealth of experience one might expect.

    All this is to say that I see both sides, I don't think an older persons opinion is always more useful to someone multiple generations younger, I agree there's a place for everyone here, but I disagree with this attempt to make an 18 year old feel comfortable with certain interactions or to force relatability where it just be difficult to find.

    I won't lie, I would love to have a version of GaG that is more centered on my age group. I enjoy this site sometimes, but you can clearly see how much of the content can be geared toward a younger audience and many opinions reflect it. I'm thinking something like quora is probably the closest thing I can think of.
    • Anonymous

      May be difficult to find*

  • Anonymous
    Doesn’t “it’s” mean “it is” and it was used wrong?
    • With people posting on smartphones and tablets that have autocorrect, that type of error is common and is a result of the fact that most of us don't proofread before we submit. We feel comfortable doing that because the site has very few grammar Nazis.

      In my professional life, I am OCD about grammar, spelling, etc. In my written work product. However, on this site, I am interested in the ideas that people express, so I don't grade their grammar.

      Lighten up, Francis! 😄😄😄

  • Anonymous
    Older people, especially men have great opinions. I really find them helpful and experienced as you state.

    I feel most older woman here maybe (30-35 ) usually have depressed or negative attitudes. Also I think you won't find much old woman as much as men.

    When it comes to younger ages, lets first take guys.
    Guys under 20-22 usually don't have good / interesting questions or opinions (as far as I see). Otherwise, guys in ages 22-35 or probably till 40 are usually the most interesting ones to me.
    Most of guys are very direct in my opinion. I can't say its bad, partially good but I would say its kind of simple and the first mind thought; superficial. Maybe just because I am a guy myself I feel so, but I see guys with 'better' opinions, so I feel its fine saying so in my opinion. No offense at all to anyone, merely stating my thoughts.

    Girls have interesting opinions in diverse ages.
    There are certain girls with excellent opinions, mostly ages around 26-28.. but you still find around 20 or with nice opinions.

    This is from my own observation and opinion.
    It may be totally subjective and not accurate.

    You won't find older people here writing long opinions, usually short ones (maybe due to experience = wise, short, yet totally helpful and informative).

    I totally agree with @Bhavin2184, young or old, the way you pharse and explain totally depends how you view this place and personally deal with it.
    I like those who are there with young and mature souls, whatever their age in number was.

    In real life, as an quick example of 4 people I know, they are aged 56, 52, 46, and 40. Where they have the youngest souls I met.
    Especially that 46 yr-old person. Younger in soul than I am.. just depends how opinion is delivered and how others would receive it. Mature & thoughtful people always conquer anyway
  • Anonymous
    I totally agree. Thankfully when I turned old my penis simply fell off. Now I never have the urge. Heck I don't even pee anymore. It just dribbles down my leg like a skier on a fluffy mountain of golden snow. I like the way you think. Hopefully you can pass Covid 19 to your elders and get a Lexus or something nice. Cheers, you deserve it and thank you for allowing me on this inclusive website.