Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G


Think of this as an open letter to the G@G administration. I fully accept that the best case scenario is that they will ignore this. I also realize that they may very well modify my words or just remove it completely. That is how far this place has fallen from its former glory. Yes, I realize that I sound like an old man yelling at the kids for walking on my law, but what I have to say needs to be said.

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

Why do I think I am qualified to tell the administration how to fix this platform? Who I am is a member of this community, I and have been for a very long time. Some of you may know me from my previous account name of “Duckysback” or the one before that “Ismellducky” before those I had the account named “Treestar” yes, all three are references to the 1988 Don Bluth film The Land Before Time. What few of you know is that before those I had an account on here for several years where I was a rather prominent member of the community and an Uber moderator for quite some time. I have watched the platform go from an amazing resource for people looking for help with problems in their personal lives to receive advice from others.

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

I first came here when I was like 16, dealing with depression, coping with sexual assault, and recovering form anorexia. The community here helped me. They helped me realize that I wasn’t alone and that as real as my problems were, they didn’t have to control my life. The members here helped me come to terms with my own sexuality. They helped me realize that actually craving sexual satisfaction after… well, after what had happened, was okay. This is why I am so irritated by how far this place has fallen. It will always hold a special place in my heart, even if I am as disappointed in it as a mother with an incel son. This was a place where giving good advice was appreciated and rewarded, and giving bad advice or trolling was looked down on. The worst thing about this place back then was the “how do I look” section which was mostly self-conscious teens looking for validation. Even now that bar has been lowered so much they had to rent an excavator to finish the job, and the rest of the site followed.

It was also a time when the administrators would actually interact with the community, talk about upcoming features, run beta tests for features and ask for feedback. And from time to time bring on experts in their own field to answer questions, usually related to sex or relationships.

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

As I am sure most of you can see this place is now a pretty generic website or app (whichever you use) where people come to say shitty things to each other for their own personal amusement. And yes, I realize that I have become one of them. It is infested with pedophiles, bigots, spammers, catfish, and trolls. And rather than actual address the many problems the administration would rather spend their time making updates to move the “reply” button or expand the number of automatically selected, and completely pointless “Most helpful opinions.” Legitimate questions are so very rarely asked, because they are so very rarely answered in any meaningful way.

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

Most of the problem users on here can be summarized into a few simple categories

The perverts: usually (but not always) guys who either show pictures of their junk or start aggressively hitting on younger members.

The spammers: The people who try to advertise their business, this is typically women trying to sell pictures of their own (or someone else’s) body.

Repeat offenders: the people who keep asking the same fucking questions over and over and over again despite how many times their accounts are closed. The most obvious example of this is the guy who keeps posting pictures of a purse, shirt, shoes… or whatever and asking if it’s okay for a guy to wear. He typically has two or three separate accounts going at the same time. But there are others as well.

The assholes: The people who post things just to piss other users off, typically politically or racially motivated.

The anonymous troll: You know them, you hate them. They post all the damn time, and say nothing of any value to anyone

The catfish: typically a guy with a pink account asking overly sexual questions and posting overly sexual responses to every question they see.

The moderators: Most of the moderators on here I feel do honestly try to do what they can to promote a healthy environment. But they are held back by restrictions and have minimal feedback from the administration.

The administrators: As mentioned before, they used to be much more active on here. They would ask questions, give advice, and when I was a mod in those early days I had two separate administrators on private accounts keeping in regular contact with me about my duties as a mod. On my last account I was mad a moderator in less than a month by flagging a few dick picks and would repeatedly get automated messages from the administration about how I did something wrong without ever giving me any details about them, or allowing me to explain why I removed the post in question.

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

I seriously think that by implementing a few changes they can really revitalize this place and bring it back to, if not surpass its former glory.

First and foremost is to fix the Xper system. Many of you may not know that the system used to have a lot of value to it. Predominantly it was a way to reward people for giving good advice by allowing us to spend our points on things. But the only one anyone ever actually bought was the amazon gift card. Here is how to fix it:

How to earn them: Answering questions, asking questions, having your answer liked by the asker, having your answer liked by other members, watching sponsored ad videos. Being awarded MHO, maintaining a high MHO%

Why: This will help keep the Xper points value higher than it would be if the only thing to spend them on was the gift card while keeping anonymous troll posts lower and bring in even more revenue for the sponsors.

What to spend them on: Asking anonymous questions, making anonymous posts, having a post or question removed by a moderator, buying discounted products from sponsors, and yes, the fabled amazon gift card.

Why: This will help give value back to the Xper system, help promote healthy and helpful discussions here, and keep ad revenue up to keep the administrators happy.

That wouldn’t fix all the problems here of course but it would go a long way to helping. The next change that needs to happen is one that has been a problem since even before I came here. The pedophiles. It is astonishing to me that there has never been an effort to actually do anything about them. There isn’t even a way to flag or remove the comments of an adult blatantly sexually harassing a minor on here. First step, add the ability to report a post for “predatory behavior” and allow the moderators to remove such posts. Second step is to actually do something about those people. If they get reported (insert whatever you feel is an appropriate number here) times the account gets closed, no questions asked. If they send someone a dick pic in DMs close the account, if they post a dick pic anywhere at all, close the damn account. It is clearly stated in the site policy that this is a 13+ community, why is there any leniency at all for that behavior?

Another issue is the fact that banning accounts with your current system is clearly inadequate. You need to start doing IP bans, if someone makes multiple accounts to sexually harass children stop letting them back under a new name. If someone has already asked over 100 times if that same stupid leather purse will look good on a guy, stop letting them back on. If a 45 year old woman keeps making new accounts to repeatedly ask “do I look like I am 20?” and then yelling at everyone who tells her the truth, stop letting her come back. (not sure how many of you will even get that one, she hasn’t been back if a few months.)

And finally, dealing with the other problem members, I have already mentioned the perverts, repeat offenders, and anonymous trolls. The spammers would be mostly taken care of with IP bans, the assholes would me more willing to actually communicate if there was a reward involved. And the catfish, honestly don’t bother me. As long as all they are doing is pretending to be someone they aren’t but they aren’t in any of the other categories, I say let them do their thing. Most of them are pretty damn obvious anyways.

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

Okay, I am getting off my soap box now. I don’t know how many people are actually going to read this, but if you actually did I just want to say “What the hell are you doing reading this? I’m just expressing my own frustration with this bullshit anyways.”

Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G
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  • scotcheggs
    Ikrr, I agree with this.

    There's SOO many pedos/pedo-like behaviour on this platform. I've been on a lot of apps but G@G has the most pedo-ness on it. I think I've encountered more sexual related things because they have seen my account age (15 rn, but back on my old account when I was 14 there were more hitting me up and eventually quit cause of too many sexual messages/replies, no matter how many I blocked).

    I could turn off my PMs but ngl, I've found entertainment in trolling pedos by making up weirdass kinks such as pee drinking and telling them about it.

    The goddamn leather purse one and dick size questions kill my brain cells
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  • Agape93
    I completely agree!! If you want I can link this to an admin, see if they’ll actually do something. Hopefully we can bring this site out of the mud.
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    • That’s just it, I have no idea who any of the admins are now. They used to acutely communicate with us and now it’s just automated messages saying “hey add your opinion to this shit” or “hey remember that picture you posted 6 months ago with a dildo in it? Well despite the fact that it didn’t actually break any of the rules we took it down anyways.”

      I could have sworn @dangerDoge was one at one point but he doesn’t have the label on his profile now and hardly ever says anything at all these days.

    • Agape93

      I think Beenee is one still

      Yeah the only communication I got from them was them telling me not to link them to violations and to just report it. I had to remind them that I infact did, and this was a very bad post, like illegal level post, and that nothing has happened yet. That maybe they should do their jobs.

    • Yeah, they are pretty worthless.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • OlderAndWiser
    I have been on here 5 years and share many of your concerns. However, I'd be happy if they could ban the "is my dick big enough" questions. 😃😃😃
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    • That would be a very good start. But no, they have to add a new "supurb opinion" system instead.

    I read every word and all i can say is.
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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    I'll give an example I'll never forget of why so many don't give a shit here. The main question I think from admin themselves, front page, knowing SO MANY people here are single, was to "take a pic with their lover" or some stereotypical, boring, bs like that, offering to give away a gift card or something to the best one. To counter act this, I posted a picture of a potato, asking how many likes it could get.

    Well, turns out that potato got some of the highest likes of all posts for that page. Only one picture that won got the same amount of likes. Every other pic had at least 5 likes less. And yes, obviously I was trolling and really, I didn't care about getting the gift card, but wanted to inject some humor and make a point about how many singles there are on this site and how ignorant it was to shove couples material in front of so many literally trying to figure out relationships. Ofc, the admin didn't give a shit. They neither recognized mine or any of the many popular posts that made jokes about being single. Nope. Not regular enough for them and I guess way too much fun and humor for them to handle. So ofc, a few months later when i could have became a mod, I said, NOPE, not worth it. And I'm even trollier now than I was before, as I no longer am out to argue and fight with people, but to just poke fun, make some jokes, laugh a bit, as there is zero point taking seriously a site that thinks of itself as a god, but in reality, has dropped lower and lower in site rankings worldwide since 2012, and more than likely, continue to, until there is no money left and they either get bought out, merge with other sites, or die. I really think there be a bit of a "tech bubble pop" repeat along with whatever economic crash may happen, so now may be a good time for them to loosen up a bit and stop treating this site like Carrie Lamb treats Hong Kong. That goes for influencers and such here too like for fucks sake being an influencer here MEANS NOTHING and the points gained here are LITERALLY POINTLESS so GROW THE FUCK UP and take a joke once in a while por favor.
  • kespethdude
    Regarding anons: Don't disable it completely (I have seen plenty of legit uses), but don't allow them to block responses (one guy going anon pretending to be pink had posted hate speech AND disabled responses to his response to a thread I had just visited, that should NOT be allowed). If one is going to talk shit, they should be required to deal with the repercussions.
  • ADFSDF1996
    At the moment there are only two things I can think of that I would like to see implemented on here.

    • The ability to edit your own posts for typos or to add new information that you’ve discovered. Edits should be limited to 4-7 post edits per month.
    • restrict the anonymous feature to users who have a “Yoda” rank. That would be a great way to decrease the number of anonymous trolls.
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  • Redstang88
    Yeah, pretty much covers everything I've said to to the mods for a couple years now. Doubt anything is gonna change. It’s got the point where a solid half the feed is “repeat offenders” and another quarter is trolls and spammers

    I remember seeing you around as Ismellducky, but not before that. What was your old account?
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    I'm a pillar in this community and morale for the masses. With that said, the Anonymous feature needs to be limited to curtail shitposting. Like maybe something like one Anonymous question per day and four Anonymous responses per day. That should cut down on the abuse of the Anonymous feature.
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  • Browneye57
    The simple fact is that reality and facts can be very hard for some. Hell, for many that are on here. Entitled special little snowflakes that are just sure they have it all figured out.
    It's not our job to sugar coat, pat them on the head and tell them how wonderful they are. Half of these kids are downright desperate.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    Decent take, but I am commenting mainly because of your name. Creative, brilliant, and hilarious.
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  • CoctailKrill
    I’ve been here on and off for years, too. I just get fed up. I totally agree. I haven’t even been back a week and I’m close to leaving.
  • zagor
    The trouble with the Xper system back when it had real value was a lot of people started spamming questions to try to generate Xper.

    I got my $60 in gift cards legit tho...
    • That's actually a really good point. Maybe a limitation for how many times a person can post. Or if they just start posting pointless messages over and over again have the account locked for a time.

  • Dragonstarterplus
    Another problem I think this site has is the layout just doesn't promote discussion on a question. It's quite easy to post an opinion on a question without even having to pretend to care about what's already been said about the question. People hardly comment on other people's opinions, the Asker rarely comments on opinions, or comes back later to give any closure to the situation (maybe due to the way questions just get buried beneath other questions within an hour. Someone asks a questions, 2~8 people give one response... and that's it, the question is old now and is replaced by someone asking almost the same question again
  • Tstrbrainer
    I read this. I have been here for a few months. Yes, this site needs more credibility on opinions on some areas
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  • Hank5678
    You're an idiot.
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