"Why Is He Staring At Me?" Different types Of Guys Stares


So after being on G@G for a while I've noticed this question over and over again"

"Why is he staring at me?" or "What does this kind of stare mean?"

And since then I've paid a lot of attention to where my eyes are and how it could be perceived. And I've come to a few conclusions

1- Not every look toward a girl is AT that girl

Guy's look at posters, out of windows, at designs etc. You might just happen to be between him and the object he is looking at. There won't be any attempt at eye contact and will look like he is frowning or concentrating.

2- It also might be that it's about something on her.

I've found her shoes interesting, or perhaps a neat pattern on her fingernails. It's the object that has caught my attention not the woman herself. I'm not interested in her in fact I forgot that she's even there. This often has a look of concentration with it as well. (And yes this can even include body parts, I know guys are pigs.....)

3- If he is looking at you it may be that he is interested, but it might be that he just want's something else.

Guy's are hesitant to approach women who are alone for fear of scaring her. So he might just want a cigarette, the time, directions, a turn on a piece of equipment or something else equally benign but without a "go ahead" signal from the girl, he might not approach for fear of coming off as a creep. Guy's will look hopeful or friendly. Make eye contact, but won't approach if she doesn't give him permission in some way.

4- There is also the censer look, he might have heard that you slept with his best friend and dumped him horribly.

Yes he is going to stare, and no it's not going to be friendly or polite. He's mad and wants you to know about it. This has a frown or anger look about it.

5- And of course there's the flirty looks

Looking at her, waiting for her to notice, then turning away. Then look at her again, until she notices and repeat. Another flirty thing is that look at her with a half smile and when she looks to motion to her in some way (salute, glass raise, tip a hat, etc.) And see what she does, (eye roll, smile, turn and kiss her girl friend [yes we know it's a game to make him go away]).

The thing to remember is guys are very visual creatures and relate to their environment with their eyes. Not every look "means something" and often it has nothing to do with you.

If in doubt, make eye contact with him and smile, if he looks startled it really was about something else. I hope this helps.

"Why Is He Staring At Me?" Different types Of Guys Stares
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Most Helpful Girl

  • RationalLioness
    LOL. Yes! I'm so sorry that this Take had to exist, but hopefully some women will understand that just because a group of guys are looking in your direction, does NOT mean they're checking you out.

    And even if you look back to see and you find their eyes on you, it might be because you turned and it caught their attention.

    Just because a guy is looking does not mean he's interested!
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    • A-man-22

      You wouldn't realise how much I accidentally look at others directly.

      I'm not checking them out, there are just a limited number of angles you can look at.

      If I do accidentally look at someone it's usually not for long and I get a bit anxious.

Most Helpful Guy

  • DarkHumorRUs
    Then there's this look,


    and girls always say "How come guys never look at me like this?"

    They do. But just like Rapunzel here, you don't see them doing it.
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    • fenixx0083

      Or it isn't the one guy you specifically *want* looking at you 😄

    • Eh, true, but I think girls should know that for most of them, there is probably a guy who has looked at them like this and they never noticed.

    • EveVal

      😍 😍

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  • JustaLoozer
    I tried to find this post, but I couldn't

    I read a post where A guy was starring at this girl, wondering if she knew she had lettuce in her hair and if he should tell her, and she whipped around saying "I have a boyfriend". He decided not to tell her about the lettuce.
    • Lol I knew a guy with a similar situation. He had drywall all over his face and thought that the lady of the house wanted to sleep with him, but she was really just staring at him because he had drywall all over his face

    • @Idonthaveausername

  • Frost_Byt3
    Hahaha, i loved the last part! "If in doubt, make eye contact with him and smile, if he looks startled it really was about something else." xD
    This is the solution girls!
    • fenixx0083

      *deer in headlights; wordlessly dashes away*

  • TheDevilInside
    "If in doubt, make eye contact with him and smile" ---> and if it turns out that he wasn't eyeing me, then I would have made a total fool of myself.
    • Anpu23

      He'll take it as though you are either being nice or flirting. Either way no big deal.

    • Or that I'm a loser fat girl. Who am I to dare flirt with him?

  • smg99
    What’s that look @DarkHumorRUs? I’ve seen it often.
    • Anpu23

      It's a guy into a girl but afraid to approach.

  • Spawnface
    didn't read tge whole thing, but Im going to answer it anyways.

    Im like an ultra 5. Unrelenting savage onslaught of creeping. Bitches know when the creepers creeping cuz I hop out at them eyes thirsty like a hyena after some ass. Its like my super power.
  • bamesjond0069
    You also missed the notice your looks but not interested. I recently saw a woman probably a little older than me at the gym and she's super hot... but id not bother approching her because im not interested in dating an older woman and not into casual sex atm. Same thing with this girl down my block... huge shapely ass which is interesting to look at but i prefer thin or athletic girls sexually so im not actually into her. I guess just curious about her ass.
  • Luna4jazzy
    I was riding thought my neighborhood on a bike and I felt like some one was watching so I stoped and turned around. And saw him with full on stare. Like I seen him around school but never talked to him he only sometimes talks to me
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    Thank you for writing this. So many girls need to read this lol cause the question of "he stares at me. what does it mean?" Is getting a bit old.
  • abundantlyrich
    They stare if you are the only black or Asian person in a room full of white people only.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Or he wonders if she's staring at him. Girls stare at guys too but they use their makeup mirrors as an advantage. And yes they're not creeps.
  • thesunstillshines
    Great take. Was actually thinking about this yesterday
  • EveVal
    I hope you can show an example on 2 but I can imagine.
  • RBD12
    This is hard lol 😁... I guess the best bet is talking to each other 💁 or if the staring happen repeatedly.
  • monkeynutts
    Well sometimes a stare can penetrate, its intimidating for girls, like he has two dildos pointing in her direction.
  • Kemil_Zhoki
    He's embarrassed because she is leg pressing 200 lbs. more than he can.
  • James19
    Something i really wanted to tell everybody. Nice take.
  • kangy
    I agree so if any guy stare at me intensively I would think his eyes got problem.
    • fenixx0083

      *conjures up the most grizzled voice he can swing* "Shake your head, boy, your eyes are stuck..."

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • MakeupFashionLoverr
    Liked it lol
  • fenixx0083
    That first one is awesome...
  • LtJackass
    6- You're holding food.
  • genevièvecav
    Thank you for this informative Take!
  • OfDeath
    Bad take man
  • Anonymous
    I never have guys staee at me and it frusteates me.
    • Vegeta01

      Maybe it's because of your broken English.

  • Anonymous
    Funny :)
  • Anonymous
    Good job on that take mate that was spot on