I have decided to just let it all go


I have missed everything that is good. I'm now 25 years old and a kissless virgin. I can't get a girl at my experience level and not suffer bad consequences (prison, beating etc.). I have missed first kiss, first sex, first love. All the nice experimenting when everything is new for both parties.

Now I could maybe get a girl my age, older or slightly younger but even the younger girl will have more experience than me and will have experienced all the good stuff. If I tried doing something I will just be humiliated and the woman will be dissapointed.

So I have decided to just give up and let it all go. It will give me full freedom from regret and desire to experience what is no longer possible. I advise everyone in a situation similar to mine to the same. Trust me - it will be better and make your life much easier, you will be free. It will also spare experienced women from dissapointment.

I have decided to just let it all go.

I have decided to just let it all go
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  • Anonymous

    You're 25, not 65. You have your entire life ahead of you. There's plenty of girls just like you, and some even wait until marriage to have sex. You have nothing to worry about, just embrace yourself, start looking and the right one is bound to come to you.

    • Anonymous

      They are religious.

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