The REAL Billionaire Boy's Club


The REAL Billionaire Boy's Club

It's not all roses growing up into a man. There's a lot of pressures that go into being THE man. There's a lot of pressure to be alpha, to be ripped, to be rich, to be handsome, to be hung, to be sexually competant, to be the life of the party, to be the best at everything. But why is it so important? Why do hold each other and ourselves to impossible standards?

Many of us know tha the Billionare Boy's Club is a bit of a cheeky joke that a rich kid and his rich friends decided to put together a little club to hatch money making schemes that usually ended in failure. Calling them the billionare boy's club was then derogatory, but it's no surprise that such a name would appeal to many young males even if they knew it was a joke...but why?

The REAL Billionaire Boy's Club

While we all love to be individuals...feeling like you don't belong in a world that confuses you is a very disempowering feeling. It's for this reason that many men go in droves to the gym even with no acutal interest in physical fitness, why we go on dates we're not interested in, and try to have more sex than anyone could ever want (yes horiness arises as another motivator but only after the strong need to prove masculinity has started usually.) It's why we have a million posts about our dicks, why we cringe if we here our roommate having sex with yet another hot girl even if we ourselves weren't in the mood to have sex. This isn't the only reason we do what we do, but it's a strong one.

The REAL Billionaire Boy's Club

But why is it so important? Why can't we just realize that we're great? Why isn't that enough? Why when someone says just believe in yourself and you're good does some voice in the back of our minds go "ok but I...don't? HOW DO I DO THAT!?" despite intellecutally understanding we have a lot to be proud of. Why will most of endlessly go to the clubs and usually go home alone? Why will we often marry women below what we thought we'd marry? Why do we ignore our own greatness everyday? Well, it's because there's a stronger need out there in many men than the need to be the greatest version of ourselves and it's a need that was well illustrated in the novel/book American Psycho as well as countless other places in culture and society:

The REAL Billionaire Boy's Club

Yes, this particular man is a psycho, but as a man devoid of all emotion "except pain...and greed" he observes other men and sees what we're all trying to do with our lives and even though this doesn't create any emotion in him--he mirrors our strongest social desire we have which is a need to fit in.

Give up your trying to be part of the billionare boys club. Give up trying to fit in. It is incapable of giving you lasting happiness.

The REAL Billionaire Boy's Club
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  • redeyemindtricks

    Hey, so, I make a large fraction of my living training aspiring fitness models/competitors. Diet, training, lifestyle, etc.

    Here's a life lesson for ya.

    It's completely fucking useless to tell people "Don't do X"... unless it's paired with "Instead, do Y."

    Completely useless.


    I mean, let's say someone reads this take and genuinely wants to follow yr advice.

    "I'm gna out today and... NOT try to fit in!"

    Uh, okay? Goals? What SHOULD I do? Plans? How to fill that newly created void?

    You see where I goes with this.

    Same reason any and all advice such as "Don't drink", "Don't eat sugar", etc. is total fail. Complete fail.

    I don't mean to be a dick here, by the way. Totally on board with you, because #freelancelife. Never finished college, work for myself, never had a conventional job, shit, I don't even sleep every 24 hours. So on board.
    But, you can't exhort people to go out there and NOT do things!

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    • pavlove

      i enjoyed this a lot ^

    • Thanks.

      So, looks like you got a topic for yr next take. (;

    • pavlove

      haha i do a lot of both some are for getting guys to take action some are for just opening the mind up a bit

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