The Dating Poker-Face

First: Let's start with an example, say -some kind of "friend" of yours- comes up to you and asks to borrow ten dollars. You give it to them, and when you ask for it back - they give you every excuse as to why they cant pay you, and you hardly ever see them again. Does this sound familiar, in any way?

Well, what happened here. Someone tried to play on someone's sympathy, and generosity, for their own personal gain. And you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at their face at first glance, unless you did more than just glanced, to see if there was a hidden agenda. But some people can hide their agenda's, secrets, faults and motives better than others, and the ones who are really good play professional poker, or possibly could be a professional con artist, or even just a habitual liar. The degree of fault being placed on one's generosity by one's self is often related to another person's hidden agenda, or motive. If you were ripped off, you might blame yourself, or other person, or both parties, or chance it to an accident ...

Also, how gullible is the person being portrayed/betrayed? And what might lead to a person believing in what was told to them?
Well, if you were like me, then the betrayer spent months telling you - they love you and you're the one for them, blah, blah, blah, (cry me a river, I know)! But it's something that builds up expectation in another person to believe in what was thought to be a common goal, that may seem like two people are working together on, in unison. Then in the end only one person is left "without any chips left in their favor," and the other person finds a way to take a personal gain from their partner, by building a barrier in lacking in real honest communication (the quiet poker face, and the stack of chips in front of them)... usually leaving the victim of the situation hanging, waiting around for the truth; and often stressing over a situation in which they have little to no control over.

Now with cheaters, desperate leavers (those who leave without a trace), money seekers (those who rip you off for money), and friendly deceivers - and you can add in your own rhyme and reason here too, ___ (that's your blank, lol) ... there is always a feeling of wanting to get even, but sometimes it's just best to move on with your life. "You have to know when to hold 'em; and know when to fold 'em," (for those who know poker terms; and old southern rock songs), and know what works best for you. And when the actions don't fit the cause, then we need to check on our priorities in life, and take a look at the big picture. And sometimes, someone or something has to be deleted for lack of a better purpose, but sometimes it just has to be done for benefit of the greater good and health of one's self.

So even when revenge, vengeance, or even getting back together, might seem like a viable option, moving on may be just a bit healthier, and less stressful. These are the lyrics from the rapper Ghost-Face, who wrote the song Poker-Face:

We gotta know how to play your cards, have a mean poker face
And know an ace deuce can take out your pocket broads (two queens)
This is no limit hold 'em, you gotta know when to fold 'em
If you plan on, staying on top
You can't lose, what you don't push into the pot
You can't make much either, if you a believer of luck
Go all in, if you're feeling your cards, deep in your gut

So you got to "know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em. And go all in" when your instincts are so distinctively telling you that's something isn't right about your situation. Trust in yourself, don't always believe the hype. This is when you have to read in between the lines of what someone is telling you. And the person who may seem like they have your best interest at heart, doesn't always do that ... and usually when you find out, it can lead to heartbreak any questions that are hard to answer. In the end, call your own shots, because waiting on another person to make a decision is sometimes a waste of time.
The Dating Poker-Face
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  • lovebird01

    No happy ending here, I see! Well you still tell a tale of how to recover when life kicks you in the gut, and you think you can't go on. I've been there. You think you know someone very well, then their true nature comes out. Totally unexpected behavoir!

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