How to play the dating game - a woman's guide



As women and when we enter the dating realm, we tend to let our emotions guide us rather than our logic.

It's perfectly normal to do that, but it's also vital to master how to 'play the game' and stick to it so that you don't end up with a broken heart...again.

How to play the dating game - a womans guide

The tips I'm gonna go through have been lessons learnt from my previous serious yet unsuccessful relationship from 2 years ago, as well as some things I learned while being single and meeting new guys.


I know they say that you don't have to love yourself in order to be loved, and that's definitely true.

However, you shouldn't enter the dating world if you don't love yourself yet because it's going to be brutal.

You've gotta be confident in what you bring to the relationship - you gotta truly believe that you're sexy, you're beautiful and you're the catch.

How to play the dating game - a womans guide

If things aren't going in your favour, you need to make it clear that walking away doesn't scare you.

I'll repeat that: you must make clear that walking away does not scare you.

If you even hint that you're afraid of losing this guy, he will push your buttons and see just how much he can get away with around you.

Men only put in as much effort as you teach them too.


How to play the dating game - a womans guide

That's right - until the guy has passed the 3 month period you shouldn't give him sex or decide that he's yours.

People will only exert their best qualities when you first meet them, but other qualities inevitably come to surface within 3 months.

Nobody is perfect and it's important to remember that (you're not looking to date Jesus!), but you have to decide what you will and will not tolerate.

Also, a man who sticks around for 3 months on his best behaviour really does want to be with you.


Let me put this straight: the moment you involve emotion with a guy you're dating, you have lost control.

Having control is essential to keeping your heart from being broken and making sure that you end up in a relationship you're happy in.

If you catch yourself simping, you gotta listen a little closer to what your mind tells you and force yourself to follow through.

How to play the dating game - a womans guide

I's so hard!!

But remember the last time you let your emotions control you? Did that work out for you? Didn't think so!


I am not your girl unless I am the *only* romantically involved woman in your life - you gotta make this clear to him.

If you suspect that he's seeing other women and that makes you feel uncomfortable, the solution to that is very simple.

I am not yours.

If he really does like you and wants to be with you, he *will* make you the only woman in his life and make that clear to you.

How to play the dating game - a womans guide


There's nothing more attractive than being with someone who has their own life.

Have your own career, your own hobbies and spend time with your friends/family without the man you're dating.

How to play the dating game - a womans guide


Dating is a game and if you don't know the rules, you're in for a disaster.

I know that sounds brutal but it's the truth.

If you don't set out your rules, requirements and boundaries you will be stepped all over.

A man does commit and will commit to the woman he ultimately wants to be with and sees a future with.

If he doesn't commit to you then he never will.

How to play the dating game - a woman's guide
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