Guys Who Don't Punctuate, Should!

Guys who don't punctuate, should!

I think it's because they really don't think it matters, but guys it does matter! We have no clue how to take a text or email without those small valuable periods, commas, exclamation points, parentheses, quotation marks, and the list goes on! So please, please, please use them so us punctuating females know what you mean when you say things!! :)

Guys Who Don't Punctuate, Should!
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  • Solanaceae
    Totally agreed! It's so annoying trying to interpret guys' texts because they could have so much possibilities to what they might mean haha. Grrrr guys stop being lazy and express your feelings better ❤️
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    • KittyBox

      Oh boohoo! we spend 90% of our time wondering what your vague hints mean.

    • Solanaceae

      @KittyBox What? So we outright say our feelings and we're seen as sluts, desperados, or girls destined to be spinsters. Sometimes we put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. Every time I've outright said what I feel about a guy, I've been humiliated and heartbroken. So yes. I don't express my romantic feelings anymore. I'm blunt and jaded and broken. But I'm not willing to put my heart on the line anymore.

    • Solanaceae

      @Ganbygail12 Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • Justinaveragedude
    Guys are really straight forward though. We really don't need more then a period.
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    • Some don't even use a period 😱

    • Then they aren't really men. Real men use periods... and sometimes commas.

    • Hahaha, what makes a comma so special? 🤔

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  • Ram0n83
    I agree that both men and women should stop using netspeak and be rely more on proper spelling and grammar.

    Proper spelling and grammar helps prevent mishaps in how you convey your messages. Like the difference of:

    I'm going to help my Uncle, Jack, off a horse vs. I'm going to help my uncle jack off a horse.
  • sovetskii13
    What a rant. I don't think you got it all out though. Haha. I think texting is to blame for the lack of punctuation these days. No matter if you use punctuation or not, the receiver will still understand what you're saying. But it's very important when it comes to business and work. One tiny mistake in a cover letter or message, and you are going into the trash can.
  • Asad1ONE1
    I do all the time. But even then, words can only depict so much lol. Being in person is very important!
    • Yes, words are important! But at the same time punctuation can make words make way more sense 🙃

    • Asad1ONE1

      Ofcourse. Some people are f****g lazy

  • RedVulcan
    Guys only? Have a look if you dare...
    Trust me, girls do it too.
    • Yes, they do! But my comment is for guys because I'm straight lol I won't be dating a gal who doesn't punctuate ever, so that doesn't apply to my comment in the least!

  • MrNameless
    It goes both ways.. Matched an attractive girl on tinder and said hi and then reread her bio and didn't respond back.
  • Anon-ymous1
    I always use proper grammar and punctuation. It makes most situations that much more emphatic, you know?
  • john123doe
    Guys don't really think theyre obligated to respond emotionally through the web just like in real life, its more of a gendered thing
  • player0696
    I will definitely take care of that while texting someone.
  • lushbomb
    im a girl and i talk without any punctuation yezzz... im too lazy like guys xD
  • TheSniper
    I punctuate too much and am still single. Lmao.
    • Hey, I isn't say it would affect your singleness 😄 Just hopefully show a gal what ya mean!

  • serious
    Well, I always use punctuation as far as I know.
  • Svennedude2
    Girls should do the same, though!
  • kaylaS91
    lol@ your poor use of grammar
    • LOL that you couldn't spell out "at", capitalize at the beginning of a sentence, and didn't use any punctuation! 😂

    • kaylaS91

      I didn't feel like your joke of a post required good grammar or the need to spell out words as simple as at. I wasn't the one running my mouth about other people's poor grammar, either, so lets not forget who's the pot calling the kettle black. 🤦

    • Ohhh, you must not have realized this is a mytake not a question 😁 So it's all just my opinion, hon. I didn't say a thing about grammar in my mytake, so you should have pointed out my four punctuation errors not my one grammatical error. I don't know where you are from, but in the US women have freedom of speech! 🙂 I was technically running my beautifully manicured fingers across a keyboard, didn't open my mouth once. 🙃

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  • HereComesDrTran111
    Girls who tell guys what to do, Shouldn't!
    • I wasn't telling anyone what to do, I was politely asking!

    • I wasn't telling anyone what to do, I was politely asking!

    • But hon, your comment doesn't apply because I wasn't "telling" anyone what to do 🙄 Too bad ya can't figure that out in your own...

  • sp33d
  • Anonymous
    girls are so needy
  • Anonymous
    Punctuating females? You mean like this one?

    What a sexist and ignorant take this is.
    • If you are a male who punctuates this doesn't apply to you. I don't mean you have to have perfect punctuation, just use it when it could make a difference! I'm not saying gals punctuate, because I don't care if they do or don't! I just want the guys in my life to express themselves fully so I can move forward or know it's time to break it off. It isn't sexist or ignorant, it is simply "my take" on the matter (and we still have freedom of speech to have takes on things!).

    • Anonymous

      There was no reason to even say "guys". And yes, it was sexist. You ladies just don't think you have to play by the same rules when it comes to sexism. You deserve to be called out on it.

    • Anonymous

      "I always seem to do stuff to guys pride and they run"

      It's probably your sexism.

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