The Not So Cool Part About Being a Guy

Being a guy is not an easy feat in our world. We have our own problems where some that are small, with others that are funny, and others large and painful. We also live with the constant expectation to be strong and to keep our issues to ourselves. This isn't easy as one may think-have you ever held in emotions for a long period of time? Holding in emotions and frustrations is one of the reasons men die younger than women.

The Not So Cool Part About Being a Guy

Here are some 10 annoying aspects to being a guy

10. Hair! it grows everywhere!

Hair is a good thing, it serves a purpose, but having hair that grows down your back, chest, and neck are not always that pleasant. It varies by every guy but it's still there and when you get older, you start sprouting hair in your nose and ear while you're losing it on top. Talk about pure irony.

9. That random erection!

As a guy, we all get erections. it is the fact of being a guy. But let's face it, getting random erections when you're young and in school can be down right embarrassing because that means everyone can see it. What is the ironic part of this? When you're older, getting that erection can be harder to get without a little Viagra.

8. Our "balls".

Having balls is good as it creates our sperm and testosterone, but they can be a real pain when they are hit in the right place.

7. Bad sex is always blamed on guys.

Sex is determined by guys, let's just face that aspect already. Sure women play a role in it, but first, a guy has to make sure he can get his helper up first. This depends on the level of attraction between him and the woman (or guy if you're gay) and his comfort. When bad sex happens, its usually blamed on the guy.

6. Pedophiles!

When you're a guy around kids, rather it's your own kid or if you're babysitting, some people just look at your weird and they wonder if you're a pedophile or if you're just good with kids or the kid's father. Luckily this doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

5. Condoms

Condoms condoms condoms! While they're great for preventing STDs and pregnancies, they are a hassle to buy and to even put on.

4. Being called a "creep" by a woman.

As a guy, we naturally look at women, and when we find her attractive we want to go up and say hello. This action can lead to us talking and having a good time at the bar, coffee shop or even some random place. But this action can also lead to a slap in the face and we are just standing there wondering what we did wrong.

3. The ole' double standards of fighting

When you're a guy, you're expected to take pride in your honor. So when your honor is being threatened you're expected to fight back to show you're a man. But society says that is wrong and that violence solves nothing which can be true. So guys have a choice to make when it comes to defending his honor or just walk away. He will either come out of it with a few bruises and a possibly an arrest, OR he walks away and may face a taunt at that scene in the future.

2. Being slapped in the face by a woman

We all have seen a guy be either slapped in the face or have a drink tossed in his face. Seeing this, we automatically think; what did he do? We don't usually assume that she could be crazy. In society, a woman slapping a guy in the face is ok as it shows that she is confident and defending herself. But for guys, it can be a total blur in what we did wrong.

1. Getting hit in the balls

The action only takes just seconds until we are on the floor curled in a ball. It may seem funny to see a guy get hit in his balls, but it's not funny to the guy on the floor. It is excruciating for the guy and it can make any man fall, no matter how much he can lift. Depending on how you were hit, it can even damage one of the boys permanently.


Most Helpful Girl

  • haha dont try make us feel better for being women. being a man rocks. but i agree on the sexist double standards, the easy pedophile and creep shaming (which is hypocritic cause women have high libidos as well), and the sex being demanded to be awesome just from guys.

    • I am not trying to make women feel better, this is just a list I posted for fun. Women can and do fit in that double standard and pedophile and creep factor, but men are on the higher spectrum thanks to the media.

    • IsenhowerJ, You forgot to add the gender imbalance in dating. All a girl has to do is go to a dating site and she will be bombarded by 100's of men within minutes. All she has to do is look decent and keep an eye on her weight. If her face isn't that pretty, make up is there to fix all all her problems. If she wants to get laid, she can immediatly get laid. Men on the other hand have to be witty, good looking, charming, lead the conversation. They are still expected to pay on the first date, even if he's unsure that the girl even wants to see him again for a second date. Women on the other hand are expected to just sit back and relax, wait and be passive. Just let the guy do all the talking. Sounds pretty chill to me. My god, how easy it is to be a woman today. Her biggest worries are that a man doesn't have a car or doesn't rent an appartment. You see men putting that on their bucket list of worries when dating women? I didn't think so.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree w the girl who said if that's all we have to worry about she'd rather be a dude. So I know I may catch some slack for this but I can see why a lot of boys these days cry over a lot of things. They're way to feminine in my opinion, a lot, not all, but a lot of them tend to look like the one in the pic you displayed. Yes, yes I know judging by a cover. I can think of a million other words besides creep that would be worse. Being slapped in the face, well although I don't agree w violence by either side he probably had it coming. Kicked in the balls, been there done that, just jump up and down when it happens, you'll live. Hair growing everywhere, what did you expect you're a male? There's nothing comparatively bad about being a male when it comes to females. I'm not saying that women are bad, I'm just saying I think they have it worse than us in most cases. At the same time that's no excuse for those women who act crazy.


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What Girls Said 24

  • Hold on now... it might be a hassle to put on a condom, but women who are on the Pill have to remember to take it every day at the same time. In my case, the terrific discomfort of having an IUD inserted is fucking miserable. :(

    Good Take, good points. :)

  • You do realise women grow hair everywhere as well? And society says WE have to get rid of that hair. If you think women are hairless beings you've not been around many women.

    • Also, condoms? You can't be serious. Pills, injections and metal being put into our bodies and you're complaining about condoms?

    • I am very aware that women are seen by society to get rid of hair. But Men produce a lot of body hair as well, even more than women. As for condoms, they can kill the mood. Women don't have to take the pill you realize that right? There is no law stating that women have to take a pill.

    • No but if you don't want to get pregnant it's usually a good idea! Especially when guys like you think safe sex is a mood killer. I get an injection every twelve weeks so... there you go. And women are just as hairy as men. Humans are hairy!

  • 10. I am pretty hairy everywhere... as a biological woman. I hate it when everyone thinks only men grow body hair.

    9. I get random ovulation days where I need to have sex or I get pain in my womb from the contractions or very aggressive /naggy in my behaviour. I hate this. I can't control it.

    8. People keep hitting my breasts when they barge past me. That stuff hurts like crazy.

    7. I haven't had problem with this one

    6. Being a half Indian everyone thinks I am always labelled as... the T word.

    5. I have allergy to all condoms

    4. Yeah I haven't gotten this one yet

    3. Guys always attack me in the street randomly. In fact if my boyfriend is present they attack me more and even touch and try to hit me. I don't understand this behaviour.

    2. I was at a club and I must have slightly touched a woman while walking. A man came and punched my spine from the back. Must be her guy. Umm yeah no one did anything I live in UK.

    1. If your hit on vagina or penis you can die and be infertile. It's debilitating to both.

  • Cute take

    In response:

    10. girls have it way harder trying to get rid of hair lol
    9. Yeah that would suck
    8. Also sucky
    7. Girls can get blamed too if they just lie there likes dead fish, or so I've heard. I def don't have that problem
    6. I do think this is totally unfair and biased for men.
    5. Oh my gosh I hate them too
    4. You're a creep 😉
    3. That's a tough one
    2. Stop seeing women like that. Horrible!
    1. This is basically #8 lol

    • Yes i know, but #8 needed to be repeated as the number one irony.

    • dude be happy that you dont have periods. Besides, I have seen girls get hit in their area and carried away on a stretcher. just because a lady doesn't have testes doesn't simply mean that the pain isn't incapacitating

  • 10. We both kind of face this dilemma, we're both told that being extremely hairy is not sexy at all.
    9. Yeah that totally suck and is embarrassing. It kinda puzzled me how that happens sometimes even if the guy isn't aroused. Sorry if happens in public.
    8. O trust us man, getting hit in boobs is almost equivalent to getting hit in the nuts. But I understand, guys testicles are more likely to get hit then a girls vagina since they are outside the body.
    7. mhm I agree and disagree, I've heard guys say how girls were just awful cause she didn't do enough, was too loud or quiet, or was just too rough on their love stick.
    6. I never thought of that, most of the time when I see a man around kids I usually think or at least hope it's a older sibling or dad.
    5. Hey women gotta by that birth control, so in a way it's like buying condoms but more for the inside. I actually heard women do by condoms for men just in case he doesn't have one.. but maybe not as often.
    4. I agree with this, I just think people get nervous or confused why people stare. Staring has been made to be something bad cause people assume your staring at them for negative reasons. But it's totally normal to check someone out you find beautiful, girls, who don't so much get a glance from men hardly would agree and tell attractive women to stop complaining.
    3. No if a person won't back down or tries to corner a guy, then he has every right to protect himself and fight back.
    2. Trust me women experience this to, it's usually with another woman and called a cat fight.. but agree you can't say it's fine to hit a guy but say it's not for a guy to do it.. it's hypocritical and unfair. Just don't hit each other, problem solved.
    1. You accidentally repeated 8. Lol

    • Getting hit on the boobs is the same as getting hit on the balls?
      How do you know how much getting hit in the balls hurt when you don't even have balls?

    • Show All
    • @xBreezy ewww creepy.

    • I understand, but you can't compare pain that you've felt to something you've never felt before.

  • 10: oh my god! Having the choice to shave or grow hair without either being socially unacceptable!

    9: we get periods, call it even?

    8: uhh.. you clearly have never fallen legs spread on the balance beam in gymnastics.. vaginas hurt too.

    7: because most of the times.. the guy is to blame. I'm sorry, but what else can you do as a female but move, kiss and generally enjoy it? If a guy sucks at sex.. the sex is awful.

    6: when I babysit, i'm looked at as if i'm the mother.. i've heard people whisper teen pregnancy shit behind my back while I was just taking a walk with my nephew. But I do see the double standard here for you guys.

    5: then don't have sex🙂

    4: nothing to say, some women are just bitches or overly scared.

    3: i actually like fighting, but i do get it's annoying to be expected to fight.

    2: just like circumcision i never understood why this doesn't go both ways.. just don't be agressive for no reason.

    1: again, try falling on the balance beam.

    1&2 seemed more like repeating previous stance points and to me, this take was a little badly written. It screamed "i'm a man and we have issues too!!!" But instead of taking the oppertunity to write about mens issues and double standards you wrote this.

  • Thank you very much. I am tired of SJWs constantly complaining. It's time that women, too, get a look into a man's life.

  • Intresting... I'll try to keep these things in mind.

  • If you think you're hard done by try the following: Losing your virginity, periods, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. And being kicked in the pussy is very painful too!

  • Both my exes were very open and sensible and they told me about their boy troubles. Yeah, being a boy really isn't fun. I don't understand why people even compare men trouble and women trouble in the first place. They literally have the competition of, who suffers the most, pretty ironic. Men and women have different troubles so they are incomparable. Why is it so hard to figure out?

    I never thought much about the bed and pedophile thing. But I do agree that guys are more expected to be creative in bed cause most guys are dominant in bed too. I never thought the pedophile thing is a problem. People really think THAT? O. o

    • And there is a good reason why society is kind of biased when it comes to girls beating boys. I'll tell you if you want to know in private! :) I think about such stuff a lot too.

  • Man up. Sorry, but that's life. Accept it and move on.

  • Getting slapped in the face I know that has to hurt

  • Interesting Take

  • I will agree, I'm glad I don't have testicles.

  • interesting perspective

  • Yup! This was very nice haha

  • But I'm a nice woman and I don't hate men lol.

  • Hmmm Interesting

  • Being a girl or a boy is awful-wish I could just be neither now.

  • Funny!

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What Guys Said 38

  • 10. You only have to shave your face tho. Way more relaxed than shaving your legs etc all the time. Also, you are allowed to have hair, while it's usually not so well received if a girl has "manly" hair growth.

    9. buhu. If you just ignore that erection, it's gone quite quick. Mine do hurt sometimes, even if I'm naked, but still prefer 3 minutes of light pain to having to deal with period pain etc

    8. redundant with point 1, LOL

    7. No it isn't. But if you have a regular bumping session where the women just lies there like a sack of rice... then yeah. But because you're the only one doing something, so you're the only one who can screw up. But look at all those questions here, about how to give good head etc. Women are very conscious about their "sex skills" too!

    6. Don't be creepy around kids, don't wear a trenchcoat or try to lure them with candy into your van and absolutely NOBODY will think you're a pedophile...

    5. Your girlfriend can put them on for you... that's hot... also if you ask her nicely and she is off to the drug store to buy period pads etc, she might even buy them for you... Or you just buy a 100-pack on the internet for dirt cheap and are done with it for a looong time.
    Also, I'd rather put on a condom then to question myself everyday if I took the pill... As I guy who has to take meds daily, I can assure you that it's very easy to either forget them or having taking them but not remembering it.
    If your girlfriend takes the pill, you don't have to do anything. So it's 50:50 who has to do the annoying part, but if you do draw the shorter straw, you got the easier job anyway.

    4. Don't be creepy and you aren't called a creep lol. Never happened to me.

    3. Just don't be a primitive cave man who things he has to protect your honour with fists. Use your wits and you get along with societies standards just fine

    2. Don't do something to deserve it and don't be around crazy women who do it anyway, and it's fine..

    1. It's actually were rare that balls get permanently damaged. They are quite resilient. The reason why they hurt because of the tiniest things is so that you protect them from something seriously dangerous...
    How often are you hit in the balls? Probably way fewer times than a women as a cystitis or period cramps. Man up, it's really not that big of a deal.

    There a many things you can complain about as a man. When it comes to law. Custody battles etc. But not when it comes to biology.

    • If you want some serious points to complain...

      1. women almost always win custody battles
      2. aliments
      3. courts are generally harder on men then women, longer sentences for the same crime etc
      4. if a equally skilled woman applies for the same job, she is preferred
      5. same thing when applying for university
      6. You can be drafted into the military, while women may join if they want, but can't be drafted
      7. more health care programs geared towards women.
      8. When accused of rape, it's often guilty until proven innocent and even if you are acquitted, your life is basically ruined anyway.
      9. You have no say in the woman getting an abortion or not. If she keeps it, you have to pay child support. So if she is unresponsible, she can get an abortion, but the man has no way out
      10. Harder to find a date as a man. Because men are expected you to the first step, you are the one to constantly be rejected while the woman is the one to reject

  • As a single dad , No 6 has pissed me off so many times , this assumption & hostility has always come from women , my daughter , 11 today , even told one woman " Stop giving my daddy nasty looks... what has he done wrong? " I gave her a one fingered salute just before leaving the playground !!

  • You repeated number 8 and number 1.
    I would slap back in the event of number 2 and dash. Don't kick a dog expecting not to get bitten back.

    Good take otherwise!

    I'd add instead of number 1 the fact, that we are not receiving nearly enough attention by society.

  • lol you wrote about "guys' and yet you put two faggot grily-boys in the picture?

    • Yeah I know, I couldn't find any good relevant pics at the time I made it. I probably should have done better than that pic, but oh well.

  • Yup, agreed with all of 'em, and have experienced a few of them (except the pedophile one). Don't forget biased family court laws, the deadbeat dad stereotype, homelessness, and the fact that men get less support when it comes to physical and mental health and are told to simply "man up"

  • for point 8 and 1, the same can be applied for girls. Not for balls, but when they get hit in their area, it also can drop them just as easily as a guy and just as long. Also, be happy that you dont have to suffer from periods or go through giving birth. When you think of it, you actually have it easy biologically

  • I actually joked with a gal about #4 the other day. We both recognized each other at the gym.

    I've never been slapped by a woman from what I can remember.

    #1. Yeah it hurts. ALWAYS wear a cup in sports

  • I grew up being ridiculed for doing the house work and unable to hang out by "friends" who didn't have to lift a finger

  • Juvenile. The vast majority you'll grow out of. Except the hair. :)

    The good news is guys have all the power and are way more capable. Always remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE!

    • The first thing I thought was "you grew out of your hair " 😉 please don't hate me lol

  • I like this article right here:https://thoughtcatalog. com/lorenzo-jensen-iii/2017/06/34-things-that-suck-about-being-a-man-according-to-34-men/

  • Why did you pick these things? Guys have lots of other problems that are more important than these. For example, if you are a short guy, you are assumed to be a loser.

  • Mind you, there are girls who suffer from being called creepy, being bad at sex... heck, there are even female pedophiles.

  • You forgot to add the gender imbalance in dating. All a girl has to do is go to a dating site and she will be bombarded by 100's of men within minutes. All she has to do is look decent and keep an eye on her weight. If her face isn't that pretty, make up is there to fix all all her problems. If she wants to get laid, she can immediatly get laid. Men on the other hand have to be witty, good looking, charming, lead the conversation. They are still expected to pay on the first date, even if he's unsure that the girl even wants to see him again for a second date. Women on the other hand are expected to just sit back and relax, wait and be passive. Just let the guy do all the talking. Sounds pretty chill to me. My god, how easy it is to be a woman today. Her biggest worries are that a man doesn't have a car or doesn't rent an appartment. You see men putting that on their bucket list of worries when dating women? I didn't think so.

  • Loose balls.. Basically everything associated and connected to balls.

  • Best thing is that I don't care about none of this stuff.

  • Pretty much but we being men just deal with it through opposition you get stronger.

  • Fighting, I am on a hunt for some no good rotten bullies who are bullien my crush. when I find them they will be running for there dman lives.

  • Well I'm glad I put down Schopenhauer's aphorisms for this...

  • Peeing standing up isn't as great as it seems.

  • Great job writing this.

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