Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

How I As A Guy Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

Might be strange to hear, and even when I tell this to some women on my job they think it’s strange too, but it is the truth for me, yeah. But it’s really only the case when I’m working in a very male-dominated job sphere. When the environment is mostly female or evenly male and female mixed I do just fine, and I actually do have some male co-workers that I like, but when it comes to being in a group with guys it just doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love guys for all our strengths, realness, and endurance but in a group environment I want to run the other way.

I don’t know how it may be for other guys, but this is my story of experience.

Male-dominated work environments can be jock circles…

It’s no secret that in jobs where there are more groups of guys than females - especially jobs that are physical like being in a warehouse - that it’s a den for rough and tough jock behavior and attitudes, and it’s just not cool for me. I know some women in the workplace actually think this is sexy but I am a guy who is just not into all that good ol’ American 1960s locker room bologna. No doubt, I can talk with the guys about chicks we think are hot and we can talk about doing dirty stuff to them, and from time to time we can talk about politics and stuff in the news, but in the overall picture of things I don’t match with the dudes for the most part, and never have.

Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

You deal with football nerds who can talk about nothing else, and if you’re not into it then they exclude you and think you’re a geek or uncool. You deal with the racist Republicans who like their guns and hate Putin, especially the older ones. You deal with the badasses who are popular and think they’re good-looking but look stupid with the way they dress, what’s on their heads, or how their hair is - and I’m not talking about the black ones. And the hoods and thugs are a real nightmare to work with, who perceive you as not as smart or wise as them because they look at me as another black guy and can tell I’m not a badass and not trying to be one, and in the lunch room they try to talk over you or around you with the other guys because they feel that your input isn’t as valuable or relevant as they think theirs is.

But what is interesting to see is how puzzled all these guys get when they see that I can be versatile and outgoing with all kinds of people, younger and older, American and foreign, and can talk about many different things. Just not sports, the streets, or the club.

Trying to be the coolest with the girls…

It can also be really funny to see all these guys jumping to be the first or loudest one to talk to one of the few females, or only female in the place, who walks into the area, especially if she is attractive. They’ll all have some dumb line or comment to say as a way to get her attention or get her to talk, and even I myself used to be that way at times, just because they like having a nice-looking girl talk to them and because they want other people to see and think they’re a cool guy who can get the ladies or something.

Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

And in turn I’ve seen a good number of those females playing along with the game and want to look cool too, and of course some are the ones who are immature and can’t outgrow liking hot shots and badasses, but other times I’ve observed and can tell some of these females get tired of these guys trying to say something to them, and some play along just because they don’t want to seem like a bitch or unfun if they don’t reciprocate.

But for me? I’m not a showboater. When there is a female on the job I like and think she is attractive and I want to say something to her - and I always do - I will do it with purpose and at a time where she and I are away from others at the moment. I do it like this because I don’t want to seem like the other dudes trying to show off, and because I don’t want the dudes watching or trying to butt in so they can take her attention away, which they will try to do. They want to throw their weight around even in your business. Though it is satisfying when they get jealous and can tell that the females on the job really like me as a co-worker and can laugh with me and feel really comfortable with me whereas some of these dudes have been trying forever.

Guys are worried about looking stupid with each other…

Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

Male bravado and tough-ass behavior is one thing I really cannot tolerate. Guys on the job love trying to be jive and smart and b-balling, and it’s interesting to see how much they’re worried about the way they might look in front of other guys. And in some sense I might understand because dudes like chuckling at you if you make a simple mistake like dropping something, tripping, misunderstanding the manager’s instructions, doing something the wrong way, etc. Yet they’re all nerves themselves if they do the same things or get put on the spot. They’re all scared of looking dumb or dorky in front of each other.

I also notice a weird way a lot of guys have where their hands shake if they’re showing you something, as if they’re afraid you’re going to bite them. It’s the same way even if they’re showing you something on their phone too. And sometimes you can even hear a slight tremble in their voices if they’re trying to help you do something or tell you what you’re supposed to do, like they think you’re gonna get mad or they’re scared they might sound stupid. It’s as if they don’t know how to be a real man in taking charge or something, but think being a sports-loving, cool-talking hot shot is how to be one.

Female co-workers are actually better for me...

Women co-workers I’ve talked about this to are surprised that I’m a guy who feels this way, while they prefer to work with guys instead. Part of me can understand because they feel like there’s more drama with other females - which is definitely true - and don’t like the gossip, so as the opposite sex it’s easy for them to prefer the other gender, and especially when some of these women actually like guys hitting on them or like being tomboyish and cool with all the dudes too. But they don’t understand how a guy might not like working with other guys. In their minds they figure all guys are buddies and don’t have problems, which isn’t always true.

Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

For me, female-dominated work environments have their issues too but I can deal with it better. There are definitely days where a chick is moody and doesn’t want to talk or is being mean with everybody, but it doesn’t have to affect me, and the way I handle it is to just stay out of her way and not say anything to her until she’s over it. But do it to me often enough and I will cut you out altogether and stop talking to you period. And there are definitely the gossips who I just know to be careful about what I say to them.

But overall it’s easier to work with females on the job. I can be more relaxed and we can have more conversations and I don’t have to worry about trying to seem tough unless she’s one of those who likes badasses and perceives you as a weak, unsexy male. And believe it or not, you actually have plenty of women in the employment world who are looking at other guys in a sexual way too.

Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

Though oddly enough I actually prefer male bosses over female. Male bosses will definitely be more real with you about the job and your performance, and they will tell you outright how you’re doing and how your chances of staying look. I do appreciate the honesty. Though the downside is how they can pander to female employees who are young and pretty, and sexual activity between them is not uncommon. Female bosses are more often fake and put on faces with the other male managers because they want to be like one of the guys, and overdo being strict even where it’s not necessary.

Who I am...

I’m not really a team player with guys as far as the whole frat mentality goes. I’m more of my own person and not into all the tough guy stuff. Half these guys don’t even know what it means to be a real man anyway. They depend on sports, the gym, or any attention from a female to give them that sense. But me? I learned how to be a man from the places life has taken me that most of these guys have never been or will be. So it’s not important to me to exude any kind of bravado or prove my strength to the world. And I don’t put up any pretenses or fake tough guy demeanor. I am myself, and not worried what anybody thinks about it. You have a whole lot less stress when you relax in your own shoes.

Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers

I think this is what a lot of them can tell about me, and they’re often jealous when I do nothing to make them feel that way and actually keep a certain distance from them. Even a few of my female co-workers once told me they think the other guys are jealous. Sure, I will be cordial and maybe more social with them at some moments and will always be respectful, but I’m not really interested in their jock circles.

If there are any other guys who read this and feel the same way I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Why I, As A Guy, Don't Like Having Mostly Male Co-Workers
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous

    I starter reading this and got half way through since I can't say I agree with any of it. Your experience must be very different then mine. I don't fit in with most those guys like you but I would honestly rather work with all men still.

    I find that you can talk to them and be real, which you can rarely do anywhere now days. I mean I have had a few good female coworkers but you have to constantly be watching what you say and do around them. On top of that you can't really trust them since they will go behind your back to either out do you, talk shit about you to other coworkers, or just to try and get you into trouble with the boss. At least with the men you know where you stand. If he doesn't like you then you know. And odds are he won't be so petty about it.

    The one I hate most though is the special treatment that the woman get. The company wants to be scene as diverse and fair. But since there is such a difference in men to women, the women end up getting special treatment. They get fast tracked for promotions and raises. And they know that they get this special treatment because they are also more lazy then other workers since they know they can get away with it. So yeah I would much rather work in an all male workforce.

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    • I agree with all the points you made. Some females are unfairly promoted due to the fact that they probably complain a lot. And they are skilled manipulators and kiss ass when need be. However, there are some circumstances where they do deserve the promotion.

    • Anonymous

      @thisissweet That is true if they work for it and have put in the time. But I honestly feel that isn't the case. I find hiring practices for some companies when it comes to female workers even worse since the company just wants the numbers. But yeah when I see a woman with less then 2 years with the company get a promotion over guys who have 10 or 20 years in there is something seriously wrong. Even worse when I have worked with both them and know the men who didn't get the promotion to be some of the best workers we got but the woman is one of our worse.

    • ManOnFire

      I agree that guys are more real, and I did say that in the Take and you would've found it if you kept on through. And it's definitely true that women get promoted way too much and too fast, as I myself have had women be promoted over me when I was more qualified than they were.

      Working with guys does have the direct realness factor that I do appreciate, yes. But we still have a lot of our own improvements to make.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • levantine99

    you should see how females bully men in our workplace. all gossipy and chit chat behind their back to find each and every blemish. not the best coworkers.

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    • ManOnFire

      I get that, but as a GUY dealing with other guys you have to understand how that can be too.

    • They always bitch

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  • women who assume guys are all chill to work with , do not think of the fact the men treat them the way they do bc they are women and not bc the guys themselves are cool.

  • TisforTori

    My fiancé feels the same way. He can’t stand the act most of the other guys put on for one another. And for him personally the sometimes disrespectful way the men can get about the females gets under his skin being raised mostly by his mother. I don’t know exactly why some men think you need to behave in a certain way to gain acceptance from the others but it is a widespread opinion.

    • ManOnFire

      Yes! Thankyou! Guys on the job can be real assholes. Where I work, we have one female who helps and if she does something a little slow or lacking the strength of the other guys, the team lead will make a comment about her being a girl. I found it to be quite rude.

  • Kkaos

    I can see where you're coming from. I operate in a very male dominated field as well and I've found the women I've worked with to be great. Great team players without the ego and attitude than many male counterparts have.

  • shephardjhon

    I get your points but what about men just wanting to have a job they will like? Corporate America twists your words and takes food off the plates of several men AND their wives/children because "HIRE MOAR WYMEN" culture.
    For new male computer science graduates finding a job is MUCH MUCH MUCH harder than new female grads. (Speaking from experience).
    Civil Engineering or other construction type things that you seem to work in aren't as "sexy" so maybe their male grads are safe while I have to have 5 years of experience to apply for an entry level job or have a PhD to work as in intern at Adobe https://research.adobe.com/internships/, and then fill form that asks my gender and race. Speaking out against any of this could get me fired like the one engineer from Google, who has now been co-opted by the Alt-Right because now he can't get any other job.
    So as a new male computer science grad: FUCK YOU.

    • ManOnFire

      Ahahaha! And that's okay. I agree with you about the employment system and institutions giving women too easy of a way to the top, definitely. And I myself have had women chosen over me in the past. But still none of this cancels out the behavior of men in all-male environments, especially if you are the guy that doesn't click with all their bologna. Why should I have to agree with that or say it's okay just because I'm a guy?

  • Alice2398

    I work in a warehouse with all guy's and I'm training to be a electrical engineer and I have to agree on some of the points you made sometimes I wish I was not the only woman as there not very understanding and constantly act like jocks so I feel like I have to be the same.

    • Alice2398

      But on the plus side I feel like I don't have to care that much about how I look or what say because I work if all guy's, it can be fun and we have a good laugh its just they don't take things very seriously at all, don't listen to each other, constantly want to out do each other and take jokes to far sometimes what drives me up the walls

    • Alice2398

      I should really do a MyTake on this too

    • ManOnFire

      You should. I mean, there ARE plus sides to working with guys but I wonder if the bad outweighs the good for me.

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  • Jon_25

    I also work in a male dominated workplace. Actually right now I think my girlfriend is the only girl working there besides a phone girl, but she's never in the yard. Guys are definitely more roudy and immature in group settings than alone or around women. They can really remind you of highschool, and I think that's why I get more nervous when our boss comes in with a clipboard and pencil, as if he's gonna expell me. There are a lot of bad things about working with just other men, one being that my knuckles get tired a lot when the other guys start hitting on my girl. (We met at work but got together outside, and no I don't usually try to impress her via working).
    But, my girlfriend's other job across town is quite different. I volunteered there a few times (it's a not for profit) and it's vastly female dominated. I was fine for the first few hours, but then I started to realize how much was happening I hadn't been aware of. Everyone was gossiping about everyone else constantly. You couldn't turn your head without hearing some dirt about a coworker. Those girls were harshly mean and good at it. At least five rumors had spread about why I was there in the short amount of time since I'd started, and my girlfriend was targeted by a ton of gossip and nasty rumors as well. I actually started to feel sick from how they were talking, and I had to go outside for a while to get over it. Maybe not all female dominated work places are like this, but I would never want to work in such an uptight, gossipy place like that. I never complain much about my co-workers anymore..

  • WhereAmI

    If you care about that job, make the effort to get along with others and network. Learn more about current sporting events so you can talk intelligently with others. It's one of the ways I gained a few friends when younger and I didn't even care to watch sports, but I did it. Kind of a means to an end. If it's not for you it might be time to move on and be happier.

    • ManOnFire

      Why is talking about sports at all intelligent?

    • yeah my brother hates watching sports so that alienates his peers. especially in dumb environments like warehouses, were all men are football fans. non watchers are thought as weird etc.

    • WhereAmI

      @levantine99 To me it's just one of the many ways to make small talk and it's pretty universal with a lot of folks you run into all the time.

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  • Comawhite666

    In my new job I am the only female chef, and the only other female in the kitchen is a kitchen porter who does weekends so I'm pretty much the only female there and it does feel a bit awkward but luckily they all seem really friendly and helpful and are looking after me. All female environments tend to be quite bitchy and I seem to 'click' better with guys nowadays. I went to 2 all girls schools in the past which I enjoyed but was quite cliquey and hostile sometimes.

    • men in the workplace are more helpful to females cus they trynna show off u know that right?

  • thisissweet

    In my experiance i have better communciation with males. I get straight to the point and i dont like the clickiness of females. In fact i once overheard a female talking about how she did not like the"vibe" of another female. I find this very unprofessional

    • ManOnFire

      I noted that I understand how females can prefer male co-workers but that as a guy it's not always great working with other guys.

    • yeah I get it. But we both have to survive in the working environment. Do you want an opinion on how to tackle this?

  • Redstang88

    I’ve mostly worked in male dominated environments, and definitely prefer it.
    I do get it though, you need thick skin and to enjoy the banter and pranks, and not everyone does.

    And I give credit to the girls I’ve worked with, they’re tougher than most dudes to these jobs

  • RoiseLee

    I’ve worked at job where it was mostly guys. Geez guys can be weird. Another girl and I were the only females. Guys would literally try do our job for us or “fix” something we did. God forbid I looked a little tired this one guy would not take no for a answer when I said I can handle it! They were nice to us just because we were girls. Not saying I didn’t appreciate the team work, but gosh.

  • oxoxo-lover

    Interesting. I think most women don't think about this because most guys are not vocal about it and also guys seem more laid back in general. Maybe just being in a room full of one gender isn't a great idea. For me it is the opposite, as everyone knows women are more aggressive towards other women. I literally depend on my male co workers who are more compassionate and caring towards me. I have noticed that guys tend to have a weak spot for the girls.

  • front2back

    I have worked in a co-ed, a female-dominated (I was the only guy), and a male-dominated (no women) workplace.
    Each has their upsides and drawbacks, but I will say that I preferred the male-dominated atmosphere, however, it all depends on the quality of men you are surrounded with.

  • JDavid25

    I agree.. I used to work in a warehouse where it was mostly just guys back there, and they did most of the stuff you named.. And tss.. The females got on my nerves too.. You see most of them talked to females on the fly like you described.. And a lot of the females liked that.. I wasn't like that, and sometimes I could tell when a female thought I was weak, or somethin.. SMH.. I mean workin wit guys got it's perks... But I do like workin wit females more.. Especially since I talk wit females better.. Although I also agree that I prefer males bosses.. Cause Female bosses be straight trippin..

    • ManOnFire

      We are 100% on the same page. Yeah the females get a kick out of it too. They like being the workplace whore, so to speak.

    • JDavid25

      We definitely are.. & Yeah they did.. I guess it made them feel special.. LOL..

  • desidoll

    I agree. I mean I don't really get along with females in general, but when it comes to work, I always prefer my own gender. The reason is males are mostly bad at admin works. They can be disorganised and inefficient.

  • Outofthegrey

    I have never understood caring about this. People are people, and you're just going to dislike some of them. Whether I have to hide that I enjoy going to the gun range and carry one on myself every day, or have to hide that I like the female pop singer Meg Myers, I have to hide something.

    • ManOnFire

      So they should also accept that other guys who don't follow along are people too.

  • BillyB4

    Yeah I agree with you. I’m a kind of a nerdy guy and I’m straight but I honestly prefer working with women because I find the whole I’m-a-macho-jock attitude really annoying when I have to work with lots of guys.

  • Avallach

    Any thoughts on how to at least slightly improve the situation?
    You said the experience you had changed you. But if you did things like your co-workers do you would definetely gain the same personality.
    So is this a great insight into the situation that leads to some improvements, tips or you are just bragging about it because life made you different?

    • ManOnFire

      There is nothing to brag about. This is insight into the situation, yes. Take it for just that.

    • Avallach

      So you, as experienced in communicating in teams where almost everyone is a male have no ideas how to better behave in that environment? I bet you have something on you mind how to treat competitive and cocky males :)

    • ManOnFire

      Yes. You teach people how to treat you by what you will allow from them. That's how I handle it. When they can see you're not a fan of something they do or say then they will not do it. That's really the biggest thing.

  • 10dsw

    I worked at a research hospital as a graduate student with 90% female nurses. You think male co-workers are bad? Try having 90% female co-workers, and especially the types who are constantly back stabbing and sabotaging each other.

    And being one of the few males who ranks above them education-level wise doesn't help either... you become a target.

  • lord_chilled

    Lol, thats a lot of self egostroking for a man who is obviously not man enough to handle masculine environments 😂😂😂

    • ManOnFire

      Oh I can handle masculine environments fine. I just can't tolerate all the bullshit.

    • What you call "the bullshit" is just part of the environment. And you onviously can't handle it.

      And the fact that you have to put down those men repeatedly saying they aren't real men just shows your insecurity.

      You seem to be able to handle female environments just fine. Their bullshit is okay to you.

      The problem is that you dont fit in well, with male packs.

      If you dont have common interests , thats very hard to do. But once you fit into a group, you would find that its a lot cooler.

      But no one can fit into ANY male group, thats just not possible. You just have to deal with it, no sense in putting them down.

    • ManOnFire

      My temperance and behavior is accepted in different male circles, and this is definitely the case with Hispanics and Middle Eastern men. But get into the common American male bullshit and it's no different than the female cliques we all complain about.

      I can do your job. I have your endurance. I have your strength. But your good ol' macho tough boy shit isn't needed. And I don't give 2 shits about your football teams. I can respect that's what you're into - a lot of people are, yet they can't accept the person who doesn't relate. And that's a problem.

      Female environments have their problems like I also noted, but it's not to the degree of guys'. Funny to me how a bunch of dudes on this Take can whine about how emasculated or "bullied" they felt working with women but are fine taking each others shit.

      "The problem is that you dont fit in well, with male packs."
      - Rather they don't know how to accept others.

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  • SirBarristanSelby

    Yeah, to be honest I prefer a mixture. Too many girls and it gets bitchy. Too many guys and it gets too competitive. With roughly equal numbers these horrible gender traits tend to cancel each other out and everyone is happier.

  • NerdInDenial

    You say that until you get accused of sexual harassment. It’s interesting you criticize other men for being competitive; that’s just instinct. You just sound as if you want external validation because you put blame on these men, but hey, to each is their own. Good luck!

    • ManOnFire

      It's interesting to see how guys really can't admit this stuff about themselves. For anything else they'll admit what they believe to be true about our gender - we struggle to get sex, don't have many options, etc. - but can't even fess up to our own simple-mindedness.

      I couldn't care less who validates me or not, I'm just telling my story.

  • DamnMan

    Depends on the people.
    I work well with others or by myself and am not afraid to say, "I dunno."
    The most important things to me is to get it done, by any means necessary.
    I like male and female co workers, but not female only bosses. They don't work for me. Male bosses get it done, while female bosses want to know the why and I like both in tandum, but not one or the other only.

  • Mr-Kabuki

    I've worked in both female dominated enviroments, male dominated and mixed. over all, mixed is always better, but id almost rather be around a little more girls than guys. Im currently in trade school to become a truck mechanic and its all guys. my issue with working with all guys is thats its straight up just boring. your right about having to social fight dominance and respect amongst the other males and this is just a natural human function. Look up dominance hierarchies. its usually too much work and takes the fun out of social interaction. its almost like a game, but i dont believe in not playing. i think your playing whether you believe so or not. sometimes not giving a fuck will earn you respect and sometimes it will outcast you because you won't end up paying attention. either way i still prefer working in places with a decent mix of guys and girls. men and women tend to civilize one another.

  • englisc

    I actually like a lot of the stuff you mentioned, and haven't really experienced things like guys obsessed with football (or "soccer" if you're American, which I can't stand either). I haven't worked in a place where people are so nervous or worried about looking silly either, we rip the piss out of each other but in order to do that you have to be able to laugh at yourself - if anything what will make you look silly is if you take yourself so seriously that you do worry about that stuff or you get easily offended.

    I actually prefer working with mainly men because you can do that stuff without anybody getting upset, with women you have to kind of watch what you say. Not to mention that I just prefer the kinds of work that men tend to gravitate towards anyway.

  • aaaae2e

    Wow i want to work with males only coworkers 😍 its acutually my dream job lol

    • ManOnFire

      Lol. Well, since you're a female they're gonna treat you differently and some will even try to come onto you. Hope you're ready for that lol.

  • Ahsthen

    It matters how you carry yourself, how you handle them, and how much you watch. I stand upright and walk with confidence. I let people be however. Occasionally I'll ask a question, like, 'why do you like that?' Something innocuous but informational, and oftenly gives them pause.

    If they ask me if I watch football, I say I don't. Then they usually ask what I do watch, and I say I don't watch TV. I say it in a matter-of-fact way. They usually stop there. Occasionally they feel threatened, but it hasn't gone anywhere.

    The same circumstances happen with females - though being 'firm yet soft' often encourages them to speak their mind.

    In either case, though, I have little if any compatibility with them. Oh well.

    • ManOnFire

      I do all those same things you mentioned and I am still seen as an oddball. The only good thing though is that they respect me as far as being a co-worker goes but fitting in with their groups? Nah, they don't think I'm cool enough.

    • Ahsthen

      And you wouldn't want to. They a ho, an you a spade.

    • ManOnFire

      Lol. Yeah true.

  • Elise_Art

    This post did help me a bit, my school environment is really aggressive and competitive, and I’m sick and tired of it..

  • Piteka5

    I can relate, I ended up in a mostly female class in high school, and got used to it, I wen't to college and the great majority of students are girls, so I am better dealing with girls than guys

  • I would much rather be in a female-dominant workplace than a male-dominant one. I'm just the kind of conservative girl who prefers to keep a safe distance from boys, lol. In fact, if I had the option of choosing what kind of school I wanna go to as a kid, I would have definitely asked my parents to send me in an all-girls school. Sure, girls gossip a lot that's why I don't have friends, I hate gossiping. But still, I wouldn't like it when guys stare at me and try to hit on me, ugh. Stay away please!

  • steveguitar

    I get what your saying, I don't like being around guys all the time either, maybe due to my childhood in school: getting made fun of by guys, and whatever else.

    I'm not saying that I can't work with them, but it can be very boring, plus I don't make a good "guy friend". I know nothing about sports on tv, I used to play a lot of sports , but never cared to watch. but besides that, when there are other guys around along with girls, those confident guys just dominate the whole scene with lame jokes that every cocky guy has said, which aren't even funny

  • lovelyhoneybones

    I enjoy just the right amount of male co-workers. Enough for each day of the week. Eye candy for each day I work.

  • Alessus

    Can't say I relate, though, I've never worked in a place that was female dominated. In my current workplace, we are all guys now, we had a woman, but she was transfered. We do have our differences as individuals and we don't always see eye-to-eye on things, but generally speaking even if there is some personal conflict, they won't let it show because that is professionalism. But I suppose the military isn't exactly your common workplace, but I can't say I've seen much of the useless bravado/over-macho-man thing you were talking about either, which stereotypically should probably be present.

    • ManOnFire

      Yeah military is different from stuff like construction or warehouse.

  • Max_winner1

    Huh? I'm a pipelined I work with guys and girls all the time. I just do my job and drink with the guys after work.

  • Cosytoasty

    I work in a male dominated industry too and i interact with those “jock circles” you speak of, the professional male circles, all the way upto the “rich asshole” managers. I don’t find the jocks to be bad at all because Im comfortable in that strong male environment BUT... that middle group is a dream to work with, most of them I work with are what you can call socially adept geeks.

    Each to their own though, nobody should look down on you for liking different types of people who aren’t the ‘morn’ in your field.

    • ManOnFire

      When I wrote this I saw a vision of you reading and answering and I knew exactly that you would say this.

    • 😂 well, point is, I’m going to guess it’s because of the types of guys you’re working with, I mean not all girls are sunshine and flowers either (in fact they get far more catty if it suits them).

      If you just focus on the job - eyes on the prize and that $$ ... you end up not caring and adapting to who you work with.

    • ManOnFire

      Oh I'm aware that women in an all-female environment aren't great either, and I said that, but it's not that great with dudes either. It's hard to find guys who really have different focuses and mentality. At least for me.

  • CT_CD

    You want more female co-workers? Are you trying to get falsely accused of sexual harassment?


  • name_is_christian

    Men are naturally competitive and it sucks at times.

  • didigo182

    I think contrary: the worst co-workers to me are Women.

    Gossipy, hysterical, envious, competitive for attention.

  • SlavBoi

    i prefer wirking with men, but i do hard work stuff and i don`t see women in my job

  • ovoxo_

    So you're a feminine boy who feels emasculated being around masculine men. Got it.

    • ManOnFire

      And you read somebody else's answer and just repeated it. Group think. Got it.

    • ovoxo_

      I answered this directly from the feed. I do not copy other's answers sissy boy.

  • Safa_Malfoy

    so your scared to work with guys lmao

  • Eternallylucky

    The jock itch... sorry no guys

  • jacquesvol

    Very good take!

  • 2opaz

    Because you can't fuck them

  • CoffeeWC

    I feel the same way.

  • LittlePrince85

    I agree.

  • LivinLegend

    Do you work contruction?

  • Kiran04

    So... beta male. Got it.

    • ManOnFire

      Ahahaha! Very much the opposite. It's these tough ass guys on the job who are betas on the inside and all show on the outside.

    • Kiran04

      Is it now? Do they get the job done? Because that's really all that matters in the end. Job gets done. If they are, then whatever is on the outside isn't really all that important. Virtually everything you said was purely anecdotal. I laughed when you insinuated that "Guys are worried about looking stupid with each other". Oh please, we look stupid around each other all the time. It's when the females are gone that the "give a fuck meter" reads zero. Everyone does dumb things, and it makes for great stories and memories afterwards. That's what men share with one another, and we're much more ourselves around one another. There's no one to impress.

    • ManOnFire

      Uh uh. None of this is entirely true. No doubt they appreciate if you get the job done but if you're still not relating to them and their circles they don't reall accept you as a buddy and can still even try to judge how manly they think you are.

      What I said has been going on for years, and everywhere. I'm just a guy who actually wanted to talk about it. And yeah, guys do care about looking stupid with each other even when a female isn't around. It's still that male pride where they want to maintain a cool image and not be the one the other guys thinks is stupid or dorky.

  • Anonymous

    That was interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Why are republicans all racist thats completely untrue

    • ManOnFire

      Not all, but a lot of them are either outright racist or subconsciously racist, yeah.