Why Guys Prefer Small Boobs Now

Why Guys Prefer Small Boobs Now

1. Focus is more on lower body now

The trend currently is to have a well built lower body . So thick thighs, wide hips and a big butt are what's favored.

2. Rich men have been proven to find smaller boobs attractive

Who wouldn't want to attract a rich man? Rich men also favor lower body fat percentage in their women.

3. Big boobs sag quicker

Just a fact.

4. Big boobs make a woman look older

If you think about older women they always have big saggy breasts, so people tend to associate big boobs with older women .

5. Skinnier women have small breasts

And skinnier women are considered more feminine and attractive. So smaller boobs are seen as more feminine rather than spilling ones.

Why Guys Prefer Small Boobs Now
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  • Киттйлинк
    Haha funny. But no.

    Guys like boobs period!
    Straight guys anyway.

    While what you say does make sense, small boobs is not a “preference “ per’say... .. if it’s about preference then men in general, would prefer a slender woman with rather big breasts not hug but certainly on the bigger side, perked and round, rather than small...

    Having said that, most guys have zero complains about super small boobs.. yet it is not a preference if they could make up theor ideal woman I can assure you that most would have a fully round set of boobs on a small framed woman with a round perky full butt as well!

    Nice take! Women with small boobs should be proud of what they have and it is certainly not a big problem for majority of men, yet it is not an ideal preference if they could choose. 💁🏼‍♀️
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  • Genie23
    "And skinnier women are considered more feminine and attractive. So smaller boobs are seen as more feminine rather than spilling ones."

    Not necessarily. Being feminine and attractive have less to do with breast size and more to do with the overall body shape, how a woman walks, how a woman walks, the way she moves, how a woman speaks, etc.

    "Big boobs sag quicker. Just a fact."

    Nah, not in every case.

    If you want to feel good about your body and your breast size and make other skinny girls with small breast feel more confident and beautiful, that's awesome. But putting down girls of other bigger sizes and big breast is really awful and pathetic. It makes you look really insecure, bitter and immature.
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    • Yeah. And men with boobs as well. Think about how they would feel.

    • I like them all but big boobs that will sag are wonerful as well. Munching on a big hanging tit is mighty fine.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    Let me guess... you're the same one who posted about why men prefer short women. And you have no boobs. So once again you are trying to drag other girls down to your level. LMAO.

    I do find it pretty hilarious when girls like you seem to think you are authorities on what men like and want in a woman.
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    • Anonymous

      By the way, you totally contradicted yourself with #1 and #5.

  • YHL6965
    Ah, it's obvious a random girl on the internet knows more about guys than guys themselves. Guys prefer different shit, including small boobs, but also including big boobs. Don't comb your insecurities by inventing "facts" that would value yourself.
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  • acooke-13
    I'm a member of the itty bitty tittie committee, but I don't think this is correct. You're putting people with big boobs down because of your own insecurities, don't do that. Love yourself no matter what your size. All boobs are beautiful and all boobs get attention. It's not a trend.
    • Paige90

      What size are yours?

    • acooke-13

      @Paige90 32C

    • Fuck offffff 32C is not small. itty bitty tittle committee membership revoked

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  • JanetJa
    I just snorted lmao. Guessing you in the no titty club. It's okay, I used to be jealous of small tits until I realized that I get a thousand times more attention from men than an iron board does. You can have the losers who like to feel bigger and stronger about themselves. Actually, a hundred men could tell me they hate my big tits now, but I wouldn't want to ever look like a little boy.
    • You sound angry from your wording.

    • Bigger boobs have always and will always be more attractive to men since it's a sign of femininity and fertility. That being said, what seems to be the case for most people who think that smaller boobs are now preferable is that they are just starting to realize that boob size doesn't matter as much as some women think. There are lots of other physical attributes we value above the size of someone's boobs when it comes to physical attraction, but that doesn't mean that bigger boobs are not desirable. It just means that it's not at the top of the list.

    • JanetJa

      @azzntittiz All I'm saying is only a woman (or should I even call her that honestly?) with small tits would write something so insecure to feel better about herself all the while poorly attempting to promote this false narrative that women with tits (real ones) are unattractive. I'm more amused than anything.

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  • Kurαȷ
    Men prefer small boobs now because the world is becoming more developed and financially stable.
    Thicker women are preferred when resources are scarce because they are perceived as more fertile and more self-reliant.

    Richer, more prosperous demographics prefer thin women because they are the most financially stable, while the unsuccessful prefer their women thick to make up for the lack of resources.
    It is basic reproductive behavior.
  • Selina_Kyle_
    Why this questions or takes never end. It always upt to the person, some may just like big some just likes small.

    in my opinion, they like any size as long as they find the girl pretty. As long as you are not like chubby and also you have beautiful face, even if you have A cup size or D, 90% of them will say it is perfect most of the time
  • Cynicaldreamer
    It's just preference. I've noticed as I've gotten older, most men prefer butts and/or legs over breasts. Whereas younger guys prefer breasts.

    I guess as guys mature, they don't really care about them as much.
  • juliascone
    You sound like a girl who’s just insecure about her small boobs and is looking for ways to make herself feel better. While yes the “trend” has shifted more to having a big ass and thighs but for some points like point 4 and 5 just don’t make sense. If you can draw he conclusion that skinnier women have smaller boobs, (with that logic) can’t you also conclude that they have smaller asses too so...
  • CasaNorba
    men who say they like smaller boobs are usually bullshitting. they say they like smaller because they know that if they say they like big ones they're gonna get called "perverts, pig, etc." which lowers their dating values in the long run, thus preventing their chance to get pussy
    • In real life, I get more attention than larger chested women, explain that. Also, more handsome and successful men are attracted to me but not my more busty peers, explain that. I still think B cups are perfect, but it would just not be fair to the other girls if I had those.

    • CasaNorba

      @azzntittiz you must have a big booty to compensate for that. if you do then you're probably getting attention from dudes who follow the big booty culture.

      "more handsome and successful men are attracted to me but not my more busty peers"

      that depends on what you're definition of "handsome and successful men" is and it can be a coincidence that the person who wrote this mytake said the same exact thing.

      till then it can't be a coincidence that the porn actresses, strippers, glamour models, etc. that are heavy chested are usually the ones that most men dig the most.

    • A lot of women do their boobs and bodies when they marry rich men, so no, rich men don't go after busty women. I used to also be a stripper, I danced in other countries and always pull men and get all the attention. I went to the Bahamas and got more attention than the Hispanics and latinas with straight hair and white skin with fake tits and ass, explain that.
      I am currently a five star model on Streamate where I make more than a lot of girls and get trolled by them because of it, explain that.

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  • Sbgirl
    It’s great to talk about the (quite literal) ‘perks’ of smaller breasts, but I wouldn’t put dome other breasts in the process. I have smaller boobs, and im starting to build my confidence with them and I do believe that small boobs have a very sexy and cute appeal, but big boobs are good too. I think the thing about breasts is that they fit the body they are on. Im slim and tall, so mine fit my body type and that’s what makes them sexy. The woman the boobs are attached to has a big inpact.
  • saucegoddess
    good cuz I know just ten or twenty years ago i would’ve been made fun of for having a big butt cuz it was an insult then, and bigger chests were hugely desirable. I’m glad to be born in this day and age where my small chest but larger lower half is appreciated.
  • dantetheexplorer
    I am amused by all these posts by women stating what men like.

  • Dashee
    Lmao wth. I'm a B-cup so I've got everything but big boobs, but I'm 100% sure most guys still prefer bigger boobs. It's just that smaller boobs are becoming more acceptable because of the bootyfactor, but it's not like big boobs are bad now or something lol
  • BlackMaleYou
    You got this all wrong. Arianna looks like a child tho.
    There are 2 camps when it comes to boobs ie guys that like small boobs and guys that like big boobs. I'm on team big boobs. My girl is petite and her small frame makes her breast look big. Big boobs sag quicker but no one is thinking bout that when they look at big tits. Both big tits and small tits are adored.
    Nice curves and butt is a bigger indicator of beauty for me. Tits can be smaller but ass and curves should keep me staring
  • Ed_Zullivan
    Large breasts or big butts have never been important to me. There is another reason why I prefer average or small breasts. Many women think they need to get breast implants. They think most men prefer large breasts. My sister did get breast implants last year. She had a bad reaction to her implants. She started having a lot of pain. She had to get her breast implants removed. She spent more than six months taking different types of pain medications. She barely got any sleep.
  • passinby
    I am only one vote here but I kind of already believed all of this before I saw your list. BUT this is all preference and I do go for the thin ones. #2 I did read somewhere once.
  • CHARismatic110
    Guys prefer different things tho. So smaller breasts are in, but so are bigger. And bigger bums are in, but so are smaller. Because there are billions of men in the world and they like different things. You sound kind of insecure tbh. You could've wrote about this without the negative undertones towards bigger boobs lol. And actually, curves have been known to be more feminine and seen as a sign of fertility. Just an FYI.
  • MrCKF
    Noting is real in this post.
    Guys choose what they find it looks good with natural beauty.
    So simply the fact that if someone is having big/bad boobs or skinny/high body fat will not be the main factor of a guy preferences.
    It is all about if your body asymmetry is balance.
    In my personal opinion, if a skinny girl with a D cup boobs, ill be immediately turned off.
  • MermaidMotel
    Lol... men like different things. Not every man prefers thicker thighs, wider hips and a bigger butt. "Rich men have been proven to find smaller boobs attractive"? I would love to see the extensive research on this😂

    Big boobs make a women look older? Meh, it depends on who you ask. Skinnier women have small breasts? Again, that depends. Plenty of average weight women have large breasts.
    • xyz94

      Actually there is a study which showed a correlation between income and breast-size preference:

  • vishna
    I think 5 is more on tract, skinnier women tend to have quite small boobs-so guys who are into thin women are more likely to find them also attractive (they want the complete package)

    ion know though, every guy I've ever dated has complimented muh boobs and specifically complimented the size (and they're just medium) so it's probably just the fact that their boobs and we women let the men get close to them XD
  • aa180
    Pfft, I'd choose one big-breasted girl over 10 small-chested chicks any day of the week.
  • Anon-ymous1
    *tits. Not "boobs." And... we don't "prefer" small tits. Some girls look better with smaller tits; most look better with bigger tits. I think it's amusing that a female wrote this.
    • Dashee

      What's wrong with the word "boobs"?

    • @Dashee It sounds dumb.

    • Dashee

      It sounds disrespectful to me tbh

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  • i1T2daty
    Not a new trend to me. I've always preferred that shape- and the lack of a bra which, to me, looks like something that should be worn by a football player than a girl.

    I have no scientific basis for this but my experience has been that lithe lovers have been much more passionate, vocal, and assertive sexually.
  • Tdieseler
    Honestly... guys dont give a shit about boob size unless its extremely small/non existent... or extremely large...
    If he can palm it... he's happy.
    • Shoot, I don't even mind non existent. Flat is perfect too, fucking WHATEVER.

      I know girls would never believe me, though.

    • Tdieseler

      @Bananaman177 they dont believe anything. I can't say im fine with flat... but most, if not all "flat" girls I've met seem to have a phat ass... and im an ass guy... i dont complain. If i can't hold the front... im latching on to the rear.

  • Schrodingerscat
    You don't have to put down others to put yourself higher. Just saying.

    Besides, just like guys can't dictate what women should like, girls should also not assume what men should like.
  • Prettyxblackxgirl
    I've noticed a lot of guys (mainly black guys) say they love girls with small boobs and a big booty lol
  • wankiam
    im 51 years old and alwys likd the same thing... tiny tits and skinny body with no ass. nothing to do with media fashion trends but i guess some young guys fall for that as a measure of what they 'should' be into
  • sawno
    I always assumed its human evolution of our minds, rather then being triggered in a more primal way we now evolved past our primal instincts to some degree. So rather then, BIGGER means more fertile we evolved to care more about a pretty shape because it is visually pleasing.
  • azzntittiz
    One guy stated that you shouldn't speak for what men want and let them, but I agree with your post, and not because I have small boobs. It is my own observation, even when I was a stripper, other girls tried to shame me and talk me into boob implants.

    They never liked me and tried to sabotage my looks in more ways than one, they saw the attention I got and was strategically trying to make me less special to the men.
    They also bullied me when I wore the Halle Berry pixie cut when I had short straight hair and would take turns telling me it didn't suit me because when I left the dressing room the men would stare at me with their jaws dropped. Still, so many men say the short hair is lesbian and ugly, I made the most money in pixie cuts and because I have a slimmer body and tiny boobs.
  • CuChullan
    A take base on assumption, not fact. Everyone's preferences are personal. You cannot dismember a body into it's various parts and pick one over the other. No one expects perfection, perfection is boring. I have my ideals re what i find attractive. What i get is the whole package. It's the whole package that makes the attraction, and the whole package isn't simply physical.
  • Fiddleus
    I perfer smaller breasts, but I also perfer athletic woman who tend to have them.
    I just find a efficient body more attractive.
  • Raven93
    1 and 5 are contradicting. Most guys are attracted to bigger breasts, it's been proven. Very few men like small boobs/ flat boobs. If a man said he preferred flat chested girls I would be a little worried since undeveloped girls (Children) typically have flat chests.
  • Bengo
    Most of the guys are more attracted to smaller boobs :) But if your boobs are naturally big, thats fine, dont do anything on them. A lot of girls nowdays think males like big boobs and then they go under the knife to increase it.
  • Jaysonava
    Yeah okay. I guess so. Whatever makes you feel better. I'm gonna be rich and I'm going after a french wife and a cocoa coloured Caribbean mistress for vacations
  • CJC1993
    Its all opinion, different men like different things just like different women like different things.
  • Dallsimo
    My current girlfriend is the first small titted girlfriend i have and I have to admit I prefer her small hard perky tits to any tits i played with before! If I had known I would prefer small tits, I would of tried it before! Lololol
  • AdmiralBailey
    I just think women with bigger boobs are more attractive. I don't see a future with a flat chested girl.
  • AD240pCharlie
    I wouldn't say that we "prefer" small boobs, I'd simply say that we don't focus as much on boobs as women often like to think. There are many other physical features we value above the size of your boobs.
  • Johnnie1000
    I still like normal and big boobs. I don't mean giant cow sized tits but big is good.
  • Wolframium
    Guys preffer girls. Girls have boobs.
    It's not rocket science…
  • jamesj03
    I like small boobs. Some guys like big boobs. It's always been this way.
  • Pink2000
    None of this is true... at all. What waste of a mytake. I honestly thought it was gonna be informative. How would you know what guys like 😂
  • lind_say
    Big boobs om girls shows her girlhood and is always more appreciated
  • BuchitaBuchys
    I don't think men like small boobs more now, it's just that since booty is all the rage, big boobs don't matter as much.
  • NatashaJ
    Lol ok what keeps you sleeping alright at night because I know men love feeling, and looking at big boobs.
  • Eli779
    True most guys my age prefer thicc girls but I personally prefer slim girls
  • Lui1998
    I just love boobs in general. However I do think there is such a thing as too big of boobs
  • Crankor
    I dont really agree saying those are the reasons. 1 is just saying the guy is a butt guy. 2 is just an observation. 3 well can't argue that 4 guess it depends on the person. 5 isn't always true and there's too much preference in that one
  • cykasenpai
    A handful boobs on a tight body is a ludicrous combo. That's the ideal.
    • Dallsimo

      I use to love when breasts were too big for my hands... but now i prefer small hard perky tits! ;)

  • dalibara
    Lol. The next post will be: why men préfère girls with acne and braces 😂
  • Sixgun77
    I agree with most of these, but I've always been a small to medium boob guy. Personally a big butt and thick thighs are a turn off.
  • redheadedbabe
    man I have ddd's, like I get plenty of intrest, most girls that have no tits get made fun of, not action lmao