Self Care For Men

I saw the following link and was inspired: Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

Self-care was the trend of 2018, and while more than half of millennial women made it their priority, many men have yet to embrace it. Perhaps put off by misleading notions of candlelit bubble baths and yoga, it’s time that men see self-care for what it is; listening to your body and taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing.

Let's be real, the best self care for men is to toughen up mentally first, then relax. A man isn't going to get anywhere with a weak will. We absolutely *MUST* be mentally resilient.

Self Care For Men

As for relaxing and self care in general.. well, men are different in that regard. A bubble bath isn't going to help all that much. Here are my ideas for men.

Self Care For Men

1. Sex!

A lot of men get anxious and feel worthless if they can't get laid. Sex is very, very important to most men, and I'm saying this is someone who personally can get by with masturbation.

Sex will validate us on a deep, primal level. To be lusted after by women (or men if you like that) is amazing and really solidifies our success as men.

I know it's primal, and seem silly, but that's just how it is for men. Most women don't have that same importance placed on sex.

Self Care For Men

2. Smoke weed!

This one is an obvious way to take a load off, but can be expensive and weak minds will get psychologically addicted or bitch and moan about this suggestion.

Self Care For Men

3. Workout and feel physically powerful, listen to music that pumps your adrenaline.

Us men love to feel in control and powerful, like we'd crush most threats. It's important for a man *NOT TO FEEL HELPLESS*.

We evolved to not be as dependent as women. Women can afford to have a man protect them, while men will have nobody to protect them but themselves in most cases.

Self Care For Men

4. Meditation.

I took Martial Arts for 11 years and it does work. Focus on breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Empty your mind of thoughts and emotions. Clean the slate and take control of yourself.

Control your emotions or they will control you.

Self Care For Men

5. Have at least one person you can tell anything to, one person who loves you for who you are.

We're supposed to be strong but even the strongest among us are only human. We're a social, group species, so having our social needs for filled is a fantastic help.

Self Care For Men

6. Take care of your body.

Be healthy, get enough sleep, etc and such things will do a great amount for your mental health. What more needs to be said on this?

That's all folks. I hope men found this useful and women learned more about men.

Self Care For Men
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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Id add to that first one that in my opinion men need to often stop and think first before llust takes them over and they do something stupid. Many men now can become very romanticized easily especially while in love or trying to find it. Probably should move it down a notch on the priority list. If its sex you want go jack off. Seriously. Any woman will anyways tell you they aren't objects, They are not. They are human with human needs. You dont need a human for an action that usually takes 10 mins or less! Dont let anyone say otherwise cause they more than likely have issues with that stuff of their own them. Near guerentee it.
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    • Juxtapose

      If sex takes ten minutes or less for you, then you might want to work on that a bit.

      Besides, I already specified that I personally can get by with just masturbation, but for most men, sex is almost everything and you will become a social outcast if you don't get laid a lot.

      It isn't rational, but it would be dishonest if I did not include it on the list because most men will not be able to help themselves no matter what I tell them.

    • Dude, there is no exact average for sex. (https://www. businessinsider. com/how-long-is-sex-normally-supposed-to-last-2018-4)

      Are you sure you're not a "male feminist"? Being condescending and subtle like that is a huge sign? The others on the list is fine, but i wouldn't encourage other men to go after sex just cause it's a supposed urge. I'd say resist it instead when possible, or yes, i does make a slave mind.

    • Juxtapose

      I criticize you for how long you last in bed and that relates to feminism how?

  • englisc
    Good take. The take you're responding to was well-meaning but it was filled with feminine stuff like face masks and shit like that, and talk about how men need to stop seeing those things as effeminate, but as you say men are just different and are interested in different things. I don't not use a face mask because I'm afraid another guy might call me a pansy, I'm just not interested. Many women just can't seem to grasp that idea. But yeah this is a good list.
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    • Juxtapose


      She really did strike me as a woman who thought that men had the same taste as her but were just holding back. Her intention is great though.

    • englisc

      Yeah, that seems to be pretty common.

      "You're really just like us women, you're just holding back"

      No, we're just not.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Good job, sir! I'm not into weed but I like the rest.
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    • Juxtapose

      To each their own. Some people won't even drink coffee because it's a drug, but if they aren't preaching about it then who cares?

    • Juxtapose

      And thank you.

  • I liked it
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  • coachTanthony
    I like it!

    The bong can make your life quite a bit better when you need to relax.

    Good Take!
  • frostwalrus
    1. Not an option (prostitution is illegal where I live).

    2. Meh, I don't do drugs or alcohol. And I think it's best that I don't due to my addictive personality and low personal agency (thank you, ADHD).

    3. This I'm on board with. It can't be overstated how beneficial high intensity workouts are for men. The silver lining isn't that you're becoming stronger, more physically attractive or even healthier. It's that you feel so empowered that nothing bothers you. You don't give a shit about women or anything after an intense workout. You're on top of the world.

    4. This I gotta get into. Think it will help with my ADHD.

    5. Again, not an option.

    6. I started eating whole foods exclusively and it did wonders (I have to always wear a belt now). I think the key is to find a diet you enjoy so you don't feel tempted to jump off the wagon. And I couldn't go back if I wanted to. I tried a pizza recently and it felt gross in my stomach.

    I would like to add that avoiding excessive masturbation would be a good thing. It really killed my energy levels, my focus and my motivation. Always felt fatigued and inhibited. Always avoided people. When you restrict masturbation, your testosterone goes up. The downside is that you think about women more. The upside is that you can actually deal with the world. I no longer feel like a whipped mule pathetically dragging itself through life, where everything feels like a burden.

    I heard fasting is good too.

    There is likely a ton of other things that are beneficial to men, but I can't think of any at the moment.

    • Juxtapose

      Why do you think that women just aren't an option where you live?

    • Because I'm unattractive to women on a physical, social and financial level. So I have nothing to offer them. I generally do not like women enough to pursue a relationship with one anyways. Never liked women. Never will.

      Generally speaking though, we need to self-improve on our own. We can not rely on means that involve the free will of others. Friendship and sex involve factors that are beyond our control so they ought to be excluded from any self-improvement list.

    • Juxtapose

      We are a social species and social relations with others, sexual or not, is a backbone for our mental well-being. If you isolate or alienate yourself, you will feel lonely and that is actually an evolutionary response that is warning you of danger because the tribe is not protecting you.

      Your mental and physical health is largely influenced by your psychological state and your psychological state is largely influenced by your social relations.

      I know it feels like we are rational creatures who should be perfectly fine alone, but we're just stupid primates who are still enslaved by evolutionary prerogative.

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  • latinabutterfly96
    Nice, I liked this Take. But I think instead of 1 person, there should be at least 2-3 people who you can really count on. Because if that 1 person leaves, what happens next?

    Anyway, I'm glad that men are getting more self-care than before. They're also looking after their appearance more, and we women appreciate that a LOT! <3
    • Juxtapose

      Agreed! Thanks for having a positive, constructive response.

  • hahahmm
    Only agree with the physical exercise & mental toughness.

    The fact you need someone to listen to you is actually a weakness but it’s impossible to get this till you get to the point where you’ve been truly successful without people giving a f about what you say.

    • Juxtapose

      "The fact you need someone to listen to you is actually a weakness"

      No, it's just not being blinded by pride. We've evolved to feel loneliness when seperated or alienated from other people, which is a *WARNING! DANGER! DANGER!* response.

      Humans are group mammals and actually mentally degrade if completely separated from people. Regardless if you like it or not, you have an evolutionary *NEED* for people and friendship that directly impacts your mental and physical health.

    • hahahmm

      Needing someone TO listen to you is pride actually. That’s why self-centered people want to talk more than anybody else. So I gotta disagree.

    • Juxtapose

      Being listened to and heard is part of friendship._.

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  • Syrian_survivor
    "Control your emotions or they will control you."

    Said by the same guy who encourages sex as a way of self-care, which is obviously driven by an emotion, lust.

    And obviously if you need to smoke something to relieve stress, you definitely have no control over your emotions, THEY have too much control over you that you gotta forget them and smoke them away, same thing for alcohol, they're an easy way out, a band-aid that doesn't last long before those emotions come back and beat you harder for an actual solution.

    But other than that, the Take was good, I just wished it was more explanatory and had more options, I'd love to read about such a concept more thoroughly.
    • Juxtapose

      Don't pretend you don't masturbate. You're not immune to lust, cut that shit out.

      I never said anyone *needs* weed either._.

      Also, I like cutting to the point and not rambling.

    • I'm not immune the lust, but I minimize its effect so I don't go and actually have sex, it's self-care because YOU care about YOURSELF without the help of others.

      I didn't understand your second statement.

      And I didn't mean ramble, I meant points and explanations for convincing people.

    • Juxtapose

      Ah, so you're just a prude, gotcha.

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  • Johnson6799
    It's too late for me now because my motor is already burning oil.
    I'll remember that in my next life though :-)
    • Juxtapose

      You're only halfway through life, assuming you live to be 80.

  • JSmuve
    I like the ideas here but just wanted to point out that numbers 1 and 5 aren't really self-care. They're dependent on another person taking care of your needs; whether that be the need for sex or the need for emotional support. If you can't find a person to take care of those needs then they'll go unmet, which is kind of the opposite of self-care.
    • Juxtapose

      You wear clothes to keep warm, you use the device you just sent that message with for entertainment, you drive paved roads, you eat food butchered/farmed for you, etc.

      Let go of the rugged, individualist fantasy because it is completely fake.

    • JSmuve

      I'm not sure what any of what you just wrote has to do with my comment. You're implying that because I can use inanimate, non-sentient objects to accomplish something, that I can do the same with people? Surely that's not what you're saying. Objects are just tools. A simple means to an end. People aren't.

    • Juxtapose

      People are easily manipulated to get what you want or need. Fortunately, you don't really need to turn to manipulation, as there is a looot of people, more than enough for you to find a sex partner and or friend.

  • TonyBologna25
    I agree all but 2... I’m not a weak mind because I don’t enjoy the effects of weed either. I take off my load of stress in different ways. I agree with everything else though. I especially like how you put emphasis into sex. This a huge one that really helps me.
    • Juxtapose

      If you reread it, you should see that I only criticize people who are ass hurt over the suggestion or get addicted to weed.

      I figured other men would back me up on sex. Sometimes I feel like women just don't understand how important it is to men on a psychological level.

  • I would rather replace weed with partying. Sometimes, getting drunk with some friends is a good way to clear your mind, even if it's not necessarily healthy body wise.
  • Janncis
    Exelent job, not fun of weed but will take a pipe any time of day.
  • Good article. I meditate every day. I also do many other routines that are not here.
  • I listen to music to calm my self. I also watch comedy films and shows.
  • NerdInDenial
    I Can’t smoke Weed due to work.
  • es20490446e
    Cannabis is bullshit.
  • Reach500
    Interesting list, I wouldn't have thought of #3
  • Very nice
  • Joker_
    I am self-caring