Men Need to Do Self Care More Often


Self-care was the trend of 2018, and while more than half of millennial women made it their priority, many men have yet to embrace it. Perhaps put off by misleading notions of candlelit bubble baths and yoga, it’s time that men see self-care for what it is; listening to your body and taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing.

Of all the suicides in 2017, 75% were male. In the US, there are only 28 mental health workers per 100,000 people. Committing to self care means that you find ways to strengthen your mental health before tackling problems that seem too large to overcome. It means reaching out and talking to people, taking small day to day opportunities to see the positives in your situation. It’s time self-care is treated as an important priority for everyone. Treat your body and mind with kindness; get them checked over, exercise them, feed them well and nourish them.

Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

Self-care is also seen as for women only because it tends to mainly be women who promote it. This is due to the fact that most mental health bloggers and advocates are women. So looking after your well-being becomes perceived as effeminate. And this perception may be enhanced by the kind of posts you see on social media or on blogs, where self-care is presented in a gender-specific way, perhaps using images of flowers and hearts, or with self-care written in ‘girly’ font or in pink. Honestly in my experience, when a man is doing anything considered feminine it's another man that makes him feel bad.

Most importantly, talk and listen. If men can help other men to practice self care without embarrassment, the boys and young men of today will grow up surrounded by true superheroes.

1. Go for a run or walk
2. Get a massage
3. Take a long shower or bath
4. Cook a nice meal for yourself
5. Get a haircut or get your beard groomed
6. Create a relaxing bedtime routine
7. Take a few seconds to deep breath

Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

8. Moisturize your face and skin
9. Make tea or coffee and just drink it in silence
10. Try toga or meditation
11. Go shopping
12. Go to bed early
13. Verbalize feelings for people you care about
14. Go for a hike
15. Practice saying, "no"
16. Try out a face mask
17. Stop repressing your emotions.

Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

18. Talk to someone you trust about anything that has been stressing you out
19. Tell yourself positive affirmations
20. Turn off your phone and read a new book
21. Jornal freely and brain dump all your thoughts and creative ideas
22. Call someone you love
23. Dress up even for a casual day
24. Remind yourself to be patient with yourself

Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

25. Ask for help
26. Go out to dinner, yourself
27. Try out a new TV show or movie
28. Do a workbook for mental health
29. Unplug from technology for an hour
30. Try something new

Men Need to Do Self Care More Often
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  • Remaining
    As we all know by now, being self aware makes your dick shrink in half. Some can risk it, some can't and I just want you to know that it's all okay. You're more than your dick. These are suggestions. No need to get defensive.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Ugh thank you. Masculinity and femininity has a long line between them. Many people are in different places on that line. Wherever people are on that line is completely fine..

    • Remaining

      Typical "Don't you tell me what to do!!" responses here. Like okay if you think drinking coffee, reading or breathing is gay no one is forcing you. Eating rusty nails, jerking off and whatever is considered manly enough doesn't always work

    • I don’t think people are defensive lol. I think men know how they function and operate, and are merely stating that this kind of stuff really only works for women and not so much men.

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  • MzAsh
    This would great for more men to embrace. Great MyTake! 🖤
    • Unit1

      Upvote for you, kind lady :) 👍 I'd do it twice!

    • MzAsh

      Thank ya! 🖤 Respect to you.

    • Unit1

      Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

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  • Sweatyotterr
    I agree mostly guys should focus more on themselves. but even tho men die from suicide more but it’s pretty well known women actually try to commit suicide more it’s just guys are better at killings themselves so obviously all this stuff women do doesn’t really work
    • Shouldn't that be a good thing that they were unsuccessful in killing themselves?

    • Duh but that doesn’t mean they weren’t sad enough to try, guys are just better at killing themselves they use guns and other more effective ways. Girls just take like 4 extra ibuprofens and think that will kill them

    • Men being better at killing themselves isn't something to be proud of.

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  • Boppy
    A note on 19. Positive affirmations:
    A study has found that they worked for people with high self-esteem, and backfired for people with low self-esteem.
    Not everything on the list will work for everyone, and some things make make people feel worse.

    For 25. Ask for help, it may be a bad time, as it depends on the culture.
    Many men lack a support network, but have people around who motivate them (My friends generally encouraging my success, but apathetic to my problems.) Asking for help and everyone you know refusing you can be rough. Often, when I've asked for help I was told "nobody cares" by one friend, and the others either said nothing or said I'd only be happy if I could take care of it by myself.

    I suppose that not all options will work, and some will hurt the person, but the self-care can come from seeing what works for them and choosing the helpful ones over the ones that actually harmed (this can be tricky, as a common motto around here is the military one, "pain is weakness leaving the body," which encourages pain in personal growth).
    • Everything works differently for different people. For example, therapy works for a lot of people. I've seen at least two therapists who made me feel worse about myself.

    • Boppy

      That sounds frustrating. Have you tried Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy? It's less focused on the life story stuff and more focused on creating good mental habits and behaviors. (Still, even with a good therapist, most people need the money, a support group, and around 2 years to measurably improve.)

      I go by the motto "you do you" because it all seems so individual.

    • One therapist made me feel like the perpetrator of things that people were doing to me. The therapist I saw before my current therapist, I felt didn't take me seriously.

  • Janncis
    Sorry but man are not woman, we dont think the same. While im happy for your concern, it isn't helpfull to man. Some of them might help but only for shirt time.

    I dont know what is to be girl, but i deam shure know what is to be man. Our walues aren't the same. If something bad happens girls want to cry about and talk about it, man what i need to do to fix it. And when you take that away from man, you can weary well take his willignes to live. Combine it with treating him like shit while breaking up and take away kids, all he owns, you will have an other suiced, yet an other number to statistic.

    Im sorry but man more often than not are valued of what they can prowide and do, girls in an other hand for being.
    Simply we dont live in same world no mather how much you want.

    Few weeks ago on reddit one girl just wroted post how she appriciates every man who reads it. You know we dont hear it often, in fact it magt be a long time for some man to hear it all. That post made my day and im shure it made other mans days to.
    • Typical "Don't you tell me what to do!!" responses here. 😂 I'm a little worried if you think drinking coffee, reading or deep breathing is gay but no one is forcing you.

    • Janncis

      Tell me where i said something is gay? Well then listen, quiz you have no idea what helps guys and what doesn't. Article activities simply aren't ones man will try to do when feeling down. Fixing car, racing, making something with hands, going to range or just sparring are all a lot better options

    • Again, these are all just ideas. Typical don't tell me what to do response.

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  • DudeDiligence
    That is a very female oriented list. Most guys would not get much enjoyment or value from most of the things you listed. Men deal with shit in different but equally effective (for us) ways. We take care of ourselves in ways you probably wouldn't understand. I could give you a list, but I suspect you would not get any more value out of my list than I would from yours.

    I know your intentions are good, just a little misguided.
  • vivmatt
    My boyfriend practises self care. It's called video games and asking me for blowjobs. Got me a stress free boi
  • Optymistyk
    It's quite ignorant to think male suicide rate is so high because we lack self-care. It's always been higher because it's harder to be an average guy than an average girl. When you're a girl and you are depressed everyone would jump on the opportunity to cheer you up. When you're a guy you're told to man up. Girls have it easier when it comes to dating&sex, financial&success expectations, body expectations, getting emotional support, getting general help. Historicaly men always got to reproduce less. For every man who got to have kids there's always been 2-17 women. Women don't get drafted for war. Today the male suicide rates are rising even further because the world favours women so much & it's hard for a guy to find his place and purpose in this cynical world
    • All I'm saying is that men should put themselves first. Sorry you missed the point. Also some women don't want kids. Not now, and not ever.

    • I don't get what putting yourself first has to do with self-care. What you described are nice ways to relax if you got the time and money and a partner. Like yeah I'd rather have a SPA massage and go shopping than do overtime at work. But I want to have money and a successful career and a rich social life and a strong body and beautiful women and only after all that comes relax and self-care. If I don't have those things then no matter how much I self-care I'm gonna be worried and stressed and lonely.

      I guess it's good on you because you can choose if you want to have kids or not. I can't. If she gets pregnant I have no say on abortion, it's her decission.

    • Get a vasectomy then. I didn't know deep breathing, reading, and exercise coat so much money. Who knew.

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  • poseidon1111
    Abandon stereotype guys and secondaly if you still folly the stigma of yoga is for girls etc.. take up a martial art a lot of martial arts require flexibility and agility similar to that required by yoga also martial arts are known to incorporate different languages, meditation. And history lessons it's a great way to improve cultural understanding, as well as mental and physical health.
    • My dad and several of his male co-workers do yoga. They work for a construction company.

    • Good on them, construction is terrible for back problems👍

    • Yes I'm glad for that. My dad works a shit ton and I wish he didn't shoulder the burden so much. One of these days when I make enough money, I'm going to pay for his retirement.

  • ImagineSketchy
    Is self care really effeminate? I don't see why people care what others have to say that much... That you would stop what you're doing if you like it.
    I do most of the things you mentioned... Though I'm not sure how trimming facial hair is relaxing at all. I can't stop repressing my emotions. I don't feel anything.
    • The typical don't tell me what to do responses. Not sure who told them that reading, exercising, and deep breathing is that feminine.

    • I don't know. Beats me. I just know that everyone has their own ways of... Self care even if they aren't normal or expected.

  • JKingOff
    I don't have time for any self care aside from shit, shower, shave, teeth, nails and hair cuts. You want me to look and feel better? Get a second job, pay more of the bills, and I'll go to the gym and get a back rub. Otherwise stop complaining about my looks when I'm trying to make ends meet.
    • I work 12 hour shifts and still do yoga for a half hour everyday. People make time for the things that are a priority.

    • JKingOff

      Exactly my point. It's not a priority. I also work 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week. I have to sleep 8 hours, plus it takes me about 2 hours to and from work one way. So what time do you think I have? Like I said. Get a second job. Take over more of the bills and I'll be happy to hit the gym and get a back rub.

    • No one is bitching about your looks.

      People weren't born to pay bills and die. If you were to die, I guarantee your boss wouldn't attend your funeral but would be looking for a person to fill you.

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  • nathanp97
    99% of those suggestions sound horrible. I agree that self care is important, but I don't think you understand men at all. Those things don't interest most men.
    • So what are your suggestions?

    • nathanp97

      Hanging out with the guys, drinking, various physical activities. Everyone is different and enjoy different things. From my understanding the guys who commit suicide do so because they feel lonely. Doing things in isolation won't really help.

      Why not just say go do something you enjoy regardless of what others think?

    • Drinking probably isn't the best idea if you aren't in the right place mentally to begin with.
      1. Go for a run or walk
      14. Go for a hike
      22. Call someone you love

      Wow that's exactly what you suggested

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  • ManOnFire
    I actually used to do yoga and breathing exercises years ago. I used to go to the gym regularly. I drink green tea. And I use essential oils, which really can help.

    The advice you're giving is not bad, but it's still blaming men too much for why there's no care awareness for them. If we started heavily advertising saving men from this or that disease, positive mental health, and taking care of ourselves, women would still find a way to complain about even that - which they have done in the past when people started boldly putting a foot forward to talk about the importance of men's health. They would think society and the media is ignoring them and putting more value on men, which is why the media stepped back from it in the early 2000s.

    Also, it isn't just men who tease or put down other men for doing all these nice things. Women as well have thought a guy is a sissy, weak ass, or effeminate for it. Especially the ones who are attracted to uber men, that are really just assholes.

    Suicide is higher among men because men choose full proof methods, and it still takes a lot for a man to decide to get that point. Women however attempt suicide 3 times more than men, which tells us about their own issues of not having strength more than it does about men's. If they killed themselves with the same methods men use, their rates would probably be even higher than ours.
  • 40Ninjas
    I agree, men need to start looking out for ourselves and focus on ourselves and our own happiness and not what the liberal media and society tells us to do.
    • What about the conservative media?

    • 40Ninjas

      The conservative media is not going around trashing men daily. They encourage men to be men and to be confident. I appreciate that in a time when the mainstream media calls men toxic everyday and shames men like me for simply being a man. I see it everyday on my campus.

    • 40Ninjas

      All in my opinion of course, but I do agree with your original statement and a few of your suggestions

  • Kdude010
    You might as well tell men to wear their favorite dress too. Nowhere in your list does it state any manly activities and no I'm not being sarcastic.

    1. Go to the range
    2. Go driving
    3. Go out for a beer/drink
    4. Guys night out
    5. Go lift weights

    Feel free to do yoga and all the rest, but be real now. Go shopping? Are you trying to doll up men? Lol
    • You don't go shopping for clothes you like? Does your mom still do that?

    • Kdude010

      A female telling men to go shopping for clothes lol
      You might as well tell men to buy makeup as well.

      You act like men never go shopping for clothes, or make coffee, or read.
      All your list is doing is making men more feminine. We have our own activities for "self-care". Try going to the range. It's much better than doing yoga or going "shopping!" lol

    • My dad does yoga. If you want to wear makeup feel free. A lot of women agree that men need to be more open about their feelings. People are just defensive about showing how manly they are I guess

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  • canadiancoloursky
    I just scream System of a Down with my headphones in... While running at the park of course!!!
    I sing in public, and I don't give a fuck about the haters, personally they can go fuck themselves!!!

    Self care----not worrying about others judgmental viewpoints
  • Blightly
    I hear girls say
    "Guys need to be more sensitive and open."

    Then I hear girls say
    "What happened to men, none of them are manly anymore."

    Damned if we do, damned if we dont
    • You can't please everybody. A lot of the other woman who shared opinions agreed though

    • Just gotta be yourself man. Either way you’ll get haters.

  • well all those things might help a bit but have you ever thought about that live for men just sucks more and that's why they're more likely to be suicidal? social pressure on men is huge. you don't get rid of it by doing some recreational stuff. even therapy can only help you so far.
    • There's a tremendous amount of things that go into male suicide

    • yeah i just feel like a bit of recreational stuff isn't enough to fix that xD

    • And we will discuss... none of them.

  • Faint
    I find some of your list pretentious as shit. All you have to say is take care of your physical and mental health. Find a hobby, go to the doctor, etc. Many already have their own interests that they use to pamper themselves, if they don't they don't, if they want to they will seek it out.
    • I wish I made enough money to be considered pretentious.

  • 2os4ngeles
    Self-care is an idiotic concept that has only sprung up because the modern world is obsessively individualistic.

    If people actually interacted with each other (offline), they might care for each other instead of inventing stupid concepts like "self-care" and blogging about how they're giving themselves a back rub.
  • blutwolfe
    I've done about 2/3 of those, only maybe half of that helps. Some of them is like shooting myself in the foot.

    I feel it's more so about being positive and confident, and so many men get shut down these days so they just give up on life. Granted they were never given the help in the first place so they're trekking through life lost as hell, I can see that on these forums. Not to mention throw society standards in the mix and a large chunk of the male population isn't gonna go outside now.
  • armleg
    women need to fuck sad men more often it will increase their will to live and therefore self worth and then won't harass women as much because they won't be as desperate either that or we need euthanasia for losers because i can't think of a solution
    • I don't have to fuck anyone who I don't want to. Plenty of women go long periods without sex and they don't harass people. These men you speak of just need to be better people.

    • armleg

      sex isn't important to women because women's chances of reproduction are very high

    • That's too bad. I don't want kids.

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  • backdoorman
    Nice take. I agree with some of it.

    But suggesting that men handle their problems, emotions and mental health related stuff more like women do may not be such a good idea considering that women actually attempt suicide more than men do. Just sayin.

    Men and women are different and we handle things differently. There seems to be a pervasive misconception lately that men are just as emotional as women but don't know how to handle their emotions as well. That's not really true. We just handle them differently. We'll never manage our emotions the same way women do because we are different from women, so please stop suggesting we should be more like women. We're not like women, and we never will be. And that's a good thing.
  • Dargil
    THIS is fukking self-care.
    A 500 mile weekend on my Sportster in the mountainous back country.
    No electronics.
    Camping on the ground.
    Eating in hole in the wall restaurants.
    Listening to my engine
    Feeling the countryside smelling the air.
    Get your motor runnin'
    Head out on the highway
    Looking for adventure
    In whatever comes our way

    Yea darlin', gonna make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space

    I like smoke and lightnin'
    Heavy metal thunder
    Racing with the wind
    And the feeling that I'm under

    Yea darlin', gonna make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space

    Like a true nature child
    We were born, born to be wild
    We can climb so high
    I never wanna die

    • Jamie05rhs

      I want to get a Sportster. Someday...

    • Dargil

      This upgrade is coming.
      Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

    • Jamie05rhs

      Oh man- nice! A little modern for my tastes, but that's alright.

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  • Dolemite510
    I agree we are overworked and unhappy but men are too busy working extra to pick up the slack so women can take maternity leave, pick up the kids from school, and “find themselves #Oursweatandunhappinessletswomenstayoblivious 🤣🤣
    • A vasectomy should help with that. I don't support maternity leave for just women. If we have maternity leave, we need it for men too. Not sure who you're trying to impress.

    • I’m not trying to impress anyone I’m just merely stating it’s a fact that men on average work longer hours and have more demanding/risky jobs and women on average choose to work less and take less demanding jobs to pursue things that make them happy. We’re there to balance things out, even if it makes us unhappy, is all I’m saying.

    • No one is forcing to do anything. Plenty of women have stressful jobs. I'm a tech in a neuro intensive care.

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  • JSmuve
    Good idea. Guys need to take care of themselves just as much as anyone. Buuuuut, we're not like women and I imagine unless the guy is gay or really effeminate, none of what you listed is going to be all that helpful. A lot of guys' stress comes from feeling helpless in life which is exacerbated by social isolation. Whether that means not having a support network or not getting laid, a lot of guys find that they're in this dark hole all by themselves with no one to connect with or turn to for comfort.

    So, given that, which of the 30 things you listed will directly help with a guy connecting with someone and/or getting laid? Very, very few. All the face masks, new teas, haircuts, and nice meals aren't going to get rid of the crippling sense of isolation and loneliness that plague a lot of guys.
  • Kiran_Yagami
    We've survived as a society for centuries without obnoxious amounts of self indulgence like this. I think we can continue to survive without it. Men need exercise, friends, and mental stimulation, but that's it. Self advancement is much more useful than self care. Make yourself stronger, smarter, more knowledgeable, and richer, not spoiled.
  • morrowlow
    i agree that men need to do self care but the things you listed only work on women and are not suitable for men. if a man does all those things the only result would be him not even feeling like a man anymore
  • TonyBologna25
    I appreciate the point you’re trying to make being concerned with male suicide, but we don’t operate the same way women do. We receive stress relief in different ways like sex
    • Notice how all the men upvote me and how the women downvote?

  • lukewarm123
    Hey just wanted to say that I'm glad you posted this it's a very important topic to be aware of so thank you :)
  • winterfox10
    It would probably be a good idea, but so many of things men do come down to whether or not we think that it will improve our chances with women. Since so many women don't seem to care about whether or not we do anything beyond basic hygiene and health maintenance; it's tough to justify spending more of our paycheck on pampering.
  • Naxwi
    The list is a bit off as in most guys wouldn't get anything out of 70% of these. I get the general idea that these should be things to help you unwind, take a moment, take a breather, but most of these outlets won't work or don't really exist for men.

    Personally I needed four years of on and off depression to see any sort of value in what you are saying here and the only reason I sat those years out was because I had convinced myself that suicide was the ultimate weakness.

    Now I am the first one to speak up when shit hits the fan. Or talk to my buddies when they are going through some rough shit. Pretending you are alright when you're not is just living in a lie, I don't see any masculinity in that. You can give more to others when you can give something to yourself.
    • Thanks for getting the general idea. Everyone has different ways of dealing with things. Suicide rates have many, many contributing factors. This is a reminder that men need to put themselves first every once in a while. I know women that need to put themselves first more often as well. A friend of mine constantly puts others before herself. Also, my little brother just got surgery and both my parents have hardly slept the last few days.

    • Naxwi

      I personally think men are met with a lot of expectations and have very little patience with themselves which is why things like these seem so unnatural.

  • JackSmy
    So who are you, and what are your qualifications and degrees to decide that men need this? Why should I listen or give a sht what you think? I can't come up with a good reason, and one of the things that many guys hate, is women that decide they need to 'fix' men who don't need fixing!
    I think it is offensive and presumptuous on your part just to talk about some misinterpreted suicide statistics and then present this as if you are doing a favor to men, trying to manipulate and change them into something that maybe you prefer. Not to mention the assumption that men are in some way like women, and 'reaching out and talking to people' works for them, like women. Men are very different, and most of us are just fine in our own relationships with our male friends, and don't need a woman telling us to be more like a woman to be something we are not, nor want to be.
    • Another typical don't tell me what to do response

    • JackSmy

      What were you expecting?

    • Remaining

      "trying to manipulate and change them" Yes how awful, being to go for a hike, make a nice meal for yourself and take a deep breath.

      "telling us to be more like a woman " Most of these are not gender specific even if you think men shouldn't do beauty treatments. She just wanted be like hey men think the whole idea of doing self care is just for women when it's clearly not, you already might do some of these things and yes they count as self care

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  • ClearerAtN1ght
    I think this is well said. I see it with my husband. He's always stressed but getting him to take a day off or really relax is like pulling teeth. He feels he has to be at work 100% of the time to be valued. Even though I believe a vacation would really help him refocus. I see the same trend with most of my male friends. There's nothing wrong with taking a day to relax. And things like meditation, massages, etc have long histories of being beneficial. I really wish more men realized that relaxing, doing relaxing things are not "feminine" they really just make sense for their health.
    • Guys don't have any problem relaxing. In fact, I suspect most wives and girlfriends would say they do too much of it.

      The issue with this take is that she suggests a bunch of ways to relax that men simply have no interest in and that men need to be more like women. No, men don't need to be ore like women. And yes, her list is very feminine. I challenge you to go back through her list and tell me you don't agree. We men have our own ways of relaxing, like watching a ball game, going fishing or hanging with the guys, and they work just as well for us and shopping or meditating work for you.

      Men and women are different and we have different but equally effective ways of chilling. Most guys are aware that going hunting or fishing are not going to appeal to most women. You ladies need to realize that what works for you is not going to necessarily work for us, too

    • Janncis

      Look at it from different point of view. We as man feel valued when we can provide, when we see value in our work. Doing nothing doesn't help us. Suguest him to explore his hobbies, even nerdiest ones. It will work a lot better than vacation.

    • I think it depends on the man actually. Yes some men relax the way you say and some might appreciate her list. I wasn't commenting on her list per se more her general message. As for me and my friends we all have men her lives that work very hard. I can't see any of us saying that they relaxed too much. I think the problem many of the people commenting on this are falling into is the generalization of how men and women would react to this statement.

  • frostwalrus
    "Honestly in my experience, when a man is doing anything considered feminine it's another man that makes him feel bad."

    I don't share your experience. Many women out there will either rag on a guy, deride a guy or simply not give a guy the time of day if he is not sufficiently masculine. Men with "girly" tendencies are outside consideration for dating by many women.
    • Absolutely correct. Most women HATE when a man shows any kind of weakness or vulnerability.

    • frostwalrus

      @KrakenAttackin Exactly. Anyone who says patriarchal roles are being perpetuated exclusively by men should not be taken seriously at all.

    • Exactly, the hand the rocks the cradle rules the world.

  • Do_not_listen_to_me
    Self care is definitely important for both genders, and looking at the other comments I don't think they see the SELF in the word, what you consider self care is entirely up to you, it can be the suggestions she've made or it can be a cold one with the bois! (insert other manly things here)

    What you do to make yourself feel better is self care, so its subjective.
  • Jackblue
    We do do some of those things. Though I think that people may be wrong to say that alcohol is never the answer to a person's problems.
    • Thank you. I do know males that do some of the things on the list. My dad does yoga. I have several guy friends who verbalize their feelings, workout for stress relief, and aren't afraid to ask for help. I get that some people deal with things differently and those things may not be on the list at all. Suicide for males has many, many contributing factors. I know a lot of people that need to put themselves first more often.

      I agree with what you're saying about alcohol. I'm clinically depressed and I drank alcohol when I was having issues. I do like to hang out with my friends for stress relief but they don't pressure me to drink.

  • YHL6965
    Great take, it's nice to hear some compassion towards men in this world full of hate. Seeing a woman caring about us instead of blaming us for every problem in this world is nice and refreshing. Agains, thank you for all of this!
  • grega239
    I'm guessing it's hard for men to do that since we're raised with the idea that we should be self sacrificing and pretty much ignore our own well being.
    I mean you say we should verbalize our feelings , but when I do it , the answers I usually get are " someone has it worse" or "don't be such a pussy" .
    The insane suicide rate can be attributed to the complete dismissal of men's accomplishments and sacrifices and an endless (and successful) feminist campaign to portray men as raging tyrants.
    This is a list for women not men.
    • I also get told someone has it worse and to just deal with it. I still do whatever the hell I want because I stopped caring what those people say a long time ago.

    • grega239

      So do I and most men I'd imagine. But here you are telling us about vocalizing our emotions and all that.
      Like I said this is a to do list for women, demonstrating once again how little you know about men.
      We do practice self care but it usually takes the form of a more masculine activity like competitive sports. some men go hunting or to the firing range. I for example attend airsoft events BCS I enjoy battle simulations not reading books and sipping to tea.

  • MrDerek
    Fuck you. Women think about themselves first ALL the time. Screw you bitches. Men putting themselves first is about God damn time

    MGTOW bitches!!
    • What the fuck...

    • Who hurt you?

    • Again, what the fuck? Someone needs a little meditation in their life.

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  • andreasderjuengere
    I am so happy to now know what men should do with their life.
    Let us men now tell you girls how to lead a life.
    • Typical don't tell me what to do response 😂

    • Agreed. Why are you surprised?
      I would not imprint my own views on others, unless I am asked to. And expect the same vice versa.
      It's my understanding of having (and giving) the 'Right of personal Freedom'.
      Your attempt is well-meaning, for sure.
      But same as women don't want to be dominated, lectured and 'told around' ... men wish for the same.
      MEN, that is.
      You actually told us here how YOUR man ought to be. That's fair. But to raise the impression that 'we' ALL should be like this is somewhat unrealistic.

    • They were just suggestions. Cool your jets.

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  • RickPen
    Honestly, working my job, I was too busy to take care of myself. Constant work, no relaxation, and just enough time off to get a few hours of sleep and dread the next day.

    I posit that men are mostly too busy, not just with work, but making their families function, to take time for themselves. The wife certainly isn't going to do it for them. I've known too many guys who finally relax when leaving a job, and the typical overlap in starting a new one. Of course, they complain about being nagged at home to "get things done," and "be a man." Toxic femininity is all too common.
  • caligirl03
    Yessss, this is so so soooo important. I'm so happy you wrote it.
  • Edward-Branch
    Fitness, healthy human being always remain happy and away from the hospitals.
    It is advisable to have little workout daily at least 15min a day.
    - walking or swimming or cycling, etc...
  • OfDeath
    Is relaxing with a beer classed as a form of self care?
  • KrakenAttackin
    Very, very well said. Male suicide is epidemic and yet very little attention is paid to this. Many men literally work themselves to death to support their families, which is expected.

    As someone who just got divorced (a blessing) I have just started to be more interested in "self-care", including finally working to manage my crazy blood pressure and mental health, both of which will allow me to be a better father and live a happier life.
  • NewUser19
    Any reason why that black guy is throwing up white power?
    • What?

    • NewUser19

      where is the difficulty?

    • Are you trying to be an asshole? He's meditating.

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  • esotericstory
    I would rather go to the gym and do fasting or go on a hike.
    • You can do those too. I've been trying to go on a hike but I've been so busy.

    • Crownworc

      For me those things are self care as well

  • DWD1994
    There's no point in 'reaching out' when most of the time, nobody listens.
  • Dennis_Rodrigue
    I feel everyone need to involve into daily workout. Little exercise for healthy life is basic requirement of our body.
  • Juxtapose
    Some of your suggestions were useful, but most of them seeing catered towards women. I'll do my own mytake on this and post it here.