Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today


Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

The guys today that say ever women is evil or a gold digger. The guys who can't figure out why ever woman alive doesn't want to have sex with him? Yes, those guys...

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Here are a few of many reasons about why guys today can't get a date for the life of them.

Little Dick Fear

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

First off, if a man can’t bear the thought of being dumped for incompatibility in bed, in general, or because his penis is too small, in particular, then he probably shouldn’t be dating anyway.

Basically, you are afraid you won't perform in the bedroom up to her standards. You're afraid that your four inches just isn't enough.

Nervous Nelly's

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Maybe she won’t like me? Maybe I’ll say something stupid? What if she thinks I'm weird? Why can’t I get a girlfriend like everyone else?

Why would she want to talk to a guy like me? Why Can't I Have Sex With Her? Why doesn't she like me? Why Won't She Pay The Bill Or Go Dutch?

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

If these and similar questions sound familiar, then you may be more anxious around women than you should be. We are nothing to be scared of guys. ( calm down )

You Expect Her To Pay For or Split Everything

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

I'm not saying that women are cheap. I'm saying that women like a man who is generous when it comes to his attempt to woo her / win her over in the beginning of dating.

He Waited Too Long

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Men commonly wait for that perfect moment to move in or wait for her to give him a blatant signal.

The truth is that women are drawn to an Alpha Male who is proactive, confident and able to take control. We think you don't like us and we move on with our lives.

They Are Stuck In Their Own Heads

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

A man will try and come up with clever lines, try to impress her by talking about himself or worry too much about what to say rather than stating something that relates to the woman.

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Maybe try letting her feel speacial by asking questions about her or things she likes. "Just Saying" maybe give it a try someday. After all you have nothing to lose, do you?

Thank you for reading this everyone...❤️

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#WowgirlRocks #wowgirl


Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today
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Most Helpful Guys

  • TheFlak38
    More man-hating feminist bullcrap by miss "I know it all". Men have stopped dating because of entitled bitches like yourself. You think you're such princesses that you're entitled to our time, attention and money without giving anything back. You have tons and tons of apps elevating your vagina to the most astronomical heights with the entire system serving you ever more apps to keep the sexual market place rigid in your favor to the point that the ugliest woman in the world can have a buffet of cocks to choose from. More and more men realise that your boobs aren't worth the squeeze. All I see in your dumb article is you, calling the shots, ordering men to behave a certain way just so they can get a chance to ejaculate into a vagina. You talk about alpha men who act and take the initiative. Women call that rape today if the man in question is someone they dont like. You make rules for betas but break rules for alphas. Men don't have to do shit for you in order to get laid. If you like the guy he can be the filthiest asshole to you. You will still fuck him doggystyle until it's time to find your beta and lock him down with marriage and kids.
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    • WowwGirl

      I'm a Traditionalists actually

    • TheFlak38

      Yeah ok. I've seen enough self-proclaimed tradthots. You were riding the cock carousel until you turned 40 and suddenly started to play the tradthot card. It was the biggest trend from 2015 to 2016.
      You're a traditionalist yet here you are talking bullshit on Gag. Where is your masculine husband to tell you to shut your fuckin mouth and get back in the kitchen? Fuck off from the world wide web telling men what to do and how to behave themselves, if that's so you tradthot. Let men take responsibility and try to fix the damage done by women and their never-ending list for more rights and privileges.

    • WowwGirl

      What are you talking about

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Guys grow up texting instead of talking on the phone or in person. . . because it's safer. So they never get any confidence and they continue to act like 14 year old boys instead of men.

    I understand being anxious or shy; I certainly was when i was young. But I forced myself to call girls and talk to them and ask for dates. Sometimes, I got rejected and sometimes I got absurdly stupid excuses ("I'd love to go out Friday night but that's the night I wash my hair.") I learned that rejection didn't kill me, cost me money, or otherwise leave me with scars and I got over my fear of rejection.

    As I had some success with dating, I started to develop confidence and that led to even more success. Today, I am confident enough to call a woman who I have only "met" online, have a conversation for 30-45 minutes, ask her for a date, I suggest a date, time, and place, and then I meet her and we have fun.

    The digital age has turned too many boys into pussies.
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    • I actually gave a more insightful take on how we think

    • WowwGirl

      @AFellowWeeb and why are you obsessed with me to the point your delusional mind believes to know me. Though we never met or even spoke till now.

      That's creepy dude

    • WowwGirl

      Back back up

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Alpha09
    I mean some of these are true for some people, we've all been anxious at one point or another around the opposite sex. However we are just dating less in general, in part because women are dating less though I'm not saying that's a bad thing it's just what's happening. Also I'm noticing a trend with some women who have the highest standards, won't pay for shit and demand he be perfect. So yeah a lot of people aren't dating for a multitude of reasons, there's unreasonable expectations and demands coming from both men and women.
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  • MissGeorgia
    I don’t need a man to pay for me.
    It’s never something I’ve ever been comfortable with. I’d rather split the cheque... or if he insists, I’ll insist on paying the next time.
    If he’s generous, I’d rather it be with his time.
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    • WowwGirl

      If you split it he doesn't look at you romantically. Friends split checks not dates

    • @MissGeorgia I wish more girls thought like you. I think I can speak for a vast majority of guys here: Guys don't pay for the date because they want to. They pay for the date because they feel like they have to.

    • Juxtapose

      THANK YOU @MissGeorgia for not being a repulsive gold digger.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • VanillaSalt
    Or we just don’t want to deal with the bs that comes with women
  • McKellar
    Maybe the reason why there are guys who don't date anymore is because maybe it's not really the guy's fault that turns off the girl's interests. There are women who can make mistakes as well which leads to having men not interested anymore.
  • kingofthellamas
    Alternatively, men won't date you anymore because you are just not a very nice person.
  • msc545
    Women expect men to be over 6" tall, wealthy, and as attractive as a male model. I am none of those things, so I don't bother to try dating as I know from experience I will be rejected. 80% of women chase 20% of available men. The rest of the men aren't worth their time, but then women complain "there are no good men".
  • art84
    I would be the guy that waited too long. When I finally had the guts to ask out the girl, she was already seeing someone who eventually became her future husband.

    Nervous Nelly's, I always had those thoughts like "why would she go out with me?", "She rather go out with someone", etc.
  • cnhinton
    Because women today are fat and obnoxious and we're worried about having kids in this economy.

    Also porn is better.
  • Oigit
    I don't date simply because I don't need to. Like a lot of men I got the idea that I have to date and was nothing without a woman at my side. A few years ago I switched to focusing on myself. Through doing so I cleared rather long to do list and accomplished things I though I would never do for a long time. Also I fully embraced the many challenges that come with life and very much crave the next one. I am very much content with my life and have found a level of inner peace that I'm not willing to give up. If my path in life intersects with a woman's path at some point, I'll consider dating again. At this point I'm not going to leave the path I'm walking to date.
  • Bigtom155
    These days it’s easier to find a hooker than constantly pay for dates that don’t lead anywhere.
    • cheaper too-and with a sure return on your spending

    • yofuknutz

      God Almighty it's come to this I can't believe is not this bad

  • sp33d
    Is this list exhaustive or would an exhaustive list consist of only negative assessments? How about "he's just too busy" or something along those lines? Not as clickbaity or drama-inducing, I agree.
  • NyceGuyFinishingLast
    Half these are valid and are speculation at best. I would hate to see the list of why women would date of the same research this came out of.
  • locutus9999
    Dear Woowgirl, I believe even if in your take you are in some stuff on spot... dating is a market, so the demand and the offer interact. I find uncomplete just blame in on man on this issue. But i know you are smart... so it will be interesting, to see if you take on the offer and not only on the demand. Anyway was funny and an interesting perspective to read.
  • genericname85
    expecting to split the bill is not a reason not to date xD i do that and i date girls. cause you know i'm not looking for a kitchen appliance or a pet that i need to feed. i'm looking for an equally strong partner. my time is worth the same as her time, so why am i supposed to pay? i don't get it. i'm not cheap but i expect my partner to carry their own weight.

    i think there's a very simle reason that you missed: it may not be a good time in a guys life to date. just himself not being in the place he wants to be... nothing about hating women speaking of that: why is it that most of these bullit points are so overly negative and spiteful towards men?
    • she is spiteful and negative to men because she is upset the men she wants do not want to date her. IT goes back to this entitlement princess attitude that most American women have.

    • @dmgstarfleet well it sounds like you're complaining about women in america while you at the same time complain that women complain about men xD so to me it looks like you're a part of that same issue.

    • Ironically for women the more money a man makes and the more wealth he obtains the less he dates-much more to lose. Its ironic because due to the hypergamous nature of women they are attracted to "providers" (wealth in our society) so the more wealth he has the more she wants him and the less he is willing to risk his hard earned money by dating her

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  • RationalMale
    There sure are plenty of guys who won't improve to the point they can have hookups or such today. It's kinda like how rampant female obesity is these days.
  • CasaNorba
    you forgot to add "Why I Think" between Reasons and Guys.
  • AdithyaR
    My reason is primarily that I don't have time for it and secondly I'm too introverted for it.
    • hahahmm

      Good for you. Anyhow you are WAY better off building your life up to success before you think about women.

    • AdithyaR

      I don't think I'm ever gonna think about it but thanks😁

    • hahahmm

      Well, eventually, after you have built your life up they WILL come for you. Like zombies in a zombie apocalypse. You'll see.

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  • karangill

    Some percentage of men have most of the women so they don't want to sacrifice most women for one or two.

    Rest of men are deprived of women and sex, so they don't date because they don't have options.
    • I think this is solely an online perspective. I haven’t tried a bar or such but that’s cause I don’t have interests that easily attract others and I work a lot.

  • Kaamraj
    You've missed the main point that the digital revolution and social media has largely turned the dating game in the favor of women. Before the proliferation of social media, a woman might have suitors in a 5km radii from her home, college, place of employment, however now that has expanded to encompass potentially the entire world. This means that it's going to be a very small pool of guys who are genetically, financially, or psycologically gifted to go on multiple dates while the majority of men are left single.
    So many men are thinking why even play such a game where the rules are rigged so much against them. I mean there was a recent study which reported that a third of heterosexual women have used men on dates only for food. So if most men are only disposable wallets, then why even play such a game.
    • spitifrex

      Never read any of those articles but damn. also it doesn't help when you feel invisible on dating apps. So in the end i gave up and now i just don't care, even though i don't like it.

  • ZackBan
    Actually, an overlooked reason is the fact that once upon a time you either date a girl or you're missing out on a lot ( sex, romance, ...) Now it's the opposite: These things are so abundant that if you play the number's game you will always find someone to keep you company at night ( or during the day for that matter) means that if you date you're missing out on a lot as you wait for that one person to get comfortable with you.
    Not saying its right or wrong simply explaining a social reality
  • Nayyr
    I can't date anyone because I lost all my brain cells while reading this
  • Kabluie
    This list a bunch of crap. People sometimes aren't looking everyday, and most of the time the best people come into our lives when we least expect it.
  • together24
    Reasons guys do not date "today" or get a date "today"
    it could be a personal reason / physical reason
    if a guy a really want something they can get it like we are reaching space today but only some can go in space.. yes those who fit the criteria so it really depend upon a guy giving a damn about it
  • BlueScorpio
    I don't know a lot them say they are scared to to date these days cause feminism, divorce, sexual assault allegations etc.
  • Shuttlebus78
    I don’t think many guys have the tools required to be successful in relationships. We were raised to only look out for ourselves and it’s very easy to escape reality through technology. Anyone who stays away from relationships because of that will sorely regret it someday.
  • worldscolide
    The reasons you mention are all valid, I would add in social media and cell phone addiction to both genders as a major contributing factor. I would also add that post #metoo the dating scene is a minefield that most men don't want to participate in. Also the absence of quality women is there as well. Present company excluded of course.

    And how do i define quality women... Non feminist, conservative, who can take care of her self, who does not necessarily need a man, but wants one.. Someone who can be loyal and honest.. (Traits missing in both genders it seems now.)
    • I like your definition maybe if I explain it that way women wouldn’t call me a misogynistic asshole... oh well

    • spitifrex

      The mine field has always existed with women. It has only gotten a bit worse. not to mention the impossible wall of first impression expectations you have to climb and surpass. Gues this also goes both ways but then again i've been pretty much invisible my whole life so wouldn't know for sure.

      @worldscolide Good reasoning though.

    • Spot on with the description of a quality woman! I am lucky to have found me such a woman. A diamond among a sea of rocks. Not many are out there unfortunately

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  • killerboots
    The reason guys don't date is because y'all don't hear dudes. Therefore, ignoring what he want. We want to be at least heard.
  • jshm2
    I think you missed out the entire r/niceguys subreddit, for reasons why most incels get "stuck" as they do.
  • Agem123
    Yeah, gold diggers.

    Bro, why do you think she'll use you for money that you don't even have😂
    • Unit1

      If you think about it, they won't even talk to him because he doesn't have money, so therefore men think women want our money.

    • yofuknutz

      You think you're funny say that send statement to the wrong person I'd like to see what happens

  • beefy40
    reason guys do not date today - my take. imagine dating you? nope.
  • JoshMacDonald
    It’s because they want instant gratification. They want to what they think is the most out of life by having the most amount of partners.
  • 1031ent
    The op here seems a little angry. Goes on to make a generalization then proceeds to lump men into one of several categories.

    What I have learned in life, is that when people are acting emotional, it is usually about something in their own life. I would suggest maybe looking in the mirror and improving yourself. Learn to treat others with respect or even developing a code to live your life by.

    Learn and use body language to train others on how to treat you with respect. 90% of communication is non-verbal.

    In short you have to love yourself before others will love you and want to be part of your life. Be exciting have a vision of your future that others want to be apart of.

    So I am guessing here, but maybe you liked a guy who never asked you out?
    • I think you hit the nail right on the head with your last sentence. You've guessed it.

  • LeoElias
    You should try european guys they aren't afraid and they take what they want. Though, men in Europe are above women and are number one so there is one downside. You can't have a feministic mentality with a european guy. Its like trying to change a mentality thats been there for a very very long time. You'll take up female gender roles, it would be expected to cook and clean for him and take care of the children. I dont think any guy would settle for less. In America, men have been stripped of their masculinity and are scrutinized at every turn. Women want a masculine guy but they also want feminism which doesn't really go hand in hand. Well if you want a masculine guy then he'll want a feminine woman and i feel most women aren't down for that. Good post I see what you are trying to say but its good to keep an open mind on things and not take them too seriously.
    • women want mind readers. They want you to just "know" how they think and feel and when they want you to be aggressively sexual and when not-and yet never send anything but ambiguous signals. I think its because they watch too many RomComs and think that is how real life works

    • LeoElias

      @dmgstarfleet Those type of women will end up alone. What they want is impossible.

    • TessCasie

      are you European?

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  • j792999
    Who hurt you? Lmao
  • moviedude714
    It's a reminder how my mindset or mentality towards the dating game changed over the years but I get very enraged when people call it a skill set or learnable skill
  • ronaldo75
    Yup, more "out-of-your-ass" dribble that makes no sense. It can't be men today dont date because of ANY wrong doing on the part of women... right?
    • ronaldo75

      If it possible for ANYTHING to be your fault?

  • WhistleForTheChoir
    I would say the reason I don't want to date is because I can't. I have trust issues, emotional intimacy issues, I can't be vulnerable around women at all. I've been on a lot of dates, but never a relationship. It always ends with ghosting or getting back with an ex or something. I'm just never a priority to anyone.

    At first I was just breaking things off with I was seeing girls once I got a few mixed signals. Now I just shut it down from the beginning, because I feel that that is kinder for both of us. Minimized bruised ego for her, and I'm not going through that shit again. I would rather just think of myself as not good enough than wait for years and years for the judgment of some woman who barely gives a fuck about me. Fuck that shit dude.
  • Nalix
    Most of those seem like pretty solid reasons. Dating is dangerous for guys these days. MGTOW is a very valid reaction to the dating environment. Trust matters a lot, and it should, but it matters now more than ever before. It's not that all women will destroy you, it's that any of them can, if she decides to.

    So a lot of guys who are aware of this decide to let women pursue them, or not even that. Men want to protect themselves so they let women do the chasing.

    Of course, that's easy for me to say, I'm happily married. And that's how I got there.
  • OG956
    Maybe it's because some women act like b*** and they think they ,, rule'' the world, so men doesn't want 2 burn themselves
  • lucian_lucian_123
    A lot of women today are very very egoistic, having a lot of feelings against men and having nothing to offer to a man, but just to take. Most of them are not even capable of doing good sex with a man, not telling be helpful with anything for a man or be a responsible wife with children. There is a lot of very stupid feminist anti men propaganda in all the media, and in a lot of women heads men are divided in 3 big groups: the pedophiles, the rapists and the drunks beating their women until death. Still a relation need to be based on love, respect and taking responsibilities on your shoulders. You'll hardly see any of these in today's women. Look on this site, no matter what question you'll put they are not even able to participate and provide an answer. 95% of the responses are men. They simply don't want to do anything, but want to receive all.
  • sensible27
    Interesting, marked. How do you edit the pics and why?
  • jgokgotit
    Pretty good myTake. I would say that each reason is true depending on the individual guy. There are probably more reason than this as well. For me personally I have 3 reasons I do not date. First, I've been in 2 serious relationships and hurt badly by both. This makes me a lot more cautious and selective because, if I attempt another relationship, it will be my last one. 2nd, I work in law enforcement and do not want to have a family only to put them in danger. That means I need a woman who can defend herself when needed. Finally, I have fairly high standards I expect both the woman and myself to meet. I'm working on the 3rd one.
  • ioan12
    First of all... If a guy has a small penis that shouldn't be a standard. Many guys have small dicks but have great personality and make the women next to them feel safe and sound.
    Second. Anxiety is not cause by themselves, but "with help". A shy guy usually will shut up and speak rarely in a meeting.
    Third. Alpha male is just a myth. There is no alpha, beta, omega. There are guys that are more assertive, guys that are less assertive, but don't want to be f***Ed around with and guys that ignore what's going on because they know how and that they will accomplish what they want.
    And many, many women just want likes, compliments, or just to get some di**. Ghat doesn't exclude the fact that there are woman that want a strong healthy relationship.
  • Wiredone
    I think some guys are to shy to ask a woman out. Other guys are too arrogant and when a woman sees how they act they don't want any part of him
    • hahahmm

      Oh, so it's always the man's fault?

    • Wiredone

      @hahahmm no it's not always the guys fault. There are some women that are unapproachable regardless of what a guy tries

    • OG956


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  • anewme
    Great read. Some nervous nelly symptoms... Been burned kinda gave up... Bad chicks ruin guys for the good chicks.. i can chill alil
  • Avicenna
    Well, there are multiple things going on here. First of all, if one doesn’t mind promiscuity and one doesn’t expect much from her looks, casual sex is Often available, so it’s not absolutely necessary to be in a relationship, although of course that’s much better if you have one.
    Other factors are the relatively income and career instability many people have and the proliferation of single parent households (which are not attractive to most people looking for relationship).
    it’s only if you get past that that you get to the mechanics of dating.
  • Calgarydirty69
    women expect all and give nothing, so now you made ALL men little bitches
  • BoobMan
    But does anyone REALLY care that those guys aren't dating? Seems to me like everyone wins, no?
  • Myk13
    “After all you have nothing to lose, do you?”

    That’s exactly it! If I had a dollar for every time that I was turned down. I could have retired years ago. Kobe Bryant said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Not just playing basketball. It’s true in life. I take a shot a anything and everything that peaks my interest. I can say, without hesitation, that I have enjoyed my life. At roughly the halfway point now. I can’t even imagine what types of things I will experience on the back 9.
  • Doflamingo1
    I think the cause of this is the fantasy that movies have setup for both women and men.
  • monkeynutts
    Everything is a little too post apocalyptic at the moment for most people to contemplate having a relationship.
  • Kingofkings1992
    This list is shit. You forgot the most important one. Women suck.
    • cth96190

      Women do not suck often enough.

  • Chthou95
    This take is comedic gold. You just write takes like this expecting certain reactions
  • chubbycrow
    I hate sexism I'll say that (not that this post is sexist ik thee are biological sexual differences n stuff in the media geared towards manipulating people of certain sexes opinions n stuff)

    in general tho I feel these days many people are only looking for one night stands (surprisingly many girls more than guys it seems at least in my area, maybe due to the trope of "guy gets the girl" in movies n stuff but not really relationships, and the want to lose virginity) but many are just looking for "you're cute" compliments n stuff on dating sites, etc
  • Gedaria
    There are a lot of conjectures here.
    You discribe a guy who has small penis and tight fisted and so insecure.
    But getting the ideal man , is quite remote.
    The first one is something you can control , the other two can be..
    But are you wanting a guy to be a stud or someone you have a loving relationship.
    It does annoy me about this paying on a date. For me I would day the full amount, unless she wants to chip in.
    Women being gold diggers, how, they can only even get need to here when you get married.
    If you are friends I would have thought you would want to give her a good time.
  • TheAfrikan
    Thank you for the message dear. I liked it wheb you Saud that women prefer guys who are always in lead and control.
  • Shyguy206
    Reason I've never been in a relationship is because I'm shy lol
  • Pnast7
    My experiences is different and speaking for the “good guys” it’s more so being used is the issue with me. I had exes who only wanted sex and things bought for them which as a man, for “MY” women I’ll go above and beyond but I haven’t had a girl do the same for me ever. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I put that to the side and “try” to date somebody different but they always tend to be the same without me unintentionally picking those types. I even had a good girl once dated for a year and a half and broke up with me for my friend (sucks I know). And she was somebody I brought back home, somebody who saw me going through something at the time (death of my brother due to suicide) and still treated me like shit on top of my other problems. So with me... you can say I don’t date because of being used and being left as a sucker again. Can’t do it.
    • cth96190

      Most women are narcissists who hate men. We are tolerated only because of the resources that they can extract from us.

  • Jgdujh
    I don’t date today because romance etc... is dead today. The reasons you wrote are bullshit, are you dumb or man hating scum? Think about it. What value can a woman add to a guys life these days? Nothing. If anything only bad things later come out from dating women.
    Also, you women all think you’re so special don’t you. Take a look in the mirror. There’s an infinite number of girls that are way prettier and special than you are.
    You take about penis size, I have a big penis 7.2 inches and thick. But you know what women still want more like 8 inches. I’m blessed with money yet girls still are attracted to those billionaire guys.
    I’ve never dated and don’t intend to. I can see all girls these days are trash. I’m just happy I can control my life. You think we need you 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Alphanso_Creep
    I have small dick (1.5 inch). I am always afraid to talk to girls for that reason.
  • lsjr16
    I would agree on some stuff I get stuck in my head a lot of time which prevents me from dating
  • my reason I refuse to be hurt and burned.
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