Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today


Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

The guys today that say ever women is evil or a gold digger. The guys who can't figure out why ever woman alive doesn't want to have sex with him? Yes, those guys...

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Here are a few of many reasons about why guys today can't get a date for the life of them.

Little Dick Fear

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

First off, if a man can’t bear the thought of being dumped for incompatibility in bed, in general, or because his penis is too small, in particular, then he probably shouldn’t be dating anyway.

Basically, you are afraid you won't perform in the bedroom up to her standards. You're afraid that your four inches just isn't enough.

Nervous Nelly's

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Maybe she won’t like me? Maybe I’ll say something stupid? What if she thinks I'm weird? Why can’t I get a girlfriend like everyone else?

Why would she want to talk to a guy like me? Why Can't I Have Sex With Her? Why doesn't she like me? Why Won't She Pay The Bill Or Go Dutch?

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

If these and similar questions sound familiar, then you may be more anxious around women than you should be. We are nothing to be scared of guys. ( calm down )

You Expect Her To Pay For or Split Everything

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

I'm not saying that women are cheap. I'm saying that women like a man who is generous when it comes to his attempt to woo her / win her over in the beginning of dating.

He Waited Too Long

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Men commonly wait for that perfect moment to move in or wait for her to give him a blatant signal.

The truth is that women are drawn to an Alpha Male who is proactive, confident and able to take control. We think you don't like us and we move on with our lives.

They Are Stuck In Their Own Heads

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

A man will try and come up with clever lines, try to impress her by talking about himself or worry too much about what to say rather than stating something that relates to the woman.

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Maybe try letting her feel speacial by asking questions about her or things she likes. "Just Saying" maybe give it a try someday. After all you have nothing to lose, do you?

Thank you for reading this everyone...❤️

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Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today
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  • TheFlak38
    More man-hating feminist bullcrap by miss "I know it all". Men have stopped dating because of entitled bitches like yourself. You think you're such princesses that you're entitled to our time, attention and money without giving anything back. You have tons and tons of apps elevating your vagina to the most astronomical heights with the entire system serving you ever more apps to keep the sexual market place rigid in your favor to the point that the ugliest woman in the world can have a buffet of cocks to choose from. More and more men realise that your boobs aren't worth the squeeze. All I see in your dumb article is you, calling the shots, ordering men to behave a certain way just so they can get a chance to ejaculate into a vagina. You talk about alpha men who act and take the initiative. Women call that rape today if the man in question is someone they dont like. You make rules for betas but break rules for alphas. Men don't have to do shit for you in order to get laid. If you like the guy he can be the filthiest asshole to you. You will still fuck him doggystyle until it's time to find your beta and lock him down with marriage and kids.
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    • WowwGirl

      I'm a Traditionalists actually

    • TheFlak38

      Yeah ok. I've seen enough self-proclaimed tradthots. You were riding the cock carousel until you turned 40 and suddenly started to play the tradthot card. It was the biggest trend from 2015 to 2016.
      You're a traditionalist yet here you are talking bullshit on Gag. Where is your masculine husband to tell you to shut your fuckin mouth and get back in the kitchen? Fuck off from the world wide web telling men what to do and how to behave themselves, if that's so you tradthot. Let men take responsibility and try to fix the damage done by women and their never-ending list for more rights and privileges.

    • WowwGirl

      What are you talking about

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Guys grow up texting instead of talking on the phone or in person. . . because it's safer. So they never get any confidence and they continue to act like 14 year old boys instead of men.

    I understand being anxious or shy; I certainly was when i was young. But I forced myself to call girls and talk to them and ask for dates. Sometimes, I got rejected and sometimes I got absurdly stupid excuses ("I'd love to go out Friday night but that's the night I wash my hair.") I learned that rejection didn't kill me, cost me money, or otherwise leave me with scars and I got over my fear of rejection.

    As I had some success with dating, I started to develop confidence and that led to even more success. Today, I am confident enough to call a woman who I have only "met" online, have a conversation for 30-45 minutes, ask her for a date, I suggest a date, time, and place, and then I meet her and we have fun.

    The digital age has turned too many boys into pussies.
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    • I actually gave a more insightful take on how we think

    • WowwGirl

      @AFellowWeeb and why are you obsessed with me to the point your delusional mind believes to know me. Though we never met or even spoke till now.

      That's creepy dude

    • WowwGirl

      Back back up

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Alpha09
    I mean some of these are true for some people, we've all been anxious at one point or another around the opposite sex. However we are just dating less in general, in part because women are dating less though I'm not saying that's a bad thing it's just what's happening. Also I'm noticing a trend with some women who have the highest standards, won't pay for shit and demand he be perfect. So yeah a lot of people aren't dating for a multitude of reasons, there's unreasonable expectations and demands coming from both men and women.
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  • MissGeorgia
    I don’t need a man to pay for me.
    It’s never something I’ve ever been comfortable with. I’d rather split the cheque... or if he insists, I’ll insist on paying the next time.
    If he’s generous, I’d rather it be with his time.
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    • WowwGirl

      If you split it he doesn't look at you romantically. Friends split checks not dates

    • @MissGeorgia I wish more girls thought like you. I think I can speak for a vast majority of guys here: Guys don't pay for the date because they want to. They pay for the date because they feel like they have to.

    • Juxtapose

      THANK YOU @missgeorgia for not being a repulsive gold digger.

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  • cth96190
    I am a bit of everything on that list.
    Women have hurt me so much throughout my life that I have learned to stay away.
    Women approach me, usually while I am working. All my life I have been told that I was good looking and thanks to army service I know how to wear a uniform.
    As the women speak, I hear the voices of hundreds of females who rejected me when I was younger.
    Their faces morph into a montage of the faces of a hundred bitchy rejections.
    In my mind, I question their motives and suspect everything.
    The middle-aged women at church who go out of their way to speak to me I also regard with extreme suspicion. They are a collection of widows, divorcees and never-married career-driven women who realised too late that the Feminists had lied to them.
    The freakiest situation is when I provide security at weddings and other black-tie events. The mothers of the bridesmaids and the maiden aunts acquire me on their targeting radar in seconds.
    If a female impresses me and circumstances permit, I might make an approach.
    I have not had a positive response for 20 years.
    I just have to accept that I am damaged, crap with women and whatever it is that women want I am not it.
    There is also the considerable legal risk that men face today.
    One false allegation by an insane or spiteful woman can end a man's life.
    That is why a wear a bodycam that is disguised as a pen.
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    • WowwGirl

      Sorry their are a couple good ones left

  • ragequeen
    Good list! Other important things to mention is that toxic femininity and modern feminism has degraded the male sex to the point that their say is of little value anymore. The woman is told by society that she is in control, that she can be the man of the relationship, thus no longer needs a man in her life. When women think they can put on typical male responsibilities (working, not wanting to cook or clean and be put on a pedestal) they no longer have shit to bring to the table. Women today expect to be respected and seen as strong independent women, and claim they don't need no man. Most relationships today don't work because women have become bitter and refuse to accept the fact that men and women are different and possess different qualities. Women are biologically more nurturing, caring and clean and provide for the man IF he has something to provide as well. Men are biologically more protective, wanting to provide security etc. This is the only reason why monogamy has worked for humans because they balance out each other's needs. But today women don't want to embrace their qualities and would rather degrade men and put themselves on top.
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    • Thank you for acknowledging that. Not all women are like that but too many are. It’s a two way street.

      The thing is the effort, chivalry and resources of men are finite. If we get screwed over a few times we start becoming risk averse. We find the dating game brings more downsides than upsides. Then many of us give up.

      I’m personally not “giving up” but I’m extremely careful on who I invest my energy with.

    • Lol you hear about that stranger a few years back who stopped to help a woman with her tire and then weeks later he was arrested for trying to assault her?

      I personally got yelled at by an Arab woman at Walmart about 6 years ago for opening the milk door and holding it for her...

      With women like these out there who needs enemies.

    • @VanillaSalt if what this woman accused this guy of was true than this is gross (and sad). But it’s her word and against his. Usually her word wins

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  • MrOracle
    All of these issues exist, but even the men that have some issues usually only have, at most, 2 or 3 of these (which is still often a problem). But there's something else that needs to be said:

    Women don't all want the same thing either, and that's okay too. Different types of guys match well with different types of girls.

    One big thing that guys have a problem with, though, is the women who want things both ways. They want all the benefits of Feminism (equality, if not superiority over the men, prioritizing their careers, etc.) AND still retain all the benefits of Chivalry/"traditional relationships" (men asking them on dates, men paying for everything, men protecting and providing, etc.). Women need to pick one or the other, but if you insist on trying to get both, men are increasingly not interested at all - we'll pursue someone else or find something else to do.

    That's really the biggest reason men aren't dating today: if sex is the only thing she's bringing to the table in a relationship, but she has a list of 200 demands and expectations, why is a relationship better for the man than just having casual sex with another girl? Men can get sex someplace else.

    Women love to have lists of demands that men must have in order to be eligible to date her, but if you ask most women what THEY bring to the table, you mostly just get blank stares - that's not something most women have ever even considered.
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    • most women are sitting on the only thing they bring to the relationship and its not unique or special-close your eyes and one feels pretty much the same as another. Yet they have laundry lists of what they "require" in men despite their own glaring flaws

    • msc545

      @dmgstarfleet well said

  • markml
    I'm sorry, but I don't exactly buy most of this. My thoughts:

    Men have stopped dating, because they think women are crazy. And unfortunately, many are. Of course, it's more fair to say that society as a whole has gotten pretty crazy, and that includes both genders.

    It's a little too easy to blame the opposite gender for dating problems today. Believe me, I've done it. But the truth is we all collectively should take some blame. We are a lost generation that has forgotten almost all of the "common sense" of our parents and grandparents.

    And even if someone taught you that "common sense", you'll struggle to figure out how to apply it in a world where nobody else has it. So without it, we replace it with primitive myths, or fairytales from long long ago.

    Believing in "alpha males" is like believing in Santa Claus. Sounds great, but past a certain age you should know it's not real. When someone climbs down your chimney, you call the police, or else you're getting conned. We are the most spoiled generation in history, and most men and women today are pathetic, so what does "alpha male" even mean in that context? It's a term that applies to wolves, not humans, anyway. You turn to fairytales to avoid looking in the mirror.

    We lie to ourselves all the time, and grow more and more delusional.

    If you actually have your head on straight, your #1 criteria is to date someone else with their head on straight.
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  • extremelybored
    Lol your whole list is a bunch a bullshit doing nothing but bashing men. You know why dudes aren't dating? Because you bring nothing to the table other than baggage and bad attitude. Men would rather pump and dump than be in a long term relationship with a bitch and there's far too many of them contaminating the dating pool.
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  • Silent_Bob
    With all due respect, it's not us, it's you.

    Take a tour of social media, and you'll find a lot more WOMEN who are "refusing to date" than you do men. These women generally tend to fall into three categories:

    1. The "Broken Bird": These women have been deeply hurt by life experiences and have justifiable reasons to be gun shy. The "strong man who breaks through her defenses" has been a romantic plotline ever since Shakespeare was a kid. But in real life, being bothered by a persistent admirer is the last thing they need. This is the most sympathetic of the three types; though not necessarily without their own character flaws: Many of them could have avoided those cynicism-inducing past relationships if they focused more on compatibility instead of foolishly following "that spark you feel instantly".
    2. The Lysistrata: These women are more or less boycotting men for whatever idiotic reason. The most common variant is a gold-digger or sour prude with an archaic view of marriage, refusing to consider a relationship where two people are pooling their resources together ("I want a husband, not a roommate" or some crap like that). Offended by the very suggestion that she modernize her expectations, she swears off men out of spite. In her mind, she's saving herself for the "Real Man" who can tolerate (and afford) her all take and no give bullcrap.
    3. The Hikikomori: This actually isn't unique to women, as many "basement-dwelling" men also fit this criterion. They don't necessarily LIKE being alone, but they've found that by being alone, they can be lazy (whereas being in a relationship requires caring whether or not your significant other finds you attractive, and wanting to be better for them), and since they REALLY don't want to give up being lazy, they decide they'd rather be alone and complain.

    So men face a "dating market" analogous to the following job market: You're handing out hundreds of resumes to companies for promising positions in your field of study; your education and experience SHOULD make you a contender. But none of the hiring managers are giving you the time of day. You initially think "it's a tough market, the jobs aren't there." But then you find out the jobs ARE there, but the hiring managers are just refusing to fill them for some asinine reason. You can't storm in there and say "I KNOW you have openings that I qualify for, give me a job!" because the local private sector would label you an "Entitled Creep" or "Fake Nice Guy". Any wonder that some "applicants" just give up?

    It's also noteworthy that when men say they're not looking for a date/relationship they don't always mean it (whereas women are generally dead serious). When I was 22, older guys saw me struggling and said "I was like you when I was your age. Once I stopped looking/trying so hard, they came to me when I least expected it." And that ultimately turned out to be true. But that was the Gen X dating scene, when people were frank about who they were and what kind of person they were attracted to without feeling the need to apologize for either; and when women rose to the challenge of breaking through the defenses of a Snark Knight. In the current climate, everyone is walking on eggshells and tripping over themselves.
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  • ChiTown33
    To anyone who is reading this pos. The part where she says "He waited too long" there is no such thing! That is you can take too long manning up and asking her out and she can be dating some other guy by then. But any women that claims she turned a guy down because he took too long is not worth dating. Trust me on this. If this happens she did you a favor by rejecting you. It wasn't going to get any better with her.
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  • JayParris
    I usually at least somewhat agree with what you post, but I think you missed the mark with this one. It kinda sounds like sour grapes on your part.

    The most common reasons I've discussed with other men are all variations of 'women aren't worth dating anymore'. They don't value men. They don't have much to offer in a relationship. Too much risk, too much time, money, and effort, and very little reward. I've known guys who dated women, only to be accused of rape when her husband's friends caught her cheating and the poor guy didn't even know she was married (the husband was deployed and she removed all trace of him from her apartment). I've known women who would go on a few dates with a guy just to eat and go to the movies for free, then drop him for the next sucker in line... and it continued that way for years. I've known women who date men, have sex with them for a few weeks, start acting like a complete lunatic to run him off, and then accuse him of being a fuckboy because he left. There really aren't very many good women out there.
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  • RoxyFoxx
    I don't think the proportion of men who are not dating is higher than any previous era of human history. Some men have better things to do, while others find it difficult to find suitable partners. Yet others are simply too unattractive. The same things may be said about women.
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    • No there’s def a large portion of men not dating. Mgtows only been around for about 10-20 years and got really big recently. Also #metoo is a thing.

    • 0112358

      The number of people living alone is highest ever.

      Number of men who haven't had sex in a 12 month period is creeping upwards.

      "Dating" is ambiguously tracked.

      However among young people, relationships are less common then they were a decade or more ago.

  • Mehzmeh
    I think that's the reason I, get a lot of dates. I don't consider myself a alpha male. But, I do consider myself a a real man. I pay for everything. I am able to talk to any female. When I go in for the good bye hug. I give her a kiss on the cheek. 9 X out of 10. She pulls me back in and kisses me. And then I pull away and say. Next time. Why? Because I never sleep with her on the first date. Now, if we are hanging out and she gives me the sign. And we agree it's just a booty call. Then it is what it is. And I, am a nice looking guy. I am just very confident. Lol. Yeah, I am damn good shape (built, 6 pack, very low body fat count). And I am a gentleman. And if a female tells me no. I take it as her loss. And I, usually end up sleeping with her friend (not even joking it has happened more than I would like to admit). And she tells her. And I have a code. Don't sleep with your sex partners friend. Ever!! Okay thats enough of that. What I am trying to say. Is you are spot on again. Damn shame you have to put this up for the snowflakes.
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  • Bubbles45
    The real reason why guys aren't dating as much anymore is because how society's standards has changed where men could be jailed for the sightest offence. So men have up. Yeah.
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  • Bat-Perv
    I feel a lot of single guy's pain, there are few high quality women out there to date seriously, plenty of pump and dumps
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    • Can you give examples of high quality women?

    • Bat-Perv

      @Capricornunicorn my brother was engaged to a high quality woman. She had just passed and was a lawyer, she was educated, funny, intelligent, educated, could cook, fair, believed in women's rights but not feminazism, caring, kind, earned good money, saved her money, planned for the future. Most importantly she loved my brother and was willing to invest in his potential early on rather than for what he had. Even waited for him when he served in Iraq.
      5 years ago she stopped breathing in her sleep, my brother called 911 and tried to resuscitate her, she was brought to hospital and spent two months on life support before the plug was pulled. She herself had planned the whole wedding and had only finished choosing her $6000 wedding dress the night which arrived in time for her to be buried in. Ominously she had told her parents at Christmas and my brother that if she ever ended up brain dead in a coma to pull the plug, I remember it coming up in a conversation with her, my brother and my family. Like why would she say that how would she have known? Anyway there was a high quality woman who would have been an amazing wife an mother.

    • I'm sorry for your brother's lost. She indeed sounded like an amazing woman. Thanks.

  • Little Dick Fear - To the men reading my answer, if you're insecure about your penis size, my advice is to focus on trying to get with women that don't care about penis size that much. They exist. Also, study the many sex positions that can make a smaller dick feel bigger. Don't let it get you down or take it seriously. Some of the most confident guys I know with little dicks are the funny/comedian type, usually openly make jokes about it, and are still able to get with women. No excuses.

    Nervous Nelly's - The problem with these types of guys is that because they're nervous around women, they expect women to do the approaching for them. Unless we're desperate, that's unlikely to happen because we already have men approaching us all the time and we're accepting the men that we like. Besides, having men approach us is the best way to determine a man's confidence level, which is better than us approaching a man with no confidence whatsoever.

    You Expect Her To Pay For or Split Everything - Of course this doesn't mean that women are cheap. We're just well-aware of the fact that many men do intend to use women for sex. Thus, when you're dating a guy for the first time, the best thing to do is have him pay for the first initial dates. If he was really serious about being with you, then most likely, he wouldn't mind paying. However, if he does end up using you for sex, if he did pay for the dates, then it isn't a complete lose/lose situation for you compared to you paying for all the dates and then ghosting you after sex. No feeling is worse than being pumped and dumped by a guy you really liked and spent money on.

    He Waited Too Long - Definitely true. If any man wants a shot at the woman he likes, he needs to shoot his shot quickly as possible and not wait for any "signals." We're not always giving signals to men that we like. Most of the time, we start liking men the more they talk to us and get to know us. Unfortunately, these types of men that wait too long usually lack good social skills and also prefer women to do the approaching for them as well.

    They Are Stuck In Their Own Heads - I agree that men that talk too much about themselves when approaching or think too hard about what to say just sound unnatural. The best way to win a woman over when approaching is to allow the conservation flow naturally, not unlike how you talk naturally when you're making another male friend. From there, she would either like you or not. If not, then move on to the next woman.

    No problem. Thank you for writing it. Good Take.
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    • Guys don’t obsess over penis size as much as women think they do.

    • @guesswhoseback: Why do you think that?

    • Because I hear women joking around this more than men. I’m a 7 incher by the way but it’s definitely not something I think about often.

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  • Skankhunt
    Fear of rejection
    Fear of being cheated on
    Fear of being used
    Fear of your girlfriend will leave you
    Fear of not being really loved
    Fear of losing your freedom
    Fear of being unhappy in a relationship/marriage
    Fear of wasting your time with the wrong woman
    Fear of being trapped
    Not wanting to be stuck paying alimony
    Fear of not being understood
    Fear of abuse
    Fear of intimacy
    fear of commitment
    Fear of being vulnerable with your girfriend
    Fear of being hurt emotionally
    Fear of not being treated seriously
    Trust issues
    They fear their girlfriend will use their weaknesess against them or will it to someone else
    Dating is exhausting
    Men are exhausted
    Men don't want desperate girlfriends
    Men don't want superficial girlfriends
    Men feel like women ar enot their priority
    Bad experiences in relationships
    Men feel like women have high unrealistic expectations
    Men feel like they don't need women
    Having a relationship/marriage is not always fun
    Men are afraid of not being respected
    Men feel like women take them for granted
    Men don't want to deal with manipulative girlfriends
    Men fear they will be used for their money
    Online dating feels like browsing through a catalog for a girlfriend (feels unpersonal) Online dating stress, girls won't reply back and therefore feeling like you are wwasting your time.
    Not wanting to be in a relationship
    You like your freedom
    You don't have time for relationships
    You don't want to waste tehir time on dating
    They feel like woman are a waste of time
    Men want to do their own things without having a girlfriend
    Women can make a big scene over nothing
    Men don't want to deal with fights (verbal) all the time
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  • Iknowbestgirls
    Every single girl I've ever dated has cheated on me. I shouldn't known better since they weren't quality women and I didn't have the confidence then that I do now.
    You fail to realize just how fickle you women can be. It's easy for woman to get any man they want where as the man has to do all the work and the pressure is all on him. We shouldn't have to impress women with our wallets. That just reinforces that woman are gold diggers. There's nothing wrong with expecting to split a bill especially if it's a first date. That's called equality, isn't that what feminism is about equality between both men and women? Why would we spend all that money if we still don't know you that well and don't know if there will even be a second date let alone go too bed with us? You don't understand the insecurities a man can feel about his body like women can feel about there's.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to make excuses for weak men but women have their part to play in dating as well it's not all up to the man. Equality is what we ask for, isn't that what woman have been trying to accomplish for a long time? Now that you have it, you still want to make the man do all the work? Sorry girl but that's just not happening, at least not with me, I've treated woman special before payed for everything been a take charge kinda guy and women still are untrustworthy and unfaithful.
    Well that's my opinion on the matter I hope it convinces you see the roles in dating in a different light.
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    • ALL women like to cheat, that's why you need an open relationship

    • Maybe because you think you know best... Calgary- no not all women cheat. Maybe you attract loose women because you think that way.

  • Floppy2112
    What's in it for us? We have to do everything to start a relationship and we get rejected most of the time. And when we don't we get some over-privileged, over demanding drama queen who is miserable to be around that won't go away. Where is the incentive?
    Yet in your post you are denigrating and disparaging men, while at the same time telling them not to be afraid?
    Men don't want to date all that much because it's a miserable pain in the ass and we end up on the losing side most of the time.
    So many men aren't going to waste their time taking a chance on a date when the odds are stacked against us and we face the threat of being falsely accused of sexual malfeasance even if no such thing happened. The mere accusation can ruin our lives permanently. Why should we take the chance?
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    • If we go for the bitch one that makes no effort while dating we just need to let her go and move on. If we are rejected then fine, NEXT! Easy. Eventually the right one will come.

    • WowwGirl

      @ThisIsMyOpinion everyone gets rejected it's how you handle it afterwards

    • It's not about rejection, though it sucks. We put a tremendous amount of effort into the pursuit, in every aspect of our lives. There is no reciprocity. And women, with just a word, can *ruin* a man's life by making him out to be something bad, simply because the date didn't go well.
      This is a real risk, I have seen the effects of false accusations and they are pretty terrifying.
      For us, it's not just a matter of rejection, but a legit possibility that this woman can ruin you, if she wants to.

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  • lucas262
    For me, im not into hook up culture so that eliminate a lot of the motivation to ,, date,,

    Being redpilled iv seen and learned too much about the wrong kind of women to play games, be played with or take risk. Or just be used in general.

    Iv a lot of baggage from my childhood and I honestly don't want more emotional stress in my life

    Being Christian i don't believe in being tied to a non believer

    So 4 reasons I don't want to date/have a relationship.

    Some things could be great about it but others could make life very hard and the last thing id want to make life hard for another person.

    I'm on my purpose, im getting my shit together, I know what I want and ill know if when I see it. Lot of people have made fun of me, lot of people asking me why I dont have a girlfriend why I don't want 1. As if I can't be a man alone and be happy?

    These days in my opinion women namely offer resentful sex in return for what a man brings to a table, not all but certainly people who follow the new feminist ideal of not serving/taking care of your man.

    The juice ain't worth the squeeze.
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  • Petra150
    From what I hear from my stepsons and my own hubbys experience and several friends , guys now day are hunted animals, they in my point of view have been gmqyite a while, but no absolutely no woman or for that danke any other men what to hear a guy complain. Now in too of every other accusations we have thrown in the head by the men, for for a long time ME TOO is arrived only causing more insecurity among men , and not even serious crimes get ponish as hard a guy who might just have kissed a woman 25 years ago , her having a great pleasure if the kiss at that time, and now suddenly rather prefer a great amount of money instead. And ofcauce the horribel shallowness shown by my younger gender , causes uncertainty too , a guy need to be at least 6-8" taller than a woman today to be worthy a look , or having a million $ on his bank account. And still a super tall massmuder or chield abuser might trill them more than a hard working great personality guy , who only crime is that he only measures 180 cm in height. Yes it's very understandable guys keep away from dating , but also dam sadly
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  • TruthBringer
    The reasons are FAR more nuanced than what you've given. Even though I myself have not given up on dating (and currently am in a relationship), I definitely understand why men choose to step away from dating or women in general. And not for the reasons you've given.
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  • Kiss_Me
    WoW. What a biased and presumptuous post.

    Remember that genders feed off each other when developing social norms. I agree that many young males have allowed themselves to spin in a negative direction. There is a hint (Some, but not as much as you think) of truth in your post, but it fails to acknowledge how or why females have influenced these negative trends.

    Why should a guy want a relationship when sex is sooooo readily available. When you couple our "Fuck first, relationship later" dating practice and the large array of hook up apps used to find partners, why would a young guy ever pursue a relationship?

    Other issues of influence are the legal environment women have created. Women have effectively weaponized the courts by seeking prosecution or ANYTHING. Often times waiting years to report it until it's financially advantageous to do so.

    The hard truth is the sexual power of women is becoming less significant. Virtually gone are days of desiring a particular person. It has been replaced with wanting sex with anyone. Guys see women as vagina # 2657841. If it is busy with another guy, it may cycle around to them eventually. If not, there are many others to take its place.

    The really scary part is women are viewing men the same way. This really needs to stop.
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