Straight Guys Being Friends With Girls Is Very Possible And It's Way More Common Than You Think!


This Mytake is just a response to this Mytake: Why it’s almost impossible for men and women to be “just friends” because I just got blocked as soon as I just gave an argument.

I'm talking about true friendship not the kind of "friendship" like "waiting for her to agree to date him". But really those guys are just assumed to be gays so that no true Scotsman fallacy just gives it that illusion that makes it look like straight men can't be just friends with women. Even tho there had be lots of men claiming it's true that they truly are friends, they just get doubted and just assumed most of the time even without any real proof. If men have to prove they're just friends, they can always use absence as an evidence. Something you can't see.

Straight Guys Being Friends With Girls Is Very Possible And Its Way More Common Than You Think!

I know there are researches about it so people can easily say it's true because "science said so" But I did read those researches. But so far, they're based on interviews so how are we supposed to know if those interviews were real? Chances are they may be talking about the kind of girl they can't be friends with. But they may also have other girls they don't really desire but just really fun to talk to. I'll also admit there are girls I crush on and hurts to be just friends with her but other girls I don't get the same feeling but they are just nice to hang out with. So that doesn't make them any less heterosexual/asexual because they don't desire on men and do have sexual urges. So if you wanna say "guys can't be friends with women" You're assuming that guys find every women they meet sexually attractive even tho there are many girls guys also don't find sexually attractive. There are also a lot of cases where a guy rejects someone who crushes on him but lots of times, just stays friends with her. So yeah if you wanna base things on your experience then that's just your experience. Here's a fact. You've never met most guys in the world and you can't read their minds so there's no way the researchers have been able to gather them all.

The whole notion is basically like "My sister is a girl so we can't be siblings anymore because I might get turned on or something" But of course you're just gonna say "It's rare to feel sexually attracted to your sister" then guess what other men feel about their female friends? It's just like that.

But even if you talk about most guys having that 1 specific female friend he can't be friends with, it doesn't mean it's the same feelings for the rest of his female friends where there are more than 1 of them so those female friends they don't have feelings on outweighs the female friend they can't be friends with so it turns out it's not so common as you think. So if they're talking about that kind of girl, that may also be not the same for other girls. So in an interview, they may just be talking about one girl as a example, people can easily generalize that all of his friends are like that as it gives it that illusion.

And one more thing. All heterosexual women have at least 1 or more crushes on a male friend as well but it doesn't mean it's the same for the rest. So that's not only a man thing. It's a human thing.

Straight Guys Being Friends With Girls Is Very Possible And It's Way More Common Than You Think!
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  • Anonymous
    I agree, it is very easy. In fact, I have best friends right now that we dated, decided to just be friends and attended each others weddings back in the day.

    I had friends who we were so close, you would of thought it could of become sexual but never did... one friend had no problem changing and letting me see her in the nude but she had a boyfriend and I supported that and would never had made a move. She would not have accepted either, she was just very 'free and open' and didn't mind showing her stuff off to anyone. She also trusted me not to make a move or hurt her.

    She ended up marrying her boyfriend.

    It is BS that they can't be friends, I have had female friends come back later though and say, they choose wrong. Divorced or getting divorced and they should of tried for me instead. Hind sight is 20/20 though and its too late now.

    Often friendships can change to romance or romance to just friends and it isn't an issue. At work some of my friends are also friends outside of work.

    Just once you get married, you tend to do couple stuff instead of one on one single stuff.
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    • alleon

      That would be a cool friendship

    • Anonymous

      @alleon I was, she has since moved away though so not really in contact too much anymore... but still sometimes if we happen to be going that way.

  • bolverk
    Men and women can be close friends without it ever becoming sexual, the ones I have are like members of my family and they have been since beginning senior school (13-16 in the UK) We've been there for each other when we've both needed physical or emotional support.
    And before anyone jumps to conclusions I'm heterosexual and had a fair number of girlfriend's through my life, I do not think of my female friends that way they are too important to me.
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  • hannahjo022
    I never had one close straight guy friend. Most of them want to get in my pants, only used me for sex when nobody was available for them, and wanted to date. I just stopped having male friends and stuck with female friends. It makes me wonder why males are only good friends with attractive females. Am I not attractive enough to be their friend?
    • Those are anecdotes. I can also say i have seen a lot of it but they never ask them for sex

  • lovelyhoneybones
    Bullshit. If the chick is ugly than yes. I have never seen an attractive female just be friends with males. Maybe on her end. All of my male friends eventually confessed to liking me.
    • In case you didn't realize that beauty is subjective. There are many models that their men don't find attractive despite all popular they are so that has nothing to do with it. Someone we be ugly to you but they can be beautiful to someone else. So I don't really know if you're beautiful no offense but what your giving is just an anecdotal example

    • You do realize models are only walking hangers, right? Models now a days are exotic because it looks different. Models back in the 90s and early 2000s were what society considered attractive women. Not only that, but most models are CONVENTIONALLY attractive. They are slim, very small features, long hair most of the time. They are in fact attractive women. I don't understand why you're so against the fact that males and females simply can not be JUST friends. Let me break down what JUST a friend is. That's someone you don't want to stick your dick in, someone you don't fantasize about, someone you are not in love with. Beauty can be subjective but there is a clear definition of what attractiveness is, you dancing around it doesn't change that.

    • I can still see how there still people who can be attracted when those models in the early 90s and early 2000s. You're talking about societal standards and yes you can say they are attractive but that doesn't mean they are every men's type. Just like how you even called them attractive, does it mean you are a lesbian now? Because that is a straw man argument just like what you're doing. Also i don't understand why you are so against the fact that male and female can actually be just friends just like how are i explained it. The reason why i'm against people saying they cannot be friends is because that is a hasty generalization and it is a logical fallacy. You assume that all girls are guys type that's why they all can't be friends with guys. If you want to talk about fantasizing like how you want to "break it down" you say, here is a fact for you, there is no way you can read anyone's mind and realistically you have never met most people in the world and even if they do fantasize about someone, that doesn't necessarily mean you want the person. I even used that sister example, just because the sister is a girl means they are going to stop being siblings because he might get turn on? Out of all the siblings in the population of the world i doubt there is actually at least one of them or even hundreds of them fantasizing about their sister but doesn't mean they would really smash her. So really what if someone is a bisexual? That means all bisexuals have no friends than because they might "fantasize" about anyone. So yes all being said is a no true scotsman fallacy.

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  • DaisyOpal
    I'm friends with a straight, 27-year-old guy from Iran, who's actually engaged to an Iranian woman. My relationship with Ahmad is not sexual in any way, shape, or form. However, we're more than just friends... we're like brother and sister now!
  • KrakenAttackin
    TL;DRIf you are in a committed relationship, there is nothing positive that will come from you or your significant other having opposite sex friends.
    • You can just be ignorant tho. It's not my problem

    • CasaNorba

      @Aiko_E_Lara I'm afraid that you are the true ignorant and again extremely naïve here. you sound like you never been in the situation above. when you do get to experience it though then you can have the authority to call others ignorant

    • @CasaNorba Yeah side with someone who don't even read anything. Also something you missed is "But even if you talk about most guys having that 1 specific female friend he can't be friends with, it doesn't mean it's the same feelings for the rest of his female friends where there are more than 1 of them so those female friends they don't have feelings on outweighs the female friend they can't be friends with so it turns out it's not so common as you think. So if they're talking about that kind of girl, that may also be not the same for other girls. So in an interview, they may just be talking about one girl as a example, people can easily generalize that all of his friends are like that as it gives it that illusion." So yeah in my experience, i find it hard to be friends with my crush but that doesn't mean every other girls are my crush and they outweigh who i liked. So how about I say you're the ignorant one for jumping to conclusions so soon? Just calling someone naive and not reading anything doesn't make you truthful

  • Curmudgeon
    A Straight Man's simple guide to "The Friendzone":

    Should you maintain the friendship? Is there anything on a non-romantic level that appeals to you about her? Intellect? Hobbies? Professionally?

    (A very good sample question to ask yourself here is: Can you ever see yourself doing business with her? Could you see her as your Realtor? Your Attorney? I am using examples from my professional dealings.)

    If the answer is YES, maintain the friendship.
    If the answer is NO, and you really just want her physically, then politely say goodbye.
    • This has nothing to do with friendzone. There are guys who chose to be friends with girls not involving friendzone. As i have used that sister example. And yes and they may fantasize their friends but really do you know? Girls do that as well but how do you know? This is like the friendzone version of "guilty until proven innocent you presume guys to cannot be friends with girls until he proved he isn't.

  • JennyDunne
    100% agree so much. It is such a false dichotomy of this ‘every guy that says he just wants to be friends is actually lying therefor guys and girls can’t be friends”
    I’ve had a few male friends whom I crushed on so bad, told them and was rejected. Then when we remained friends people still said ‘they probably are just pretending to be friends and actually really like you’. Like no. They had many opportunities to be more than friend, this is his choice. I am the friend zoned here.

    (Just to be clear, I know there's this thing about girls giving really subtle hints, thats not what we are talking about. I mean horribly sober desperate expressions of feels being met with reasons why we would be a bad couple)
    • you friend zoning yourself only proves more that guys and girls can't be friends... when same gender become friend they don't normally have any goal or objectives in mind while you had a crush on the dude at first who know if your just he's friend waiting for a green light form him lmfao.
      I've been there too don't take it personally lol

    • @wonderfulstation404 That's only her case but if it's my case, when did I say i'm friend zoning myself when i just simply said I'm not attracted to most women but only certain ones i really like? So by default, i have to love that women or i'll friendzone myself that's basically what you're saying which is another strawman argument. She's friendzoned but that's not the case of every guys. But still even if you're friendzoned, it's "friendzoned". It has friendship in it and a friendship like that can work. Like what I said in my other comment, you can't read anyone's minds. Some relationship don't even work so they break up and remain friends, because if they ever be in a relationship like she changed her mind, chances are he moved on and the relationship may not work after thinking of why he was friendzoned in the first place. Ofcourse you'll never really think of that. Because I strongly disagree and proven my point, you don't have to take my mytake so seriously.

    • @wonderfulstation404 You still haven't answered my other question. Can Bisexuals have friends? ↗

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  • midnightmoon05
    Just friends… okay.
    good friends no.
    depends what level they connect on.
    if you are my partner, I wouldn’t want you to run to a good female friend when we have differences.
    if I am your partner, will you be okay with me running to a guy friend to stay over at his place and cry over his shoulder? Because he is so much understanding towards me than my partner? (You in this case)
    • And you're another one of those basing it on themselves. If my partner runs to another guy then probably i'm not trusted. And of course i wouldn't ok with that because that would be like prefering to open up to a friend and not opening up to me and it's not because i think he's going to be her new boyfriend. But her having a good male friend alone is not really enough for me to refrain her because i can also be his friend. It's the very same thing is she goes with her brother instead. But the problem is you just have to involved relationship into this but what if she she is single then? She still cannot be good friends with a guy? Maybe it's because just you cannot speak for yourself. Anyone can see each other as a sibling so doesn't always involve romance

  • 19magic
    I love hanging out with guys and the friendships with them can be great but the last 7 guys who I've got close with all took it the wrong way and I had to pull away from them even when I really valued their friendship and I've helped them out through some tough times it was just hard. So while I wouldn't mind doing that again now I just wonder is this another guy who I'm going to have to avoid.
  • Drzen
    All what I know making true friendship with women will make men like declawed lion. You can have good relationship with women if she's your co worker or something connect both of you. But true friendship no way
    • Like really you wouldn't know. Of all the men in the world you assume non of it is possible. In the end, you're just presuming really. It's no different if a girl is bi and has a female friend just like her boyfriend who also gets along with each other due to common interests. But the question is, how would you exactly know they're gonna have a 3 some? Unless you use up all your time to spy on people just to confirm that.

  • Slartybartfast
    I was oddly popular with women in college. I've always made friends easily, and women seem to like me (as a friend).

    Times have changed and it's not really a good idea to associate with women in college anymore, but I'd you really trust them, it's ok.

    I'd never date a women I went to college with or worked with, it's way to risky for a man to do so anymore. Friends ONLY is the rule on campus these days.
  • hahahmm
    Kids have crushes. Adults should have self-control. Flirting with and spending time with other women will impact on your current relationship. It's something you do BECAUSE you don't value your current relationship. Or you don't even have a relationship.
    • "It's something you do BECAUSE you don't value your current relationship." <-- That's an assumption and has nothing to do with it. So because i'm also friends with a guy, that means I'm "flirting" with him? I don't know if that's what you consider friendship but that seems kinda shallow. Why does friendship have to involve flirting and spending more time with them?

    • hahahmm

      No, I'm not saying that being friends automatically means you flirt but there's the possibility and your partner/spouse, if they have any sense at all, will think about that when you decide you'd rather spend 5 hours hanging out with your "platonic" female friend instead of your significant other. It's like spending time in a store room with mountains of cocaine while claiming you're not a drug addict. Where there's smoke, there's often fire. It's just how reality works. And even if you genuinely have zero interest in your friend they may have an interest in you. The way to fix that is when both people have a significant others and both couples do things together as a group. If you say, you don't want to do that it raises other questions. The world is full of people you can be friends with and half of them aren't the opposite sex. I always laugh when a guy says he's just friends with women and it's 100% platonic but then you look and see how none of his female friends are fugly/obese. They all are just coincidentally the exact same type of chick he wants to bang. Oh well.

    • While saying "there is a possibility" you should also consider that "there is a possibility" that they're just friends. It's like this. There is also a possibility for anyone to be a criminal, a creep, a whatever taboo but just because there is a possibility, you're just like presuming anyone to be guilty until proven innocent. If you really want me to prove that if I see guys and girls being friends, I can always use absence as an evidence.

      I also said "The whole notion is basically like "My sister is a girl so we can't be siblings anymore because I might get turned on or something" But of course you're just gonna say "It's rare to feel sexually attracted to your sister" then guess what other men feel about their female friends? It's just like that."

      You're talking about "platonic" kind of friendship. But by saying "men and women can't be friends" you generalize all friendship is platonic. Because saying "men and women can't be friends" is a generalization of all kinds of friendship.

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  • CasaNorba
    I disagree with a fury passion. unless you're talking about "fuck buddies" which that too can have its consequences
    • Why does everything have to be fuck buddies according to you? Maybe just going to control yourself and you go crazy whenever you see women. That's not the case for everyone else though so you can speak for yourself. You want me to prove that guys are not only looking for fuck buddies? Ok. If you look around you don't see them doing that most of the time so i can freely use absences an evidence

    • CasaNorba

      " Ok. If you look around you don't see them doing that most of the time so i can freely use absences an evidence"

      "absence" is the keyword buddy. you dont know what these so called "friends" do on the down low and often times their actions will scream it loud enough, but of course is gonna look/sound subtle to naive folks like you that why bother arguing this with you

    • I'm aware friends with benefits exist but why do you are shown that that is the case for every male and female friendship? I mean sure there is always going to be any of them fantasizing about their female friends but does it mean there really going to have sex or even if they do, do you even know who? If you want to claim over time their accent will speaks louder than words then tell me how long doesn't even take? I don't think anyone has the time to spy on anyone just to make that confirmation unless you yourself are a low life. So if you're so ignorant you don't have to argue

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  • litty
    It's possible because not everyone is looking for a hook up. However, most people keep that possibility open by not giving their intentions flat out.

    Because the moment you bring it up it gets awkward. The idea starts floating out there and anything you do or say (e. g. invitation for a drink) that doesn't sound platonic will be connected to that conversation.
  • Wester1967
    If she wants to be my orbiter, OK. I’m not orbiting her.
    • And what does that have to do with orbiting?

    • Curmudgeon

      It has everything to do with it...

    • @Curmudgeon Like really is that all their or your time is for? You must have all the time to spy on her confirm she's spying on you or not. Oh the irony. Maybe speak for yourself tho

  • iboobs
    I agree it’s possible but it’s very unlikely they will stay friends for long
    • Do you actually wait and see for you to confirm? Not sure how you have all the time for that for all people in the world

    • I had a male friend and got mad at me when he found out I was seeing someone. Then told me he wanted to date me thought it was strange since he told me a million times, he would never be interested dating me only want to be friends.

    • Another anecdotes. I'm just saying. But i doubt that is the case for the rest of your male friends. you're only cherry-picking on that one "friend" you're talking about

  • joeldalton
    The whole notion is basically like "My sister is a girl so we can't be siblings anymore because I might get turned on or something" But of course you're just gonna say "It's rare to feel sexually attracted to your sister" then guess what other men feel about their female friends? It's just like that.

    No - you aren't attracted sexually to your siblings because of the Westermark Effect. A vast majority of guys who are "friends" with girls would take that girl up on a sexual advance she would make.

    So yes, if a girl can understand and accept that a male friend "would" fuck her should the opportunity arise, but at the same time isn't pining for her or secretly pursuing a relationship, then yes... men and women can be friends.
    • Then those guys who are just friends with other girls also have the same feeling as a Westermark Effect. Why are you speaking for most guys when you haven't even met most of them? Even if they do tell you, they also maybe talking about the specific kinds of girls he is friends with not the rest which gives a higher chance of outweighing who he crushes on.

    • joeldalton

      You're speaking for most guys.

    • Well this is a counter argument. Also no one would show hastily if they truly crush on their friends so by default, what we see is friendship which is what's presumed. So do you presume guys are criminals just because most are guys? Your presumption is like the "guilty until proven innocent"

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  • Highcountry
    Yes, I can and have been friends with women. Women seem to be better at being friends with a man then the other way around. I think that I must fall in love too easily.
  • DarkWinterNights
    I went from having all female friends in my childhood to all male friends after high school. We just naturally parted ways. I don’t doubt it’s possible, but in my experience it isn’t all that frequent.
  • Cherry234
    I agree with your take. There are always going to be people who will say that men and women can't be just friends. I remember one of my cousins said he went to a friend's wedding. She was getting married and she invited him. They were both in the same pre med program. I also have a good friend I made in one of my classes. It was an awful class but if I didn't take that class I'm not sure I would have ever met him.

    Now I'm thankful for taking that class because that's the only good thing that came out of it - making a new friend. He's not even my best friend. I have no feelings for him whatsoever and he doesn't have any feelings for me either. We're both almost done with college so we're going to be graduating together at the end of the semester. in my opinion only ignorant people will say that men and women can't be friends
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  • StormyWinter
    In my experience, not really, sex generally fucks up a good friendship
  • cth96190
    It is possible, but I suspect not when men are young.
    I have had a house guest since February. I call her my friend without benefits.
    She is my lawyer (a barrister, actually) who, through a complicated set of circumstances, found herself in need of somewhere to live after a relationship failure.
    I offered her one of my spare bedrooms.
    The benefit for me is that, between the two of us, there is someone in the house almost 24/7 and my cats and dogs will be fed whether or not I am home.
    She is in my age. During her youth she was spectacularly beautiful and still looks fantastic for her age.
    She is one of the few people on the planet to whom I would give the description 'friend'.
    She also speaks with a strong South African accent, which lights my fire. The accent is so. . . menacing. - lol
  • BrassMan
    I have lots of female friends and I'm a very straight white guy. I have a very narrowly defined taste in women and if they fit that definition I likely would not be friends with them. Or it would be hard
  • bigslab
    Indeed and most of the friends that I hanged out with are female
  • anylolone
    I always walked more with girls, but to be honest, at least from their part there's always attraction. But one can chose not to do anything about it or keep it at flirting level.
    • Your attraction is on certain girls. The rest of your female friend outweighs those certain girls you are attracted to

    • anylolone

      Sis before hoes? lol!

      But jokes aside, it's hard to find female friends and a girlfriend that play well with each other.
      Suddenly they are assuming even their friends want to pork you, much more yours.
      Which is why it's a good idea to have lesbian friends.

    • The sexuality here doesn't exactly matter because there will always be girls you still can't be attracted with even if you're so close. I even used that sibling example. Also not being attracted to certain women doesn't make you any less of a heterosexual because you're also not attracted to guys.

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  • pickedcrisps
    I disagree because if I know I would be slightly off-put by my lady hanging around with other guys especially drinking, unless they were genuinely good friends and respectable company, then no.

    Likewise, name me any woman who wouldn't feel the slightest bit of a fraction of being in an auto reaction of feeling 'uneasy' of their man hanging out alone with other women especially with alcohol or a dinner group function that's not professional but casual in nature.

    Recipes for indefility. And the irony is what they all actually think automatically and swiftly: "why isn't he/she inviting me along?"

    You know 😃😝😦😦🤔🤔🤔
    • That's because you cannot speak for yourself but however not everyone is like you.

    • True. Lucky I'm so special then. I must be. God bless ☮️

    • And I thank God everyday and all the deities and spirits and supernatural beings 🤗🤗

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  • Xylem1992
    I don't know what you were trying to convey as your reasons. Not the best written mytake.

    Guys who have female friends usually are sexually attracted to them as well. It's just something you can't prove obviously, its just life experience. I don't expect you to believe me but at least keep an open mind. Some of these "friendship"s can cause a lot of drama.

    I can't say guys and girls being friends is impossible. It does happen; but its rare. As you get older and sexual drive diminishes, it's less rare.
  • Better_off_here
    it only works when you both have no desire to sleep with the other person. you both need to be in a place where you see yourself as platoinic.
  • McKellar
    That's fine, but in a realistic sense,... that's not something to be expected from every guy.
    • Because you don't have to expect it from all guys.

      "But even if you talk about most guys having that 1 specific female friend he can't be friends with, it doesn't mean it's the same feelings for the rest of his female friends where there are more than 1 of them so those female friends they don't have feelings on outweighs the female friend they can't be friends with so it turns out it's not so common as you think. So if they're talking about that kind of girl, that may also be not the same for other girls. So in an interview, they may just be talking about one girl as a example, people can easily generalize that all of his friends are like that as it gives it that illusion.

      And one more thing. All heterosexual women have at least 1 or more crushes on a male friend as well but it doesn't mean it's the same for the rest. So that's not only a man thing. It's a human thing."

  • wonderfulstation404
    man straight men and women are like magnets... if a guy doesn't like the girl the Female would probably do some to get the guy vice-versa.
    I've had some female friends too whom i told were friends from the beginning and they were happy with that but later we started going out on a date... lol is that really friendship?
    in a class, the hottest dude or girl can hardly find any opposite gender friend that has no intention of getting along with them in the future it doesn't work like that man.
    apart from religious constraints, cultural and societal constraints if they can do it with the opposite gender with zero consequences from all of the constraints mentioned above then yeah trust me almost everybody would be sleeping with their opposite gender friends period.
    and at that point, the question to really ask is why not lol
    • Another anecdotal explanation. If you really like to say almost everyone then i won't believe you actually met most people in the world. If you are assume it's because of religion why some people just remain friends with opposite gender then i can also just assume that that is a western mindset to think that way and also i can say because mental illness is an epidemic in the west making them insecure and narrow minded thinking men and women cannot be friends also because they are antisocial a lot of times and desperate for sex. But if it a mental illness then it is not normal for your talking about not normal people then. only you're just normalizing it because it is an epidemic there. So yes it is an assumption and if you want me to prove that men and women can be just friends then i can use absence as an evidence. Because just looking at anyone you don't see them one wanting sex at first glance. Unless you're just a low life who have all the time to spy on everyone

    • @Aiko_E_Lara LMFAO man you have issues with religion or what? i said "apart from religious constraints, cultural and societal constraints" so the cultural and societal constraints don't contribute to this?
      you know what if you want to know if guys and girls can be friends or not just tell your female friend to ask her other guy friends to come over her place and sleep or to start dating and see if the guys will refuse... just because you started calling a cat a lion doesn't makes it a lion man... a guy and girl only won't be interested with the opposite gender friends of theirs that isn't hot or attractive enough man... what the fuck... if your femlae friends is full of ugly girls ill agree with whta you're saying but i know its not even possible so please go get something else to do and stop lying to yourself

    • No and i'm still saying religion is not even the only one restraining anyone from sleeping with each other but simply because not everyone is always compatible. I also mean that societal constraints because there are just a lot and we all don't have the energy to fuck all women. Also that example you're talking about to tell a guy to date my female friend, it's not even always the same result because some do and some don't. And i can also say i've tried telling lots of my guy friends as well and lots of them just refuse. Why? Because unlike the west which is not a surprise that mental illness is such an epidemic that you're all so insecure making you so narrow minded about men and women being friends and desperate as well. Oh and insecurity and mental illness is not even normal. So with that being said, speak for yourself.

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  • JamesRandiDebates
    Nope. No such thing. He has been relegated to the friend zone. Not his choice.
    • Then why not consider that there had been many relationships that failed because it felt like it never worked but hey decided to be friends? That proves that there is such thing.

    • "Considering" something is far from a proof of truth.

    • You're not even being truthful. Realistically you haven't met most people in the world.

  • Tstrbrainer
    It is possible, but mostly with women guys are not that attracted to.
    • Which happens most of the times. Only it's not a big deal that people just ignore and cherry pick on that certain "friend" he likes.

    • Actually the problem is these assumptions are revolving around attractive women.

      Plus many guys would still don't mind having sex with their platonic friends just for fun.

      I have some female friends I'm not normally sexually attracted to, but I don't mind having sex with them if they really want it

    • They won't mind but would they do it tho? That's the question really. Infact, there's no way you can read anyone's minds. Those guys may not mind because it's normally how guys feel about women but that doesn't mean they want to. Just like offering a food, most people mind taking some but that doesn't mean they're hungry or craving for it.

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  • Richardhoard
  • Not_Average

    Do you agree bro? Lmao
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    if the guys are sub 5 like me, its very possible
  • Anonymous
    Even the premise of this question is socially toxic and pathetic.

    I've slept with 16 girls and dated 14 of them - I still talk to 12 of them, and I have 6 other female friends I've been friends with for years, and the main motivation was never sex. I'm friends with most of my exes still. This disgusting thinking that the only reason to talk to the opposite sex if you're straight is sex - this wasn't even true 200 years ago. Nobles and royals spoke to each other often, and not even woman was just "oh another prospect for marriage" even back when women weren't treated as much more than breeding tools and maids. Hell even in places where women ruled like Cleopatra, plenty of friends she had that were men she did not sleep with (though she surely fucked a lot of them lol)

    This kind of thinking has never been true, it was developed by ignorant shallow fools over generations, and I'd call it a kind of cryptic misogyny. Or Misandry. I had a guy get almost violent with me because I was chatting a girl who was working at a kiosk because the girl was 15. I hadn't even said anything sexual. But because I am a man this person who was not even related to her thought he would say something. I made it pretty clear what would happen next if he didn't walk away. Ended up with me beating this man publicly til he was unconscious. He deserved it. Gladly would have gone to jail over it.

    This kind of thinking... It's disgusting. I have female friends from ages 15-40 and most of them there is no romantic interest or even sexual interest. 2 years later I'm still friends with that girl, brought a few girls from my college and went to a festival with her and two of her friends. It was cool.
    Anyway, regardless i'd say anyone who would support something like the premise of this question, there is no way you came to that conclusion logically, and I'd dismiss you on the spot for your bigoted beliefs. I'd have nothing to do with you. Thankfully though, I understand however you are claiming that yes it's more common to have friends of the sex you're interested in without it being about sex. Good on you.

    Those saying the contrary are scum in my eyes. Same goes for people who believe in "bro code" or "half your age plus seven that's the rule!" F off. Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself and stay out of other people's business. A person's word is little to anyone, just as another person's should be little to them. Frankly i'd say 6/10 shouldn't breed or seek marriage even, and I personally wouldn't breed or marry either. Though regardless the point is in a free society you have the freedom to make your own decisions and choose your lifestyle, anyone that would try to force you to do otherwise, well, if you ask me that person gets whatever retaliation that comes, well deserved.

    Example: I generally view sex work as filth, though my best friend who's 29 is dating a 20 year old OnlyFans model with 1 million followers on instagram. That's his decision. I'll tell him straight up what I think if he asks, but it's his decision, and as much as I am against her lifestyle and his decision, i'd be willing to kill or die to defend his right to make those decisions. What I think doesn't matter. And I keep my mouth shut unless asked. It's his business.

    "I may not agree with what you do or say but would defend to the death your right to do so." - That's the humane stance to have for anyone who believes in freedom and pursuit of happiness.
  • Anonymous
    All of my friends are straight men lmao
    • I hope it's not because they are male but just a coincidence and also if it is then i don't guarantee all of them would actually want to smash

    • Anonymous

      It is a coincidence and i am sure some don’t wanna smash

  • Anonymous
    Men can easily be friends with women cuz most men are gay.
    • Then if you like to assume then I can say, no wonder why most women don't have friends because most of them are BI meaning they can't be friends with anyone

  • Anonymous
    Wait one second here... I'm a bit unhappy that anyone would actually think that gay men could in any way be thought to be considered to ever be friends with a gender that they actually tend to despise. Gay men have no interest in women, they like and prefer to be with men... Women have nothing to offer them that they even want. Hell, they are actually their competition and will subvert you if they are in any way interested in your man.

    So, of course straight men can be friends with women... do you really think that men can't freaking control themselves around women? You do realize just how many women we with daily... our mother, sisters, peers and even co-workers? So, how in the hell can it be so surprising that we actually enjoy having women as our friends and more than capable of keeping it as just friends? Yeah, I actually value the perspectives of all the women that I consider my friends, I find them to be very enlightening on a subject that I do have a vested interest in... and that is Women.
  • Anonymous
    You can even be attracted to some people but, realising you two wouldn't be a good match in relationship, you decide to be just friends. People behave as if we were animals and as soon as we spot something we like even remotely, we jump on that. That's not real and that's also not real life.
    Completely possible to be friends with other gender even if you are straight and you find them somewhat attractive. But when person is a complete match, that's impossible to ignore.
    • And animals don't even try to jump on all women. There are still those they leave behind. Those impossible to be friends with you're talking about are those specific kind of "friends" that doesn't really outweigh the rest

  • Anonymous
    This really needed to be said? Wow. Many people really seem to degrade or care only about themselves.
    • And who said you need to read it?

    • I mean you can be ignorant, Mr. DarkWinter. But really that's no one's problem if you can't speak for yourself.

    • Anonymous

      You missed the point of my comment, didn't you?

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