Signs he is jealous?

My friends with benefits asks his friend (who is a very good friend of mine) everytime we hang out after a party if he hooked up with me. He acts all "cool" and just asks if he hooked up with me and thats it. Other times when Im at my friends with benefits after a party and I say something nice about a guy he would say like "He is not intelligent he is dumb" or something like that. He sometimes stares when he thinks im not looking and I have this gut feeling that he does stare when I talk to other men or at least keeps an eye on me. He always keeps saying how he "doesnt care" about me or if I hook up with somebody (I tell him that too).. Does he get jealous or is it just me?
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I think my question is a bit confusing... our mutual friend has a girlfriend and we are really JUST friends and we hang out sometimes and my friends with benefits is the one acting all like he doesn't care about me and if i hook up with somebody but stares and asks our friend if he hooked up with me or likes me (even though our friend has a girlfriend).
Signs he is jealous?
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